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  1. Is200 Auto vs Manual parts

  2. Ebay coilovers

    "Non-adjustable damper force" That's a No-Go for me.
  3. Is200 Suspension

    You need to improve your computer skills. ;-) First hit with Google: http://www.jdl-online.com/lexus/lexus-is200.html?order=price&dir=asc
  4. Is200 Suspension

    I'm very happy with TEIN Flex. The new version FlexZ is listed at £684.
  5. According to Ferodo the right pads for your car are the FDB1564 (front) and FDB1610 (rear). They both come with "acoustic wear warning" and I can tell you, that the sound I got when my rear pads were at the end of their lifespan; 'was not pleasant at all.
  6. My 1999 IS200 doesn't have any wear indicators on the pads. Your link is pointing towards front pads.
  7. IS200 stock front&rear ride height

    If I Recall Correctly
  8. IS200 stock front&rear ride height

    IIRC: Front (Wheel Axle -> Wheel Arch) 340 mm Rear (Wheel Axle -> Wheel Arch) 370 mm
  9. Weak Front Headlights

    I'd say that headlights is not the IS's strong point. I've changed the bulbs to Philips VisionPlus and it got a lot better. I've also tried Philips X-tremeVision, but the life span was too short for my liking.
  10. Brake Pads

    Avoid EBC GreenStuff.
  11. 225/45 R18 Fit?

    225/45 are almost an inch bigger in diameter than 225/40. They may work in the rear, but not at the front.
  12. 225/45 R18 Fit?

    Not without modification. Why do you want to use such a big wheel on such a small car?
  13. Braking Issue, Possibly Abs?

    On the wheel hubs.
  14. Braking Issue, Possibly Abs?

    Have you inspected the trigger wheels? If there's a tooth missing or if there's too much rust between the teeth; 'the ABS ECU will get confused.