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  1. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Weeman664, I'm due my car back on thurs. Again also undecided regards keeping or selling. Interestingly tyres and service also due! Would be good to hear how your car is running. Thanks
  2. Average Speed Reading

    Your clock is always out by about 10%. this is standard practice by all manufacturers. Your trip computer and average speed calculation is accurate.
  3. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Enda, not sure what the acceptance criteria is but certainly worth a discussion with lexus. I don't think they'll insist on full lexus service history although I'm sure it helps. My car with lexus Glasgow who will be working on it for a week. lexus picking up all costs. Surpassing my expectations!
  4. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hi there, Very interested reading this post...my 220d is going in to Glasgow Lexus tomorrow for (surprise surprise) investigation into Engine Light + Check VSC + Traction Control Light etc etc. Went into limp mode yesterday. A friend retrieved the code for me (P2002 - Particulate trap efficiency below threshold bank 1). My car is a 2007 with 57k on the clock. All servicing so far by Lexus. Hopefully I'll get the same level of customer service you have received and Lexus are famed for. Will keep you posted.
  5. Hi, Just got my black 220d and didn't let it leave the showroom without Kei Force 10's in hyperblack finish. 18" Looks simply stunning and I get compliments galore...225 x 40's http://www.kei-alloy-wheels.co.uk/section....0864bd696d3862a Cheers