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  1. ive fitted a 7" xenarc into a housing without any problems yes it is a tight fit due to the control board, but its do-able instructions for building the unit and making the buttons work can be found on is300.net in the mobiletronics section
  2. It's polished chrome all over Comes with IS300's, and certain models of IS200 (e.g. limited edition yellow IS and the '04 SportsDesign series)
  3. Are those yours, sorry didn't pay attention to whose it was, they looked so awesome! You have any more pics of them on the car? Did the alloys come like that or did you have them refurbished with that finish? ← Yeah, wheels came with the car. heres an older pic
  4. if its an is200 why does it have headlight washers?
  5. damn prolex do you forsee a header being designed in the future at all? perhaps the is300 will become more popular as prices drop in lieu of the is250 release
  6. nah, already got the race pipe thanks
  7. Really? I thought Fargo only had the Xerd racepipe like me. He mentioned in his thread that he was going to sell the headers Well, if they do fit, then it would be fantastic!
  8. Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of any headers which exit for RHD IS300's? Or whether there are plans in the pipeline for some to be developed? Headers are one of the basic mods for NA power, yet its frustrating when the only ones available in the US wont fit RHD cars
  9. in the boot keyhole though u will only be able to open the boot suing the key as a result
  10. 2JZ, is your car RHD? And if so do you think you will need to modify the kit to fit your engine bay?
  11. actually i just checked http://www.hks-power.co.jp/products/engine...ulley_data.html unfortunately there isnt one for the igfe from hks but perhaps another manufacturere has one
  12. i think hks have an exhaust cam gerar for the igfe (no intake gear due to vvti)
  13. yeah its only on one side of the car, though not sure if the UK is300's have them or not what i have done is disconnect the plug and power up the lights, and it does not seem to have any effect on their operation in any case, i may have to ask my local lexus service dept when they reopen after the easter break Bazza, indeed there is more, and more to come I've got a little list in the link in my sig