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  1. Thanks did this on my 2012 GS FSport and it worked after 4 attempts.
  2. If you buy one before March 06 ( if I remember correctly) the road tax should be around £285 per year but after that it rises to almost £500 per year. If you don't mind the higher road tax I would buy a RX 350 which is excellent. I had a RX 300 SE-L for six years and it was very reliable comfortable car which looked the part.
  3. jd 14 did you get your lights sorted. I am having the same problem. Did your Lexus dealer come up with a solution?
  4. Lateral Damping System.

    Hi I recently purchased a CT and would be very interested in fitting the lateral dampers. Does anyone know what Lexus would charge for these.
  5. Hi Phil Did you look under the drivers seat that's were mine is. Do you have the remote control and headphones. Hope you are enjoying the car. Tony
  6. Hi Have the same problem ( need the cans as well) but recall reading a post where another member had the remote and headphones sent from China at a fraction of the cost a main stealer would charge. It took three weeks for them to arrive but worth the wait - cant find the post though. Off to ring Lexus for a scare before bedtime!! Tony