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  1. Happy Birthday klexus!

  2. Sorry I can't be anymore help to you if you're certain the amp is bypassed. There's definitely people on here that know more about this. Hope someone helps u out
  3. If u can get a good condition one off a scrappy for £20 to £30, I'd go with that.
  4. Have you an aftermarket or original head unit. If it's an aftermarket one, the reason why the rear speakers are not working could be that the Lexus original amp in under the glove box, needs to be by-passed.
  5. Yes, a sticky caliper would cause vibration through gearstick and steering wheel. Also would cause car to pull to one side slighty. Easiest way to check is to feel is your wheel hot after driving. Second easiest way is to jack car up and see which wheel won't spin freely
  6. Thumping Noise From Front Brake System

    This can also be knocked back with a piece of wood and a hammer
  7. Tyre Trouble - Keeps Leaking Air :(

    I'd say temporary if u had a hole in your tyre. It hasn't knackered my tyres anyway.
  8. Tyre Trouble - Keeps Leaking Air :(

    Just use that instant puncture repair stuff. U know the foam in an aerosol can? I had same problem and must be nearly a year now since I put that foam stuff in and I've had no leak since.
  9. Itunes Album Art

    Or google album cover and copy image. Then right click on album in iTunes. Click on " get info" Right click on square that says album cover and paste.
  10. I had same problem. I used that instant puncture repair stuff. U know the foam stuff. Nearly a year now and tyres have same pressure in them
  11. Fanbelt Removal

    Can't remember off hand but seen as no one answered, i think there is a long 10mm bolt somewhere. The powersteering one can be removed by loosening the powersteering pump. Sorry I can't be any more help at the moment.
  12. Today's Service - Shock!

    You've nothing to lose by taking the car back to them. Point out everything wrong and don't let them brush u off with excuses. The last thing u want after spending your money on a supposedly roadworthy car is to have to spend more getting it right. Sounds like they didn't even look under the bonnet. Don't take any sh*t from them. Good luck with it anyway.
  13. Today's Service - Shock!

    Can't believe a garage would sell a car without changing the timing belt. I presume u got a guarantee with the car. The people that sold u the car surely wouldn't want a timing belt breaking on a car that is under guarantee. And yes I would take the car back.