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  1. I'm pretty sure these cap are the ones I have in the garage. I think its probably nearer 7/8 years since I sold this one.
  2. This was in very good nick when I sold it with a fresh MOT to a man from Largs in Scotland possibly 10/12 years ago. I picked them up from Newcastle Central and they drove it home.
  3. My very first Lexus. MK3 LS400 which came with DHP alloys. They look good on this MK as well
  4. Harry at North Car near Penshaw Monument behind the Prospect pub opposite Herrington Park 5845699. I've used him for about 20 years now. BTW I'm in Washington, where are you. Jim
  5. The odd few MK2 GS 300's sometimes turn up with these wheels on. Nice looking wheel and the DHP's look good on the GS as well
  6. There you are take your pick of another Lexus optional wheel. Both these are made by OZ in Italy. Front is DHP shown without the centre cap. I need my wrist slapping for doing that. The centre caps are still in my garage to this day. The car and wheels are long gone. Some where in my photos I have a picture of the inside of the rim showing all the wheel details. The DHP's went to a lad from Liverpool who used this site some years ago. The rear's went with the car years ago.
  7. There's 4 x DHP alloys on ebay..Item No. 264704872907. There's also 1 x brand new DHP alloy Item No. 153733200783 I have no connection with these sellers.
  8. Could you use an exhaust clamp on that arm and pass the bracket under it to secure it or drill a hole in the flat part and pass the "U" bolt leg through it to secure it.
  9. Upper Suspension arms Edd fitted, Mike got off the internet, were £350 the pair
  10. Car started ok this morning so put it back on charge 9.00am till 4.00pm. Hopefully that's it sorted.
  11. I gave it a couple of hours charge and it started so took it for a 10 mile run. I'll see what happens in the morning and if all's well will leave it on charge all day. I feared the battery was packered when it wouldn't jump start but there's hope yet. Thanks
  12. 55 reg. GS300 SE. This cars never had a run out for 2 months and in the last month it's been moved in and out of the garage a few times but has stood nearly 4 weeks without being started. Tried to start it today and it just clicked so put the charger on without disconnecting the battery and went back an hour later and the needle on the charger had went right over to the "off" setting so not charging but humming. I tried the ignition but no bing bongs or dash lights so worse than when I started. Put the jump leads on and bings bongs and dash lights but nowt on the starter. My charger is possibly 40 years old and may have packed up and may have discharged the battery completely, or knackered it, if that's possible. I now have my neighbours electronic charger so will see if it puts any charge back in the battery. My local regular one man garage is still open so I can get it tested or replaced which ever is required. Any thoughts. Thanks. Jim
  13. DHP centre caps worth £100. I've got a set in my garage that I'd sell for that.
  14. My MK2 GS300 had a yellow sticker under the bonnet (on the battery box I think) giving full details, as described above , for the ECU to read the key after a change,or flat or disconnected battery
  15. Wheeler Dealers featuring the LS400 was again repeated this afternoon on Quest Ch 12 (on my telly). First shown on Discovery in 2006. The two cars featured were N615PYP and J375BWB. Wonder where they are now.