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  1. There's an Ebayer going under the name of "carsandvankeys" in the Middlesboro area.
  2. Anyone done a TPMS bypass on a GS300. The ECU, coloured orange with ABS stamped on it, is in the passenger foot well with two plugs going in. Unplug the smaller one, the Blue is cut and spliced to the Green/Red and reconnected.
  3. Plus..........I forgot to say..... Wilson's commission starts at about £300 so somewhere nearer £400 at this price.
  4. GS450h Se A in Wilson's auction tomorrow night in Newcastle, Birtley really, which is opposite Moto Washington services on the A1M a few miles south of Newcastle, just before the Angel. Est value just over £2000 166000mls
  5. Hello Bradley, Welcome to the LOC. As stated in previous postings you will get all the help and advice needed to keep you LS running starting here. I'm a time served coded welder and live in Washington and you're right, that's what we call " a load of lepp". I hope you disconnected the battery before welding. In your introduction you cover an awful lot of ground as to where you actually live. I only know of one LPG business in the area who works from Callerton near the airport, at the last time I checked. He did have premises in Jarrow but left there a few years ago. Here to help Jim
  6. I've passed a 3 volt current through the chip without the batteries fitted and two of the sensors completed the circuit but one didn't so I'm a bit puzzled still as to why the other 2 sensors failed within a couple of weeks of each other, according to Kwikfit and an indie who uses Autel kit. I took the re-batteried sensors back to Kwikfit but same result, all 3 failed. I wonder if their kit won't read genuine Lexus sensors. Nee sweat as friends took a shine to the car and they're happy to plod about in it as it is so this gives us time to suss the problem at leisure. I may take the sensors to Lexus Newcastle just to satisfy my curiosity. BTW the mini vci and discs I got off ebay have been returned with a full refund as they didn't work. My computer man couldn't even download them. I'm thinking of a Plan "D"
  7. Just checked. It's pin numbers 4 & 14. Best to double check
  8. The seller has sent me a new disc. It doesn't work in my laptop but does in the PC. I'm taking it to the PC shop tomorrow to have the disc loaded as I can see it's going to save me a load of frustration time. Whether I can use it is another matter. I tried another TPMS person today to read my 3 x re-batteried sensors but his kit wouldn't read the codes. He's going to look into it and get back. The working OE-R sensor pictured above is £35 with programmable instructions inc. That may be plan C.
  9. I can't open the Techstream disc supplied with the cable so I've left messages for the seller and hope he contacts me to resolve the problem soon.
  10. The Mini VCI / Techstream arrived this weekend and I'll get it on the laptop tomorrow. I only hope I can fiddle my way through it successfully. I had the sensors removed today and managed to replace 3 batteries with Energizer 2450 lithium. The working sensor is an after market type and looks new so I'm not going to bother doing it. The batteries are a good fit when the sensors are reassembled so contact should be ok. Costs so far....Kwikfit £30.....Tyres....£20....Batteries.....£10 for 4. Thanks for all the info, a bit fiddly for me as I've not done anything like this before. Photo of after market sensor. This is how it came out of the wheel. It's not cleaned up.
  11. www.keyfobrepair.co.uk Crescent Radio Ltd, 21c Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London, N13 4TT Tel. 02088897593
  12. I went to Kwikfit this morning and they charge £35 (they charged me £30 ) to read all wheel sensors with a hand held device and 3 are showing faults "NO TPMS". They charge £90 a wheel to replace the sensors. I would think that's dearer than Lexus. I can only assume that one went off and two more followed suit in the couple of weeks since. On the trip when it first showed I did go over a few cattle grids. Maybe something was dislodged. Am I clutching here??. Plan "B". Buy a Lexus wheel and have ago at changing the batteries one by one. I'm only using this car this month and I'm going back to my other one so no sweat.
  13. Just read your post on page 4 and very informative. Well done to you and all the other contributors. This what keeps this forum so good. When I had my BMW E39 5 series 2000 reg ignition key battery replaced ( the case is factory sealed so it was sent away) the new battery was of the tagged type, which I hadn't seen before. I'll look for the receipt as that company may be a source of batteries to suit the GS.
  14. Thanks John, I did have a look on ebay and there's a UK seller stating the latest tech,newest version so I'll go with him. I was going to ask if you had this kit and now I know and I have a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows 7. The tyres were on the car when I bought it but it drives straight and very smoooooth and quiet. I feel I'm getting there. Jim
  15. John, that's great info. "Techstream shows the monitor serial number, the ability to change it , the actual tyre pressure, the tyre temperature, and the battery condition in the monitor". I assume it also diagnoses the faulty sensors as well. I was looking on youtube this afternoon and a USA site came up showing the "Well's Stand Alone Diagnostic" hand held kit which does exactly what you say. Where can I get one of these and how much are they. I'll do a search for Mini VCI with Techstream and see what comes up. It's all very mysterious to me but thanks to all for your help. Jim.