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  1. I had a similar vibration on my GS 300 when it would drive perfectly OK to start off but then a vibration set in about 20mph and above. If I stopped and set off again it was sometimes OK. I eventually found the trouble when I drove for a couple of miles and then touched all the wheels and the rear off side was much hotter than the rest which were considerably cooler. The hand brake cable was seized and this in turn broke the casting which bolts to the back plate and the parking brake wasn't releasing hence the vibes. A new cable only available from Lexus (£60) and my regular garage fitted it and cleaned and checked both drum set ups. No more vibes. Wheel bearings make a noise generally all the time and especially when loaded going round corners. losing a weight would set up vibes all the time and not now and then. All the info in the above postings is worth looking into. Hope this helps.
  2. The radio code used to be the last 3 digits of the VIN No. Nakamichi, Panasonic or Pioneer.
  3. I thought the "O" rings leaking onto the alternator were the culprit on early models and only cost coppers and available from Lexus. You're more than welcome. I've had some great advice/info from the LOC. Jim can talk for England about cars but glad it's done and working.
  4. There's also "Auto Sounds" on Scotswood Rd. They've been going a long time as well.
  5. Jim Hall at Wrekenton (Electrical Services 4872995) has been in business for yonks, starting off fitting radios and alarms when nobody had a radio or alarm in their car. You may have to ring him or take the item up for him to see if he'll do it.
  6. I came across flexible stainless steel air con quality pipe on Ebay with compression fittings so worth a look.
  7. Hello Polymoog, No....the LOC doesn't recognise Tyne & Wear so you may be in Byker, Blyth or Berwick and I could be in West Hartlepool or really Washington. There;s a lad from Gateshead just joined recently so may hear from him. Did you buy the LS430 from Alex Scott (Cars) by any chance as they had one in earlier this year. Post some photos when you get the chance please.
  8. I replaced front and rear shocks on my MK3 LS400 . Fairly straight forward but needed a spring compressor to make it easier.
  9. The car I mentioned was posted on March 28 by AZLS400 and looks silver on a "J" reg. I think this post died a death as the car didn't look as if it had been abandoned for over 5 years so not yours. Where in Gateshead are you and I could pop down to give what assistance I can. No expert but I've been on the LOC for a number of years now.
  10. Talking to the service manager at Lexus Newcastle 3 or 4 years ago, he said its not surprising the belts last as long and don't look distressed, tired or worn with the excellence of engineering and super smooth engine. He's got a point there.
  11. Is this the car posted on here a few weeks ago that was abandoned on private waste ground?. I'm in Washington and if I can be of assistance then get in touch. What post code are you.
  12. I didn't know that so thanks for the update. I test drove an 05 new shape GS300 this week and it had the type with the nut half way down the valve.
  13. Copy the Photobucket image to the desktop and then upload to this site using the browse button. These are the 2 types of nuts but I'm not sure which is which.