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  1. The same scenario with the GS300 MK2 I had. I can't remember if the car battery went flat or it was disconnected for some reason, but putting the key into the ignition and turning it and waiting for 6 minutes, take it out and then, try which worked. There was a yellow sticker under the bonnet with these instructions on it.
  2. Hope this helps in your choice of wheels. 17" DHP alloys on my GS300 from a few years ago. I had a full set on my MK3 LS400 previous to this car. The 17" rear wheel is, I believe, a Lexus optional alloy, stamped inside the rim, Lexus made by OZ. I had a full set of these as well. I photographed them a few years ago to see which I preferred against the original 17" 5 spoke GS alloys fitted as standard. I had this for about a year before I sold it. You will need to take note of the two different wheel nuts used. Not sure if there's more than two types.
  3. These were a Factory option I believe. 17" alloys stamped inside "Lexus" Made By OZ. I had these on my MK2 GS and MK 3 LS and my 2002 LS430
  4. What does it drive like. I've had 2 GS MK2 300's, "r" reg and "51" reg and both didn't drive straight, wandered all the time and on the GS forum lots of others had the same problem.
  5. What a great forum this is. Some excellent info there. Never knew there was such a thing as a steering speed control module and if it's the coolant temp sensor then an "easy" fix. Makes the decision a bit easier. Air Con not ice cold but OK ish possible regas. My personal views of course and another viewing would be necessary this time a bit earlier as it was getting dark and rush hour on the A1 Western Bypass is not my cup of tea.
  6. I've seen and test drove this car. It's a DEALER description and you would be disappointed if you did 200 mile round trip and lost your deposit. First it's not even cleaned (DEALER) just put straight up for sale. Look at the wheels and they're caked in brake dust inside the spokes. Passenger door soft close not working. A little de-lamination on driver door glass. A little bit of rust on driver door in the usual place just above the chrome trim, touched up but will need attention. At the bottom of the dash display the outside temperature is only half displayed so not sure why. The interior needs valeting but "it's just come in". They say they're trying to establish the service history and the previous owner had it 10 years. MOT about 3000 miles a year. On a 10 mile test drive on my own, it pulled to the left but could have been road camber so I pulled into Kwik-Fit and had the tyres pumped up and they were all down quite a bit. At about 20 mph the steering twitched left and right, not come across that before, any ideas. Brakes felt soft but pulled up straight without any juddering. Coming off the gas the car seemed to be still pulling and once stopped it was ticking over at 800 rpm in neutral, is that a bit fast, nearer 500/600 normal ?. Drivers seat warmed up and what buttons I did press all worked but didn't have time to go over everything. Personally I like the colour but not sure about the "dull, drab dark grey" trim but it may well clean up nicely. Beige or light grey are my preferred choice but it's second hand, "OH NO" it's a preowned vehicle, so take what there's out there. Over mats so carpets are good and full tool kit. Always best to see a car and not buy blind. Pictures don't show how it drives.
  7. These Lexus are clever...hot water and music !!!!!
  8. There's an SC 430 02 reg, 54,000 miles, estimated at £5000 at Wilson's Auction in Newcastle tomorrow night ( Wednesday 7/12 /2017 ). Just in case anyone's interested as I don't think there's many about.
  9. It's not in Friday's sale but there's still time if it hasn't been sold. I think they'll give the sale price over the phone. At £5000 hammer/estimate price there's another £400 commission to add on. Wilson's are pretty steep since taking over from SMAG Auctions. I wish I still had the Sunbeam.
  10. Phil, some good info there but I'm not into sports cars, just thought someone may be looking for one so it may have been "a not to be missed car". Whenever I'm asked "do you not fancy a sports car" I always say no, I had motor bikes in my teens and none of them were under 500ccs. For the record.....Sunbeam 500ccs in line twin/shaft drive, Triumph Tiger 100, 500ccs parallel twin, Norton 650ccs Dominator and lastly Norton 750 Dunstall Atlas.
  11. SC 430

    There's an SC 430 02 reg, 54,000 miles, estimated at £5000 at Wilson's Auction in Newcastle tomorrow night ( Wednesday 7/12 /2017 ). Just in case anyone's interested as I don't think there's many about. Members 31 467 posts Name: Jim Lexus Model: Lexus LS 430 2002 Year of Lexus: 2002 Location: Durham Report post Posted just now
  12. Another option could be......The oil cooler built into the radiator fails so you could retro fit an external after market oil cooler then there's no need to change the original radiator, just link the outlets at the bottom with suitable oil resistant "rubber" pipe and jubilee clips..
  13. there's a set of DHP alloy wheel centre caps on Gumtree

  14. My regular garage sourced them from his supplier and fitted them as a new brake cable was needed as well and definitely a job requiring the hoist. Brake cable, as seen above, came from Lexus (£60) as we couldn't find one at all on the web.
  15. All the parts are available after market without going to Lexus.
  16. The parking brake is just an old fashioned, low tech drum system with the same old problems. Dirt and dust clogging things up and it can seize with the results seen in the attached photo. In this instance the cable was seized in the lining. The casting bolted to the back plate can break cos you can get a lot of weight on it with your left leg. Even when new the friction linings on the shoes are small and thin so, as Steve says, wheel off, caliper off, disc off and clean and lube all moving parts.
  17. This is my Queen on Coronation Day June 1953 and that's me to her right as the real Duke of Edinburgh
  18. There was a member on here a few years back who ran LS400, I think it was a MK3, as a taxi who came from Liverpool, just can't think of his name.
  19. LS400 MK 4 R483UHP. This looks very nice but it was on Ebay for a few days this week in York YO10 for £1650 and now in Redcar on Gumtree for £2795 and practically word for word advert. Sorry, don't have a link, don't know how to do links. Lexus Chap 2nd ???
  20. I did my own compilations with no gaps, spaces or DJ spiel, only continuous music and still play them, mostly 50's to 70's. They were recorded from LP's and Fluff Freemans Pick of the Pops onto a Revox77 and edited to a Sony cassette deck using TDK Super Avilyn tape via a Naim amp and Linn Sondek, which I regret selling. I bought the Revox for £250 and sold it 23 years later for £250
  21. Hi rock on, Good to hear it's still running well but only to be expected as it looked a really good car when I saw it nearly 2 years ago. Since then I've had a 51 Merc C class which I sold after 4 weeks, a 53 Merc E 200 which developed a brake problem and the dealer refunded my money after 2 weeks of ownership, a 99 Honda Legend which was sold after 3 weeks when I found a gearbox oil leak and the LS430 went last Nov after nearly a years ownership. Since Feb, I've been running an 07 Merc E280 V6 3 ltr petrol auto in beautiful nick, nice and smooth and quiet, but doesn't compare with the refined silence of an LS
  22. There is a 1/2 inch drive socket with spring loaded pins with a range from 9 to 22mm nut size available from most outlets, machine mart/halfords/local auto store etc for about a tenner which does the job if the locking wheel nut adaptor is lost/missing. Plenty of good photos on their web sites.
  23. If the auto oil pan is steel then why not stick a couple of button type magnets on it and this will attract any metal swarf and stop it from being sucked through the gearbox. Auto box pans I've dropped had magnets inside and they all had a small pyramid of swarf on them. Drain the oil, top it up, use it for a week, do the same again and you should have a good percentage of fresh oil dilution. If its not leaking, don't give yourself the hassle.
  24. This is now on ebay with seller location in Duns near Coldstream in the Scottish Borders (Jim Clarks Museum is located there). Business address on bottom of posting is Daljit Trading, Vivek Saddi Kent DA11 9PH. User name 7th.sky