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  1. Hello there guys I’m looking for the front section of the exhaust ( the y pipe ) for my 1999 mk4 ls400. I’m based in slough many thanks Richard
  2. Still stuck with this one guys cars barely drive able soon as I drive a couple of foot engine warning and vsc warning and is in complete limp mode revs drop constantly when driving is there anyone able to help me sort the ecu out been to garages and they can't get a read out and want to charge me an arm an a leg for taking the car apart
  3. I've looked at all the other forums and capacitor issues mine has the following symptoms drops revs but doesn't cut out won't pick up fault finder on odb, gear shift slow and snappy changes gear at 5000 revs flat out won't go any higher cruise control doesn't work display shows check engine check traction control, sometimes she will drive fine sometimes a complete nightmare Do you know anywhere I could take it ? Or buy a replacement ecu Thanks
  4. I'm located in slough in Berkshire but willing to travel anywhere to get this sorted thanks guys
  5. Hello guys new to the owners club but owned ls400s over the last 5 years. Currently driving a mk4 vvti ls400 1998 and it has the dreading ecu problem of dropping revs no cruise control sluggish performance and gear changes and unable to detect fault finder. Looking at the site and from info I have gathered it's to do with capacitors in the ecu? Or something like that and that you can buy a kit to sort this out? I really need some help as when it comes to this side of things on the car I'm more than useless, is there anyone out there that offers the service of fixing this issue or can point m
  6. hi there peeps , looking for a ls 400 autobox with convertor car is on a K Plate 1991 1uz v8 engine many thanks o and maybe if someone could fit it ? worth a try many thanks guys
  7. bump still no idea anyone have a box for sale
  8. Im new to this forum but have found it very helpful, Ive had my ls 400 91 for 5 months and recently the diff went so replaced the diff, replaced the diff fitted it all properley and turned the car over only to find it had no drive no 2nd or L and only has drive in reverse all the selectors are working and there is plenty of fluid checked while running , when the diff went it still had drive as the propshaft still rotated. any help would be great guys thanks
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