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  1. Fair enough. Only just got the car, so haven't read the book yet. Curious as to why there is a battery only function when it can flatten it within a few minutes? Safety related, I assume?
  2. I've just swapped my RX450h for a 64 plate GS300h and it is a superb car to drive! That said, when I was sitting with just the battery on inputting phone speed dials, the power went off (battery flat) after around 5 minutes. AA did test and said a new battery was required (saw the test machine), but Lexus dealer says that after a charge, the battery is fine. They claim that just sitting with only battery power can deplete the battery fast. Is that correct?
  3. I suppose I am looking for reassurance, eg. has anyone done this and regretted doing so, or was it a good decision.
  4. Has anyone gone from an older RX450h to a newer GS300h? Any comments would be gratefully received. Thanks
  5. Does £295 seem reasonable for rear brake discs and pads fitted to a RX450? Not sure what these cost these days. Thanks.
  6. Point taken on your first sentence, indeed my OH's CT is just that. However, I personally wouldn't consider a car with 44,000 verified miles when I bought it, as being a wear and tear issue.
  7. This noise is getting worse. It's now happening as soon as the steering wheel is turned in either direction at low speed. I've owned numerous Lexus models over the years, but I think I'm done with them now. These types of issues should not be occurring on premium vehicles such as these.
  8. I have recently bought a 59 plate RX450h SE-L from a non-Lexus dealer. When turning at full lock, there is a loud creaking noise coming from the front intermittently at very low speed. The garage has greased suspension joints, but it hasn't helped. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what can cause this? It is really spoiling an otherwise great car! Thanks.
  9. I looked at and drove a 59 plate (Dec 09) RX 450h SE-L today and will do the same tomorrow on a 60 plate (Jan 11) SE-L. Were there any updates between these dates? Any issues to be aware of (air suspension etc)? I currently have a 55 plate RX 300 LE (LPG). Thanks
  10. I'm considering a 60 plate GS450H SE-L to replace my 55 plate RX300. I have a one year old CT200H also. Was there a face lift in 2011? It looks like this 60 plate one might be a newer model? I used to have 98 LS 400 and have missed the impeccable smoothness since. Does the GS450H offer the same traits? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies. I have bought the 2014 Advance demonstrator that I went to see. Mercury grey with Sport and Protection Packs. It looks good with the black wheels. As you say, it is very different to the LS & RX, but there is no mistaking the Lexus quality. Trip computer showed 51 mpg with cruise selected on drive up and showing around 48-49mpg on short drives around here, so I'm pleased with that. I might get to see how it handles the snow here in NE Scotland over the next coupe of days!
  12. I currently have a 2005 RX300 and have previously owned an old LS400. I don't partiularly need a big car anymore and am therefore considering a 2014 CT200 Advance (first hybrid) from a Lexus dealer. The dealer is a 2 hour drive away. I know it's difficult to say for sure, but can you CT200 owners convince me to go the distance to test drive? Is it a smooth, comfortable Lexus, bearing in mind my previous cars, or is it not quite the 'traditional' Lexus experience? It would be good if any of you have done something similar. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for everyone's input. Mike, that was exactly what was wrong. I took the car in past Lexus the other day, and the guy cured the problem in seconds! Now that all is quiet again, I intend to have it converted to LPG as I did with my previous LS400. I hope that the RX gives me as good service as my old LS did.
  14. I have just bought a 55 plate RX300LE. There seems to be a rattle from the rear tailgate area when driving (generally quiet on motorways), which I wouldn't expect from such a well built car! Is this common? Can it be fixed? Would appreciate any feedback, thanks.