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  1. Hi steve2006, Not tried that, but will do in a mo. Keep you informed on results. How easy is it to re-grease the spindles?
  2. A couple of weeks ago got into my '95 LS400 started it and noticed that the rev counter wasn't working, started off and noticed that the speedometer wasn't working either. A couple of miles down the road the rev counter began functioning 2 miles further on the speedo began working. All seemed okay on the next 4 journeys, then this morning, set off, same fault again, only this time the rev counter started working but no speedo at all. Any clues please.
  3. Exactly the same places as mine. I've repaired now, I got my guy who services mine to rivet them in place and I painted the whole area with solid Waxoyl. it worked and looks quite good actually. You have to shape the plate to the arch as is multiple angles and curves, so we presented the plate to the arch, tapped into the shape with a mallet and riveted in place. When I fabricated the plates I cut some slots around the edge with a nibbler so the slots had space between to allow for the shaping.
  4. If the car is going okay then it's worth fixing the rust and your mileage is quite low for this car. I bought some 1mm thick steel sheet on Ebay (about £12), used some cardboard for a a template, and cut the metal to the template for both wheel arches. You can't do it in one piece for the whole wheel arch, so I've done in several sections. I haven't done the trailing edges yet. I've just painted them with Hammerite. My idea is to stick the metal to wheel arches and rivet in place, then paint using waxoyl underseal.
  5. Thanks Ambermarine and Roy, will get to these areas now. I had a Vauxhall Senator back in '94 and I did this same as you did Ambermarine and flooded the wheel arches with Waxoyl from inside the boot which was fairly easy on that car which had a bad reputation for rusting wheel arches. They never rusted in all the 8 years I had that car. Should've been a bit more diligent when I first got the Lexus back in 2011, will correct that now.
  6. Thanks very much Colin, Plexus914 and Mike for your responses and info. I'll go the Petropatch route with some metal. Will post on the club when I've completed. I'm rather anal when it comes to stopping rust on my cars with a yearly Waxoyl and now Dynax S-50 spraying that I will repair this damage and attempt to stop any further corrosion.
  7. Higher octane means a better burn, so you'll get less carbon build up.
  8. Accident damage, in both wheel arches? Don't think so! I'm the second owner, the first one had the car from '95 till he died in 2011 and I have all service records and work done. He was very meticulous and I'm sure it would have been recorded if there was any damage.
  9. Last weekend while I was cleaning my 1995 LS400 (after I had the cambelt, plugs/leads, drivebelt and water pump changed) I noticed some rust at the bottom of the driver's side rear wheel leading edge where it meets up with the cill. After I prodded it with a screwdriver a hole appeared. Filled the space behind the hole with Waxoyl then as a temporary measure epoxyed a piece of metal over the hole to stop water entering and covered that with some solid Waxoyl. I obviously looked at the rest of the wheel arch and there is some similar rusting at the bottom of the trailing edge of the wheel arch. I didn't prod this time as looks like the same symptoms. I looked at the other back wheel arch and yes, exactly the same rusting. So do you get new arches or partial arches fabricated? or can you buy these items? The car has done 115,000 miles, I have had the car for more than 4 years and waxoyled yearly although it's impossible to keep any kind of covering under the wheel arches for long as it gets blasted off. The car is completely rust free elsewhere and I love it to bits, best car I've ever had.
  10. I had it done to my other car, Nissan Stagea, and yes would recommend it. It feels a bit nippier and mpg is up by about 5 mpg. I'm told it reduces emissions also. MOT time will tell me that. Think I will have it done to my LS400. I'll keep the Forum informed on results.
  11. I had the cooling fan recall job done by Lexus (Lookers, Hatfield) but no mention of fuel lines recall from Lexus. What exactly is the problem? My car is 2011.
  12. Thanks for the advice on the Takeda, shan't bother with that then. If you look at the adverts they claim increase in power. And expensive. I fitted a cone filter to a Scooby Forester turbo some years ago, I was quite sure it made no difference and even a reduction when you were standing in traffic because of the heat build up under the bonnet. Maybe just fit a K & N replacement panel filter. What's the price for the LED kit Pete, and are they easy to fit? Thanks, Geoff
  13. Well done Allan. Mine's blue, but I do like the white also. What's the Precision kit consist of Pete? Thinking about the Takeda intake also.
  14. Thanks Stuart. Can you suggest any web sites please? Unless of course it's in the Forum somewhere. Ta.
  15. Thanks once more to all you guys. I always add to, enhance my cars, any suggestions?