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  1. Car is all back together and whilst leak is less, it's still present. I've drilled some small drain holes strategically in the boot area, so water shouldn't reach the cabin now. I then sprayed Bilt Hamber clear underbody wax copiously in the boot, so shouldn't rust (wasn't rusty in any case). Not an ideal solution, but It will be getting moved on next year. I didn't change any light bulbs prior to leak commencing, but I think it's been present for a while and it was only with the Florida style rain we've had of late that highlighted the problem, Thanks for all comments. Pete
  2. Yes, I've used it before with mixed results. It's not great if it gets on your paint though. I've still got leaks despite my best efforts, but so long as boot area doesn't fill up, and it doesn't reach carpets I'll be relatively happy. It shouldn't happen though and what a waste of my time. I'd thought better of lexus. Pete
  3. Heavy rain last night and still leaking, although not as bad. Today I put tigerseal on the body seam just above the tailgate strut mounting as it looked to have a bit of a gap. One side was better than the other, but i did both. I'm just waiting for this to dry then i'll do the hose test. Pete
  4. Managed to get bumper off before the rain - again. I was surprised how clean it was behind there and I couldn't see anything obvious. So, I removed both the clips that only seem to be there to hold the fog light wires, and tigersealed the mounting holes. i then ran tiger seal over every seam I could see, although they were all very clean. Now we'll wait and see what happens. If it leaks, then only thing I can think of is that the lights aren't sealed properly. Incidentally, the u tube vid I watched on bumper removal doesn't mention the 4 nuts holding on top of bumper which are accessed from inside the boot. Will report back on progress. Pete ps, Herbie, I don't think I need another large car, and I could do with something for my wife that does reasonable mpg. My mate is a manager at a Suzuki garage and he swears by them, so we'll see.
  5. I removed rear lights and used tigerseal to put the gasket back in as it wasn't the best. There was a bit of water round the lights, but not a lot. Once put back in and left for a while, i hosed the rear of the car and water ingress again. It seems to be coming from behind the bumper area, so that's my next task. I did drill a few holes and took grommets out to at least prevent water entering the passenger compartment. i also made a small wall of tigerseal at rear of seat base to hopefully dam any water trying to get through. I think this car will be getting moved on and don't think I'll get another. On the other hand, my Lexus LS 400 managed the storms just fine. Dilemma is what to buy, as my wife likes the higher seating position of the RX. Modern cars just don't do anything for me and some are just shockingly unreliable. May look at a Suzuki Vitara as we don't need a large second car really. Pete
  6. Thanks for replies folks. Torrential rain here again today and car is leaking like a sieve at rear. I've drilled a couple of holes in floor to let water out and stop it travelling forward. Hopefully get it stripped out and sorted next week. This shouldn't happen on any car nowadays. On the bright side, I had the front silencer replaced with a stainless one by Pipe Dynamics of Leven - another great job. Pete
  7. I think I've found the leak, and it's not where I thought. As has been suggested I had a look in the boot after reading about an RX400 with water ingress, and yes, It's coming from the rear. So, now to fix it, but not till next week. I did however clear out some light debris which had gone under the plastic trim adjacent to rear lights and water ingress seems minimal now. We've been plagued with torrential showers here over the last few days, and this has actually helped to pinpoint the problem. i don't relish drying the carpets though, Pete
  8. I can't believe how much water is in the car as there was a veritable river coming out the floor bungs when I removed them. I've run 3mm strimmer wire down sunroof drains again and flushed water down and it's escaping quickly. I've looked at a few u tube vids on the process of sorting things, and basically it's a very poor design and will probably affect everyone. Apparently the sun roof drain doesn't go to the ground, but into a box section behind the wing which can't be accessed. It is when this blocks that water pours inside. I've poked wire down the hole on the inside of the car, but I can't see if I'm doing any good. I've also blasted compressed air down there to hopefully clear any blockage. I've repeatedly hosed the car and there is no water coming out this box section overflow, so I'm stumped. The best solution to be belts and braces is to remove A post trims, remove the sun roof drain hose from the box (cut) and extend it to go directly through the floor through a grommet. I can't see the car drying without a full carpet removal though, and i basically don't need the hassle, but will have to do it. Unfortunately, more heavy rain is forecast and I'm off to get a new centre silencer fitted to it tomorrow. I think it's time is up with me.
  9. My wife has owned this 2005 RX 300 for 4 years now and all has been good until 2/3 weeks ago when we noticed a bit of damp in front footwells. I dried this off and investigated possibilities of where it was coming from and had a good look on line for solutions. Water isn't coming from sunroof drains as they seem clear (I passed a strimmer cord down with no obstruction and water flowed freely) nor air conditioning pipe. Fast forward to a torrential downpour last night which has resulted in all footwells absolutely drenched. Normally, I would suspect water coming from the scuttle area with drains blocked, but I can't see any, so I'm at a loss. Any suggestions? I'm used to running cars of the 50's, and this RX leaks worse than anything of that vintage - is this progress? The last car I had that leaked like this was a lovely Golf GTi mk 2 (sold as soon as leak started). Strange that the leak only started 2 or 3 weeks ago which does suggest something blocked. Cheers, Pete
  10. My wife's RX starting doing this a few years ago, so I bought replacement struts from SGS, but these were too strong and tailgate kept doing this. After a bit of negotiation I got ones from them that were lower rated and these work fine until we get a hot day and it happens again. We've learned to live with it as it's not too problematic, and how many really hot days do we get. Pete
  11. If anyone wants me to take a look at the car in Dundee, just ask. Pete
  12. Ah well, replaced the wrong one, so will do the other side now. Everyone agreed with me that it was the offside, but just goes to show how difficult it is to pinpoint bearing noise. Pete
  13. No play in any bearing, but I think I've pinned it down to the replaced bearing - sods law, cheers, Pete
  14. I've tried all the usual things, so I'll be taking a punt at the side that was replaced 3 years ago as it sounds noisiest from there. If I'm wrong then so be it. It's starting to get annoying now even though it's my wife's car. Pete