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  1. My wife's RX starting doing this a few years ago, so I bought replacement struts from SGS, but these were too strong and tailgate kept doing this. After a bit of negotiation I got ones from them that were lower rated and these work fine until we get a hot day and it happens again. We've learned to live with it as it's not too problematic, and how many really hot days do we get. Pete
  2. If anyone wants me to take a look at the car in Dundee, just ask. Pete
  3. Ah well, replaced the wrong one, so will do the other side now. Everyone agreed with me that it was the offside, but just goes to show how difficult it is to pinpoint bearing noise. Pete
  4. No play in any bearing, but I think I've pinned it down to the replaced bearing - sods law, cheers, Pete
  5. I've tried all the usual things, so I'll be taking a punt at the side that was replaced 3 years ago as it sounds noisiest from there. If I'm wrong then so be it. It's starting to get annoying now even though it's my wife's car. Pete
  6. I fitted fancy (expensive) silicon blades a while ago and they were noisy if screen wasn't lubricated. I could only stand it for so long, so I've got the cheapy aero ones that get replaced annually. Pete
  7. I replaced a front wheel bearing (O/S)around 3 years ago and it's done about 12,000 miles since. Unfortunately, wheel bearing noise has returned, and from the drivers seat it appears to be that one again, but I'm not sure. It also sounds noisy from passenger side, but not quite as much as driver's side. I left it with my usual repairer and he said he can't tell either and didn't want to do the wrong one. It would make sense that I should replace the opposite to what was done previously, but it certainly sounds like the O/S again. This was replaced with quality bearings, but nowadays, everything is of poorer quality so I'm in a quandary. it doesn't help that the wheel can't be spun to listen for bearing roughness as car is 4wd. There is no wear discernible ether side when car jacked up. Any ideas? Pete
  8. I wasn't impressed with Blueprint discs (or pads) as they didn't last long before the dreaded wheel wobble. i fitted pagid items and they've already outlasted the blueprint ones and were a similar price. Pete
  9. I've owned my 1999 Lexus LS400 for 9 years now and in 47 years of car ownership it has probably been the best value for money out of any car I've had. It cost me 2600 pounds back then and is probably worth 1500 now, and probably going up in value, so depreciation of about 120 quid a year can't be bad. Consumables haven't been too many, and barring suspensions parts hasn't cost too much. Only problems I'm getting just now is corrosion above windscreen and some electrical components coming to the end of their life. It still polishes up well and provides relaxing transport anywhere. I suppose the only real comparison is with pre mid 90 mercs which were similarly bullet proof. I've never been a Ford man and like others here preferred the offerings of BL - particularly the Rovers. I had a really nice Rover p6B for 14 years with rust the main problem, but very similar to the Lexus in a lot of other ways. I think I may spend a bit on a general tidy up rather than getting a newer LS as I'd not get a 10 year old one now for what I paid for mine in 2009. Pete
  10. I use mobil 1 0-40, doesn't leak and doesn't use any oil at 174,000 miles. Pete
  11. I had a notion for an Elgrand too, but never followed it up. I had a look at one last week that was in for an mot at my friend's garage and whilst not the best example, seemed pretty good. However, i'm not sure if my wife would drive it as they are quite van like. Regarding Lexus reliability, the only every day cars I've had that come close was a Merc 190E (last of decent mercs) and my trusty Rover p6B. Pete
  12. Wheel wobble while braking points to discs needing either cleaned or replaced. Only discs I've fitted that lasted ok so far are pagid. Blueprint ones wobble started at 10k, and lexus ones needed replaced at 25k. I'd check them along with ensuring wheel mating surface is perfectly flat. Pete
  13. We've had our RX 300 for just over 3 years now and my wife loves it. Main downside is fuel consumption - best of 28 on a long run and in winter in town 18. They are not very well protected underneath and get quite rusty, so check there. Gearchange can get confused at times and it's not the most powerful engine for a 3 litre, but it is pulling 2 tons. It has been pretty reliable with just the expected consumables which have been reasonably priced. It's a great car for transporting grand kids. Pete
  14. There are plenty hot rod and american car guys in the UK that bring stuff in for people in the UK. It costs approx what the dollar price is in pounds delivered (slightly more now due to the state of the pound). Rock Auto is very useful too and delivery is quick. Recently i paid 230 pounds for a new power steering rack for my chevy (Ford Thunderbird rack from speedway motors via Duksville). There are always folk with containers needing to be filled. Pete