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  1. It seems impossible to get new dhp springs, so I'd guess it's got standard springs fitted - unless of course the only thing DHP is the wheels, Tyres do look the wrong profile too, but it does have the colour coded grille which was a DHP feature. I believe the part wood wheel was an option. Pete
  2. Normally i'd agree, but winter tyres on the front driving wheels make a huge different in the snow compared to summer tyres. I know 4 should be fitted as best practise, but my son in law with front winters on a Renault Clio got places some 4 x 4's were getting stuck. Pete
  3. I'm sure I was charged £150 to fix the starter - plus the cost of the new contacts. I too went down the checking battery route etc, but when it eventually failed to start it was a relay job to the garage. Like most things on these cars, if they are showing a problem at X age or mileage, rest assured it will happen to you - or so it seems lol. Pete
  4. Costco in Aberdeen refused to fit winter tyres to the front of my daughter's front wheel drive car (replacing winter tyres) as they said there should be 4 fitted and would only fit them on the rear. I couldn't see their logic. So she now has summer tyres on front and winters on the rear. I realise that it's best to fit 4, but the summers weren't near replacement time, but will be replaced in due course by winters. Pete
  5. Another MOT passed

    Out for a drive today and pics of it beside my Lexus. I spotted an LS460 4 doors down from my son's house - same colour as mine, they must just have bought it. Pete
  6. Another MOT passed

    Not really, but I'd been looking at getting an american car for a while to take grandkids to shows as my V8 Minors are only really 2 seaters. I wanted something that could safely cruise with modern traffic and be reliable - and had to look good too. I travelled 425 miles from me to get it. Pete
  7. Another MOT passed

    It's a 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air. It's fitted with modern running gear - 6 litre chevrolet LS derived engine (LQ4) and should do 10mpg better than the original 6 cylinder engine, plus be slightly quicker. It was imported from sunny california in 2014 as it is, and I bought it from the guy that imported it 2 weeks ago. It needs a few small things attended to, but it is rust free and is as good in the flesh as the pics. It's an inch shorter than an LS, 3 inches wider and a good bit higher and actually weighs about 300kg less. As it's got 375 bhp it should be quicker too. Pete
  8. Mot passed for another year, but needed handbrake cables and shoes. Advisory for slight corrosion on front to rear brake pipe. Oil and filter change done at same time - Mobil 1 0/40 and Lexus filter. Quite pleased really as it's done 168,106 miles now. It could do with some cleaning and painting underneath, but apart from that it's still looking good. Not many of these cars left now as they get snapped up for their engines. I've just bought another toy, so Lexus use may get less. Pete
  9. I found the original Pirellis pretty poor both for grip and price, hence I compromised with the 235/55's. Against sat nav the speedo read about 3 mph over, so that's near enough. Original tyres read about 76 from memory. Pete
  10. I fiited 235/55 x17 to my DHP. This size gives as near as possible an accurate speedo reading - 3 mph over at a genuine 70. Pete
  11. Blown exhaust

    Pipe Dynamics is fully set up to do anything you need as far as exhausts go. They have all sizes of flanges, gaskets etc in stock, so nothing will faze them. A local garage may be able to join things together, or replace straight pipe, but probably not in stainless which needs a tig welder to do properly. Welding is something that fewer and fewer garages seem to do. I used to do a lot of welding for folk in the past when cars needed this sort of repair on a regular basis, but got rid of my oxy acetylene gear some years ago and replaced it with mig, but tig is something I haven't done as specialist gear is required. Pete
  12. This Saturday 25th November at Errol.
  13. Blown exhaust

    Nothing but good things to say about pipe dynamics as friends and my son have had work done there too with great service and good no nonsense advice, plus very reasonable. They are quite busy, so booking is a must. My report on this issue from early this year: Pete
  14. Blown exhaust

    I had this done at Pipe Dynamics in Leven. The person there has done a few LS's. It took about 3 hours and was a tidy job. Pete