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  1. I don't think the DHP springs are available as I looked some years ago and couldn't find any. It may be possible for old stock to be gathering dust on shelves somewhere though - who knows. I believe fitting coilovers may be the solution if maintaing the ride height and handling is important. Mine had an inch broken off the bottom of a front spring, but it still worked, and coilovers would have been my option if it had failed further. I do believe there are some spring manufacturers that could replicate the fitment, but I didn't explore that. Yes, /70 was a typo, but I can't now edit it.
  2. Whilst checking for underbody rust, check interior for water leaks. These 2 issues were enough for me to move ours on. Pete
  3. DHP should be as stated previously 245/70 x17 (Jag XK 8 fitment). When I looked to replace the pirellis fitted I had 2 choices, both nearly £250 a tyre (this was in 2010). I decided to go down a width and got tyres for around £100 each (falkens). By going down a size, the speedo read faster than it should, so next tyre change I went for 235/55 x17's which brought speedo reading back closer to what it should be. It did read about 2 mph faster than actual speed though, and this increased to 3 when tyres wore down. I always used Falken tyres in my 12 years of ownership, and whilst their grip was superb, they didn't last long, but i'd rather not end up in a ditch, so I was fine with that. I'll look forward to hear what the new owner experiences in regard to future tyre choice. Pete
  4. We got rid of ours due to water ingress and rust. They really aren't well protected underneath at all. If it's still got an mot try moving it on through one of the car buying sites. However, if it's got a fail against it, that won't work as they'll check. Can you do the work yourself as that will save a lot of money? Pete
  5. I'd been promised a replacement sat nav unit when it went belly up (on a trip to Skye), but kept getting fobbed off by a local guy breaking an LS, so I just lived without it. I too couldn't see anything wrong with it. For years now, I've used Mobil 1 0-40 from costco, plus either a Wix or Toyota filter. Oil does remain clean between changes though. Windscreen will obviously be damaged and need replaced to coincide with paintwork I'd guess - roads are in a shocking state. Glad you're still enjoying it and nice to hear of updates. Pete
  6. In reply to peniole's request for an update, I have had the Corvette for a week now and can report that it drives lovely, very smooth and quiet. I'd say it rides as nicely as my departed Lexus and is almost as quiet inside with no rattles or shakes whatsoever. There are a couple of things needing sorted, but they aren't costly to rectify, and parts are easily obtained. Anyone who has commented on it can't believe it's 20 years old as the condition is amazing. It's not nearly as quick as my Morris Minor though. Pete
  7. I'm glad you're enjoying it Gavin and hope it gives you many years of enjoyment as it's a great car. 35 mpg is good too, but it won't be used to cruising so slowly. Brakes should be bedded in by now too. Corvette arrives around 7 pm tonight. Pete
  8. The car hasn't arrived yet, so I can't comment on it's pot hole handling qualities. i've been looking for a while, and there is some rubbish out there, but this one was owned by a friend of a guy in our car club, albeit the car is in Heathrow area, so it's being transported up here. There aren't many for sale, and this is as low a mileage one as you can get. My mate had a lovely C5 convertible from new, and if that had been a targa, I'd have bought that. He was looking for a C7, but couldn't find one that suited him, so he bought a new Camaro 6.2 convertible instead. He didn't like the C6, liked the C5 better as it's the last of the pop up headlight models. I'll post pics when it arrives and give my driving impessions. I'm used to LS powered cars as my Minor has an LS1 and my belair has a 6 litre LQ4. Pete
  9. It's a 2001 C5, 5.7 litre (same engine as my Morris Minor), with only 30,000 miles on it, with quite a few upgrades. Cost me basically 2 cancelled Florida holidays, a bike and my Lexus (man maths lol)
  10. Sold today, it's off to Glasgow, I hope the new owner gets similar enjoyment out of it that we have over the last 12 years. In some way I'm sorry to see it go, but the Corvette replacement will make up for it. Pete
  11. Mine is for sale - in the for sale section, and only £2k for a DHP model in the best colour. Pete
  12. New front discs and pads fitted today. Only 1 interest from here so far which surprises me, so will possibly be getting advertised elsewhere, or I'll keep it - not sure yet. Pete
  13. I've just ordered EBC discs and pads to give these a try. Looking back my records, the Pagid discs have actually done 30k, so that's not too bad. Although I'm hoping to sell my car, I'd feel more comfortable selling it with new parts. I priced up getting the discs skimmed on the car, and the charge for this was £120, so for an extra £19 I've got new discs and pads. Pete
  14. I've just posted my 1999 LS400 dhp on the for sale section. It's not getting used much these days and I fancy a change. Pete
  15. The time has come to part with my Lexus after 12 years ownership. It is a 1999 DHP model and has done just over 180,000 miles. It runs very well and has been well serviced throughout it's life (including a cam belt 2,000 miles ago - 3rd one), firstly by Lexus up to 120,000, then by me and a local garage. It's not been used a lot over the last 2 years, although I did have to use it last week for a 600 mile round trip that it performed faultlessly, and averaged 31 mpg despite being stuck on the A66 in traffic jams. The car does have a few faults which are commensurate with age - lacquer peel on n/s rear wing, plus some rust blisters on this wheel arch (not helped by lockdown when it wasn't getting used), rust blisters on top of windscreen area, It really could do with new front discs as it has some shake, air con needs re gassed, sat nav has failed, but screen works, steering wheel is set for my driving position as motors failed, and rear n/s door central locking has become disconnected. That's the negatives, but the positives are that the car has a lovely interior, looks really nice and goes very well indeed. I'm only selling as I'm not prepared to do the work to make the car as I'd like, plus I fancy a Corvette. I have a list of all work I've done to the car over the years, and will be removing my personal number plate prior to sale. I'm looking for £2000 for it, and the car is in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland. Photos were taken today - just as rain came on. Contact me here or by phone - 07871 933971 Cheers, Pete LEXUS LS 400 DHP MAINTENANCE RECORD - 2.docx
  16. I would have expected better wear from discs, but like most large heavy cars, they go through them quickly. I dare say I could have them skimmed to save some money. Pete
  17. I wouldn't think being a DHP would make any difference. Looking at options, I may try EBC this time as i'm not sure how much longer i'll be keeping the car. Pete
  18. I've replaced 2 sets of discs and need to do a third. Originals lasted 20k till shaking, blueprint, 10k till starting to shake and pagid 20k. I'm going to try originals again as the pagid ones are now shaking unacceptably. Best pads used so far were Ferodo Premium, but they seen unobtainable now, pagid pads are very dusty. Pete
  19. No, most of the ones i've looked at of a similar age are roughly similar. When looking I discarded quite a few that were really bad, and the one we bought was the best we could find - 6 years ago though. I did attempt refurbing, but when I discovered every single fastening for the undertrays being U/S I gave up, especially when one support had actually broken through rust. Strangely, My LS 400 is vastly better for corrosion protection despite being 6 years older. The water ingress was really what made us move it on - think swimming pool. Pete
  20. We got rid of ours last year as the underside looked like it had been parked in the sea, plus the undertrays had to be attached by tie wraps as the mountings had all disintegrated. Our daughter in law sold hers at the same time and it's underside was similar. For a quality car I wasn't best impressed, and coupled with water ingress would make buying another a big decision. They are nice cars though, but check very carefully, Pete
  21. I use classicline for my cars and they are very good when the worst happens apparently. Pete
  22. The tin lid so to speak for the RX was the shocking state of the underside and the water leaks. Pete
  23. Yes, they do fit, as a guy in my area has one with all LS running gear. However I'm down to 3 Minors now, but have a 1953 Chevy Bel Air fitted with a 6 litre V8. My Lexus gets little use these days and doesn't go out in the winter unless necessary. It really needs me to attend to all the annoying electrical stuff, plus it needs the windscreen taken out to fix the usual rust at the top of it, plus rear N/s wheel arch tidying. I just keep putting it off as it still drives and looks pretty good, plus I've other cars to look after. Still, I've had it nearly 12 years now, so it's done well. I've taken a notion to a C5 Corvette though, so who knows? Pete
  24. We went through a similar process to replace my wife's RX 300. We ended up with a Seat Ateca 190hp 4 drive tdi. 0 - 60 in 7.3 seconds and averages 40 mpg and handles superbly. Obviously not as nicely finished as a lexus, but in terms of all round performance, we're delighted. It's not as big or heavy as the RX, but that's fine. Myself, I don't miss the Lexus at all. Pete
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