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  1. OK Steve, here goes! I copied the IMG link so hopefully this works... Cheers
  2. Dont know whats just happened here, this is my old username that I couldnt get to work so eneded up having to start a new one. For some reason Ive now signed in on my old account, strange! Anyway if someone can tell me how to add pictures I'll put them up, might help someone in the future. Cheers
  3. Hello again. Ive only just finished the starter motor replacement as I called away on a job,I work away from home so what with Xmas etc I have only just got round to finishing it. To be honest it was a nightmare but mostly because I had the LPG system to deal with as well, glad Ive done it but wont want to do it again in a hurry! A couple of things that might help to others doing the job with a Mk4. The intake manifold can be removed in one piece and with the correct tools you can remove the starter bolts without having to remove the rear water bridge. I bought an extra length 14mm combination spanner and bent the ring end slightly to allow access to the bolts. I cracked them with the spanner and then using a Snap on 3/8" 180 degree flex head ratchet was able to get onto the bolts saving alot of time and swearing. Ive taken a couple of pictures using these tools but am unsure how to add them, can somebody let me know how to do this? Thanks again to everyone who gave their advice. Finnmck
  4. I am having exactly the same problems with my Mk4, it wanders really badly at speed. I have chenged the upper control arms but now looks as if I will have to replace the lower control arm bushings. I looked on the Daizen website but they seem to do them only up to 94. Where did you get yours from?
  5. I am very interested to get this done, did they do a neat and tidy job as I'm quite fussy!? What kind of guarantee do they give you and how long did it take them to install? I drive up and done to Aberdeen quite often so I think it will pay for itself in no time.
  6. Cheers for the reply John. I ordered both sides for £99 from A2Z, paid £7.95 for courior delivery and they arrived 1st thing this morning, excellent service. They seem to be good quality, was going to fit them this afternoon but chickened out due to the weather! Do you think I will need a ball joint seperator or as they are being binned would a hammer do? Going to build up some courage and brave the weather tomorrow...
  7. Hi John, I was thinking of getting the LPG kit fitted to my LS and am near Manchester so would be close enough to me. What do you think of running the car on LPG and did you go for the tank in the wheel well or a cylinder? Also what range have you got using LPG on average? Cheers
  8. After searching for a long time for a MK4 LS400 I have finally bought an immaculate condition 99 plate and absolutely love it. I really could not believe the condition of the car when I saw it, wanted a DHP model but couldnt turn this down. I have just returned from a 800 mile round trip to Scotland and it didnt miss a beat and is so comfortable, it even managed 29 mpg which I was surprised at. Now there are a few of the usual faults that I knew about that I will need to sort like front upper wishbones and one of the front bonnet struts need re-gassing. There are two electrical faults that I havent read before in the forum, 1st is the steering column only moves up and down but not in and out and 2nd is the rear heated screen only demists on 1/3rd of the screen. Has anyone ever came across these problems? Apart from that everything works as it should, I would say to anyone who is half thinking of buying an LS is do it, you wont be dissapointed!
  9. I have recently bought a 1999 LS400 and it has a knocking noise on the passenger side front over bumps. I have read from previous posts that it is more than likely upper wishbone wear and it is quite an easy job. I found a pair of from wishbones on Ebay for £99 from A2Z car parts in Wakefield and had read in previous posts that the quality is OK, seems cheap to me so just want to see if anyone have bought these and were they up to the job? Cheers
  10. Thanks for your replies! I thought around the £4k mark also if it was mint with full service history but I doubt the seller would drop that low. I think he has looked on autotrader at the crazy prices some dealers are asking and thought his is worth more with less mileage, thing is the expensive ones have been on for months! I agree with you on the higher miles newer car thing, but I still think a good condition one would be over my budget as I dont want to get a loan.
  11. Hi, I have just joined and this is my first post. I've been lurking on here for a while now and want to buy a series 4 LS400, I thought about an LS430 but I'm not keen on the pre 2003 facelift model and a good low mileage one is above my budget. Now there seems to be a big difference in prices on the series 4, anywhere from £2800 to £4995 from a dealer on Autotrader at the mo. There is one at £5200, 2000 model with 76k and a private seller, question is what is it really worth? Surely its way overpriced?? Any advice would be appreciated.