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  1. No aftermarket film on windows. As far as I remember it clears evenly however quite slowly; i'll have to wait for the colder weather again and try it out. I have a rummage around and see if I can find the terminals after Christmas...
  2. Hi, I get major interference on the radio when I switch on the rear window heater. I gather this could be something wrong with either the electrics (some capacitor??) or the heater itself. How do I go about diagnosing the fault without replacing the parts one at a time as this could get expensive!! it is an 06 IS220d Thanks
  3. I wouldn't see this as rude; I'd see it as a perfectly reasonable question 😁 I did buy the car from a Lexus dealer so I just assumed these were the 'original' ones however in hindsight it is quite possible these are not the genuine ones. In all honesty I don't really mind what they look like, but I'd just rather they all bve the same. I recently had some work done and when I looked under the bonnet I can only believe some cack-handed gorilla had removed the clips as quite a few were missing and some of the remaining ones were snapped and missing the inner poppet. I'm not sure how you can even damage them... all you need is to press the poppet in and remove the clip!! I just wanted some spares to replace them an wanted them to match (bit a*al I know 🙄).
  4. Thanks for you reply. These do not look the same. The ones I have have three rigdes across the dome. Will these still fit? I did a search earlier today and found plenty of options which look similar but they were all labelled different sizes so I wasn't sure which size I needed...
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me the genuine Lexus part number for the engine bay clips for a 2006 IS220d like the one here please? Thanks
  6. Afternoon all, I have a 06 IS220d and which I am having intermittent trouble starting. A few weeks ago when I pressed the start button it kept turning over and over and over but not starting. A good strong crank so i'm sure the battery is ok. The only way to describe it is on the older petrol vehicle when it'd let you turn the car over but the immobiliser prevents the ignition firing, that kind of thing. I got it started by pressing the button to stop it turning over and then trying again - fortunately it worked. Today however was slightly different. I tried starting and whilst it turned over it was heavy and laboured crank. The dashboard flickered the same way as it does when the battery is flat (off led here and there flickers on and off etc). I stopped it and tried again. Exactly the same thing. On the third attempt it finally started but lumped around like a sack of sh*t at low revs ffor a few seconds and then went upto idle, around 900rpm. I don't know whether this is related but I've also noticed the automatic headlights are behaving differently too. Until recently, when you stop the engine the lights used to go out immediately the door handle was pulled to get out. Now you have to get out and want 5 to 6 seconds before it finally realises and switches them off. I have been able to get out, lock the door and get a few seconds down the road and they haven't switched off. I did plug in a obd interface in and queried it with the Torque App (for what it's worth) and there is no fault history and no pending faults, nothing. Has anyone seen this behaviour before or know any other ways of diagnosing the issue? Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. That's some claim by Lexus that the chain will never need replacing (that's probably 'some' chain as well!!). They must have some idea how long they are expecting the engine to last to come up with a claim like that :o Testament to their engineering if this is indeed true :)
  8. Thanks for this Shepherd :) Interesting there is no mention of the cam chain - I assume the timing belt is the one on the front of the engine as it's the only belt I could find
  9. Hi, Does anyone have a definitive list of exactly what is done on each of the services for a IS220d? Also, when would I expect to change the cam chain? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the replie guys. I really like the look of the ones I had....they had a sort of cover over them which also made them quite flexible yet firm. Does anyone know whether these are the original ones? If I go to Lexus and ask for some replacement rubbers are they likely to fit these? Are they easy to fit. I've had a quick poke getting the old ones off and I can't see how to.
  11. Hi, A strange question but does anyone know where I can get a replacement set of wiper blades from? I've attached a picture of them. They are off my IS220d and I cannot find any which are close to these. I want some like these as the ones I've tried either fall off the clips or son't look like they were made for the car!! Any helps appreciated. Thanks
  12. I was only planning to jump it but am interested in how I might damage the ECU in case I need to do this sometime? According to my local dealer and the RAC jumpstarting from some powerpacks and also from other vehicles can potentially cause damage. I can only assume that possibly you might get a power surge or something. Apparently RAC vehicles have something fitted to prevent this. Ok, i'll call them out... I assume there will be no problems with the immobiliser locking out or doing anything silly will there, because its lost its power? Thanks