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  1. The reversing camera on my 2005 LS430 is not working. I have bought a scrap OEM replacement (which works fine when connected to the existing fitting). I've managed to removethe boot liner and can see the camera fittings but can't see how they work. There are two black plastic ferulled covers which look as if they may screw off but which don't want to move. There's also smaller clips near the camera body itself which look straightforward. Photo showing black ferulled thingie attached. Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance....
  2. The Premium pack included the Levinson stereo and a few other refinements. Most sales of the first LS430 seem to have included this. These refinements became standard at some point - I think it was 2003 but you'd need to check. There was also a premium version of the later model that had TV and stuff but that's quite rare.
  3. The manual for my old Mk 1 said to use premium fuel but specified the octane as minimum 95 (or maybe even 93, I can't remember). Made me think that in other markets a lower octane basic petrol is available and that all that we get here is "premium" in those terms.
  4. Bit the bullet and went for the Michelin Primacy. Had the guys at Wheels in Motion check the tracking etc as well. Between the adjustments and the new tyres it's altogether much better. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys - very helpful. Looks like Michelin if I can afford it, or stick to Bridgestone (which presumably Lexus fitted for a reason).
  6. Can anyone recommend or comment on alternative tyres for a late model LS430 (tyres are 18" low profile). Are different brands likely to offer different ride qualities or is that utterly constrained by the fact that they are low profile? The car is currently running on original Bridgestones so all four will need replacing soon, two are on the cusp of illegal. Is there any reason not to go for an economy tyre or, equally, any good reasons for stepping up to a premium brand? I expect I'll still have these tyres in th3 winter, so something that's not too awful in the snow would be good too. There's lots of alternatives out there - how do you choose. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks in advance.....
  7. My old LS400 showed a distinct tendency to pull to the left, generally requiring the steering wheel to be held slightly to the right to keep the car straight. I had all sorts of checks done, steering reset and tracking redone by local Lexus dealer and others and it was never 100% right. Now I've sold that car and got a 430. And lo and behold, although it's nowhere near as bad, it also has a very slight tendency to drift to the left. To keep the car straight I have to keep the steering wheel a couple of degrees to the right. I now wonder if this effect is just a function of the camber and a big heavy car? Or whether, on an ordinary straight A road, the car should go precisely straight if the steering wheel is centred? Interested in the thoughts of the experts here. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone know what may be causing this and whether it's anything to worry about? Your wife is causing it and only somthing to worry about ioif you are staying married!!!! I keep her well away from my LS430 :)
  9. Thanks Steve. Sounds like the same thing. She's not really worried - it only really happens when parking/manoevering and doesn't cause any real problems. Just strange.
  10. My wife drives a 3 year old 220d. Noticed today that when the steering gets to full lock it makes a fairly loud "clunk". No other problems. Does anyone know what may be causing this and whether it's anything to worry about? Thanks in advance.
  11. 33psi front and rear (which is the specified pressure for four passengers, under 130mph). It is acceptable - probably better than most cars - but I still miss the smoothness on the motorway than I had with the 400. The handling though is much, much better.
  12. Quick Update - had some fun with the tyre monitor showing uneven inflation. I think the dealer had pumped the tyres up to high pressure (36 psi rears - good for full load or >132mph! ) and the inflation was quite uneven between front and back and between two front tyres. I've now balanced it to more reasonable settings and it's made a surprisingly significant improvement to the ride. Still not "magic carpet" but much closer to what I'd expected. So, if you're thinking of changing a 400 for a 430 its well worth paying attention to ride quality, but now, to my mind, the handling improvements (incomparable) are worth the trade off. Phew! Andy
  13. Mine seems similar - taking ages to warm up - though I've not left it on for an hour. Seems to defeat the object if it's not pretty quick. I just bought the car (authorised used) and planned to get the seat heating checked out under warranty. I'll let you know how I get on. Andy