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  1. Quick update: I spoke to Lexus Ireland who agreed to subsidize the OEM part by 50% bringing the price down to around 6,000 Euros + fitting on top 🤑. The part will take 6+ weeks to arrive from.. Japan of course. So I told them politely, thanks, but no thanks and ordered it directly from Amayama for 2,700Euro including shipping and I will have to pay 23% VAT and 3% duty when it arrives but this is still 50% less than Lexus price. Unbelievable markup and utterly disappointing - they refused to reduce this further saying they where "doing their best and this was as low as they could and they where doing me a huge favor blah blah" e.g. they still where looking for a 50% markup. I told them I was ordering it myself from Japan and they questioned that the part couldn't possibly be genuine lexus etc etc It's things like this that make it hard to be loyal to a brand going forward. I guess they're taking advantage of the global supply issue as is everyone else. Will update thread once part arrives and is fitted. Thanks again for the tip on Amayama - I wish they where better indexed by google as their site is amazing and they responded to my queries super quick and all in English.
  2. Thank you so much for the info - I wasn't aware of amayama and I had googled and googled the above part number but only found US listings & other part sites selling it for 6-8K USD. This actually might end up being my best option. Taxes will be 23% VAT in import costs but even after that, this will come in over 70% cheaper than the lexus quoted price! I will see what Lexus say next week and update this post.
  3. There are no spares for the any part of the rear steering rack - you have to buy the entire unit if it fails anywhere according to lexus. I checked their spares and this appears to be legit. I've tried breakers/salvage etc but nothing so far. It seems beyond crazy that this is what they've done. Yeah, the lexus dealer I use has done this repair once before and new exactly what to do and I saw it up on the lift twice and the calibration took the 2nd time but on their test drive it failed after only a few miles and back to error state (so very likely electronic issue or loose something). I'm awaiting to hear back from Lexus Ireland on any options from them tho I'm not hopeful.
  4. At this point just disconnecting it and ensuring the dashboard stops showing the warning signs would do for me but finding someone here/UK to do that is the ask. I just want to keep the car on the road, and pass my MOT equiv. at this stage without spending 50% of the cars value... I have reached out to lexus breakers before and they thought they had the piece but when I called them to confirm/pay they realised they'd got it wrong and had never seen one in their yard before. I've reached out again as that was a month or so ago. I will also try Lexus Ireland direct and see how helpful they are. thanks for the feedback/suggestions so far everyone.
  5. There are no spares for the any part of the rear steering rack - you have to buy the entire unit if it fails anywhere according to lexus. I checked their spares and this appears to be legit. I've tried breakers/salvage etc but nothing so far. It seems beyond crazy that this is what they've done.
  6. This is what I am looking into - I asked Lexus and they said they wouldn't be able to but wondering if anyone else can suggest who might?
  7. That's not a typo, the actual number is nearly 11k with VAT for just the rear steering assembly. This is why I'm looking for options. Ideally I am hoping it's possible to have the system disabled and not show a fault so I can pass my MOT equivalent here, but Lexus said they can't do that understandably.
  8. Yeah car has FSH. FYI I'm based in Ireland but I bought the car in UK and often visit so on my last trip took it to a UK dealer so might try that avenue as my Irish dealer made no mention of support from Lexus.
  9. Yeah I am getting that a lot that it is a rare issue 😞 Around 80k miles and no warranty etc. How do I reach out to Lexus UK - sounds like a good avenue to pursue. Thanks!
  10. Hey all, Recently my dash lit up with DRS and other warnings and after a visit to the dealer they dropped the bad news that my rear steering rack is faulty wont take a recalibration and will need to be replaced at a cost of over 10,000GBP (just the part then there's labor) ...... So naturally, I thought I could get a second hand one from a breaker or such but this is also proving very hard - seems only the F-sport has the rear steering as an option so it's hard to come by. I spoke to a lexus specialist who said they've not touched this unit so wouldn't be able to help but maybe there is someone out there who can rebuild it or offer an alternative suggestion. So am appealing to the GS community - has anyone else had a failed rear steering unit and had it repaired/rebuilt or replaced at reasonable cost? Thanks, Damien GS 450h F-sport 2014
  11. I've just picked up a '14 GS 450h F-sport and imported her into Ireland - lovely car and a worthy successor to the IS-F I used to own (sold to a club member a few years ago)! Anyways, I've been messing about a good bit today on a weird cabin smell issue: the cabin a smells a bit like melted crayons or kinda metally to others! When I got the car is did have a musty smell as it had been sat for a bit. But now after running her a few weeks the smell is still there - I've just done a cabin filter change, sprayed isopropyl alcohol into intake fans etc and I found that now, the A/C smells fine and clean/fresh in all but re-circulation mode. When I set it to that mode I can smell the crayon smell coming directly out of the front vents for sure and that does seem to be the source... In reciruc mode, is there another filter I can change and where is the intake vent located for this mode - maybe something has fallen in there (like a crayon haha)? It's not the worst smell it's just annoying as the small gets worse if the car isn't used for a few days - the cabin stinks of melted crayon. Any suggestions on how I can find source?
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone - very useful and much appreciated. Seems the consensus is 17k is good, put on at 18k and see how it goes :) @Cargav true but with the road tax and running costs here I was always only planning on running her for a few years. I am about to put an ad in carzone and see how it goes. Lots of hassle re-reg the car in the UK! And no, still haven't decided what to replace the ISF with :( What is the cost of getting a Lexus warranty on the car? I haven't looked into it but always thought you had to have had it covered and couldn't just add it later?
  13. Thanks for all the useful feedback.. it has had 60k major done with sparks etc at 54k (at 6 years). MrW: that car is in NI - wonder if that has an impact - less market / more hassle?
  14. What would be a fair price for a April 2008 grey IS-F with 61k on the clock? Private sale not dealer. Usual FSH with a couple of minor services at a toyota dealer, body work in good condition, interior well cared for, usual wear on bolster driver side, 2 prev owners. 18k sound ok? To be clear this isn't an ad before I get told off :) I am not selling mine just yet but considering options for near term.
  15. @RossISF: pinged you a PM a while ago about Irish road tax.... would be interested on what ye know :)
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