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  1. car is up and running perfect now, got it back this evening from my garagee, is sooo much smoother and much much quieter till u give it full throttle and it roarrrssss. soo happyy now, as expectedd. heres a couple of pics of the car without the engineee
  2. i have got it all checked and decided to put a new engine in. the donor is from a 2004 is200 with 39000 on the clock, all paperwork, as my father is in the jap parts and breakers trade. this engine i have bought will be good as the car its from was hit from the rear end, and engine is running fine with all the cheks carried out. Old engine was taken out today, and the new one should be in tomorrow (fingers crossed) and up and runnin by sunday. Can't wait to get it back on the roadddd. thanks for the support and advice tho guyss, much appreciated
  3. hmmm. today the guy opened the engine out and discovered some of the vavles were chipped and cracked and broken. Lucky for me my father is in the jap car trade, and rather then repairing this engine or rebuilding it, i am replacing the engine with another 1, with low mileage. I should have it all sorted and up and running by next week. This has been the most depressing time in my lifee, honestly, loll. Its not costing me much either for the engine, and labour isn't to bad either. But thanks for ur comments n advice guys, jus going to swap the wheels over tomorrow to the normal wheels so that while it sits in the garage car park, no1 can nick the new wheels.. will update u guys and possible get pics of the engine swap
  4. jus got bak from the garage. And replaced the Idle air control valve, but no luck once again. after leaving the garage with my car, the brakes seized whilst driving and the car turned off itself and now it doesnt start all, the timing belt spins when turning the ignition but the car doesnt spark up now, this car seems to have major issues and i'v now lost hope
  5. it could may well be the cat, because there is a noise that iv heard at times from the middle of the car and its like something rattling, very much like an exhaust shield or something along those lines. Somebody i know who has a good experience in repairing cars said to me this morning that it could be the Idle Air Control Valve. Going to get that done today at 4pm and hope for some good news..
  6. engine light is on yes... but could all the symptoms mean the cat needs replacing???
  7. thanks abbas, and the metal scraping comes from the middle
  8. yes, the car starts straight away, without any delay at all
  9. HI. I got my lexus 3 months ago, and it has been a pleasure to drive and NEVER given me any sort of problem, apart from the petrol consumption as im only 22 and had a jump from a 1.4 to a lexus is200 2.0 sport. Anyway, last week monday evening i jumped in the car and was going out for a drive with family, and suddenly the car just started jerking and kind of like jumping forwards, and the car had lost all of its power. The car on a normal basis is pretty quick but since this jerking started and a weird sound was coming like some kind of metal scraping together, the car has gone into a weird form. When stationery the car revs itself to about 2500rpm every 5 seconds or so, and when driving it doesnt have half the power to be honest, and i give it ful throttle and the car picks up very slowly and the speed seems to be limited, the petrol is dissapearing as well, as i've put in £30 on the monday and have done about 35 miles which has been driving to garages ONLY and then home again, and the petrol is now empty.(drinking much more petrol then it should be) The EML came on, so i got a diagnostic test done, and 2 things came up 1. throttle body and 2. 02 Sensor. i replaced both immediately as family is in the jap parts car trade, but the problem is still there. I decided to try another throttle body as maybe the one i replaced it with could be faulty as well, but the problem was still there. I replaced the coil pack as well as someone advised that, but still no luck. Now i've been to several garages and had the diagnostics done, and the same problem comes up continuously, but nobody knows what else it could possibly be. Being a student at university, there is only so much i can afford, and so far i've spend £500 trying to fix the problem, but no1 seems to know what the problem is. The EML went off for 1 day, and is now back on again, and now the traction control keeps flashing on the dash. I really am clueless as to what to do, as every garage i go to charges for the diagnostics and replaces throttle body, but the problem persists. I have changed it 3 times now, and the car has visited so many garages, but no1 can help me, and they just say they dont know what it is. 1 of the guys asked me if i put the correct petrol in, which i am certain i did, but cant remember for sure. can anyone please help me or point me in the right direction to a recognised specialist who has reasonable prices, or possibly if you know what it could be, or have experienced the same thing. Your help would be very much appreciated here is a link to my cars pictures if u wish to see
  10. thanks guys. yeh i am going to be changing the centre caps. The wheels are BBS LM R. Springs seem 2 b doing fine, althought iv heard alot of dispute about lowering is200's, but so far, the ride comfort has seem to hav improved greatly.
  11. NEW RIMS, JUST BEEN LOWERED 35mm on PI springs AS WELL chek it out here i know its dirty, but pointless cleaning the car yet as the weather is very bad here
  12. Hello to you all. glad to be a member on this website. I bought my lexus 2months ago, and it was in very good condition in/out, jus needed a good clean, and a touch of Meguairs. So after having applied a few coats of the paint cleaner, polish and carnauba wax, it looks absolutely stunning. First of, i didnt like the big number plate at the front, so i bought a Show style plate from and in my opinion it made the car look a little bit better, and also the rear plate. Secondly i decided to debadge the rear leaving just the lexus logo badge on, it now looks pretty clean and smooth. I only hav pics right now of what the car looked like at first when i bought it and done the debadging. I WILL add more pics in a week or so. Yesterday i added a 6000k Hid conversion kit, replaced the number plate lights to ice white, and the interior light to ice white, and also the door lights to ice white as well, looks really cool and not over the top either. will add pics soon 2 show. I have now placed an order on sum BBS LM replica wheels, and sum 35mm lowering springs, which i believe will change the look of the car completely. The wheels are in the normal silvery/grey colour, but i am getting them sprayed gold, to look exactly like the BBS GOLD LM Wheels. Hopefully that should be done in a weeks time, and the pics will follow, trust me, i cant wait, trust me you wont be dissapointed. And also my car has the normal grill on, which i am replacing, and have ordered a Genuine SPORT grill from ebay, and which should arrive in a day or two. Other then that, i think wind deflectors will follow, maybe a performance induction kit, and strut bars. WILL add 'before and after' pics in a weeks time to show you guys. thanks for reading all the current pics that i have of it cleaned and new number plate, literally straight after i got the car click the link below let me know what you guys think
  13. Tinting The Lights Is a Good Idea, btw Im a new member. will upload pics of my lexus soon
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