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  1. That’s a great feedback from you Colin. I too was thinking about depreciation for the GS, but was also thinking about the refinements in the GS and the ML sound system feels better in the GS than the NX premier. Also I’m concerned about the NX depreciating because of the new facelift coming in September 2021. I think GS has already taken the hit it will. (Just my opinion) open to other members views.
  2. Honest opinion needed, can anyone have advise on either purchasing a NX premier or GS premier?
  3. Same here however, a close mate has informed me about an ongoing issue they are having with this dealership which I said I will raise with LOC members.
  4. Hi does anyone have any experience with Lexus Hull?
  5. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
  6. Lexus Birmingham is part of Steven Eagell group. They messed me about before when I was car hunting. They agreed a deal with me and the minute I requested to come and view the vehicle - they pulled the rug from underneath me.
  7. Ok - I now understand. The dynamic radar cruise control and lane keeping assist started in the MK4 GS model (facelift) from 2016 if I’m correct.
  8. Thanks John - it seems the Premier package has all the options here in the UK, but as you’ve mentioned now - I will make sure I check the options. Are you it in the UK?
  9. Thanks for the detailed assessment. I notice you mentioned my car is too old for warranty, why did you say that?
  10. That’s a good point - but what do you suggest? as the Ghost immobiliser has an emergency override I believe.
  11. I agree Lexus Swindon is fantastic on parts, accessories for your Lexus
  12. Hi everyone - Just a quick question to know if the Ghost Immobiliser is OEM Warranty Approved and if it can affect your Lexus Warranty if you have it fitted.
  13. An absolute beautiful car, you must have beat me to it. I'm eying a GS300h Premier. Any suggestions on colour, trims etc?
  14. Wow that’s some good info right there.
  15. Thanks for the info. I will check with them
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