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  1. To sell on a commercial basis you need to contact Steve the club owner and discuss advertising rates.


  2. Happy Birthday lexdavis!

  3. Wheels Lenso Rs5

    you still got these for sale been a while i know
  4. Tte Chicane 17"

    Have you thought of posting these on other sites as there might be more interest
  5. Lexus Sub & Amp?

    you can create a nice build without it being to much in your face, a few people have done this
  6. Modifications To An Is200 Sport

    its not really doable in an is200 there are little mods that can help on performance but you will have to spend big to get anything more
  7. Dash Tray With Lid.

    PM sent
  8. Fs: Japspeed Is200/300 Exhaust Cat-Back

    is this still for sale defo interested can pick up from essex
  9. Fs: Japspeed Is200/300 Exhaust Cat-Back

    hey mate u got any pics
  10. Jdm Fasia Panel

    i have that same part in my car it looks ok but is abit flimsy but works well and you dont have to move or play with the switchs at underneath
  11. Induction Kit Help Please

    make ur own its very simple think there was a thread on it here somwhere
  12. Head Light Info Request

    dipped should be around 55w and main should be 65w or there abouts outside light is the dipped and the inner close to the grill is the main hope this helps in any way
  13. I Hate My Lexus

    nice mate u have clearly he knows naff all about cars
  14. Graphite Grey Rear Bumber

    Hi all after a standard rear bumper for a is200 in the graphite grey mine is damaged and need a replacement. if anyone knows where i can get one for a good price or has one please get back to me thanks
  15. Rear Lights

    it depends on price wife is ready to give birth any min so cant spend to much