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  1. Wow I to am impressed ;as an old timer I only play radio or CD on the system ,I have been playing CD s for the last 5 years and never seen a play list Dave
  2. Hi Gary and welcome to the club ;I'm sure you will enjoy your 250C especially when the sun is shining .I have owned mine for almost 5 years and it is a great car especially for continental holidays ( to be continued when the present fiasco has subsided ) I am afraid I can't be much help to you as I carry out all my own service work ,the only time I visited a dealer was for the airbag recall.It might be worth you checking this has been carried out ,it may have been missed if the car has been away from the main dealer system. With regard to the roof I have not had that problem, the only company I have had recommended is Cayman Autos in Redhill ,I don't know how far you are from them ,they have a good web site worth looking at if you have queries Regards Dave
  3. Hi normski 2 ,good to see you keeping on top of the slide pin issues before they escalate .It seems to be a problem on Lexus/Toyota and Mazda cars .I have recently done the Lexus and am now doing my MX5 .I have decided fit new slide pins to the front of the MX5 due to the rubber sleeve on the pin getting damaged .I purchased some small diameter round brushes ,copper and nylon made by by laser tools they are a great help cleaning out hardened grease etc from the pin housings .2 mins work with a good spray of brake cleaner makes re fitting a doddle with new grease which will not be contaminated with old debris .I don't know if you have done the MX5 rear brakes before ,quite straight forward but the pistons screw in due to the hand brake mechanism and this is made much easier if you have a wind back tool Regards Dave
  4. Hi ,I agree that it is very annoying to find that you have been deceived by a dealer regarding work carried out, this happens even at main dealers who make a large enough mark up as it is .I have come across it on many occasions with different makes over the years which is why as a retired engineer I prefer to carry out all my own servicing on my cars and my families cars The only thing I would say about my experience with Lexus cars bought second hand, I have bought 2 over the years both with a mileage of less than 40 000 ,4 years old and with 4 full Lexus dealer stamps ,in both cases when I challenged the dealers regarding the state of the air cleaner which was filthy and with plenty of rubbish in the box I was told the air cleaner is a change at 40 000 mile item as specified by Lexus in their service schedule and is blown out and Not changed until this mileage is reached.May be this mentality is used also by Toyota ?
  5. Hi as stated I use 0/20 fully synthetic oil in my IS 250 I use OPIE oils linked on this site ,they will sell a kit 7 litres of oil and a filter .Have used them for the last 5 years with no problems excellent service good choice of oils ,I use the shell ,change every 6000 miles no problem recommending this company Stay safe Dave
  6. Hi I can sympathise with the SORN decision during these trying times ,I also have 2 cars both convertible standing idle ,I have decided to SORN my Mazda MX 5 and keep the Lexus ' ready' for use .I can fully service the Mazda while laid up and then maybe swap over and try and find some jobs on the Lexus . Take care out there Dave
  7. Can't fault that regime you can be proud of the results ;love the colour Dave
  8. Hi yes I agree with scudney for the grace note HDD; I asked when I had the airbag recall as this was the only time I have used the Lexus main dealer ( I carry out all my own servicing ) .They quoted £175 for doing the update while they had the car .I declined and bought a TOM TOM for my French holiday for a few pounds more with free updates Dave
  9. Thanks for that gji 25 I will check compatibility I am from a generation looooong before electronic diagnosis ! Dave
  10. Hi Zotto thanks for that info ,I will look round to find a compatable OBD reader Dave
  11. Hi all very interesting but I am not very tech savvy either and use a Apple Mac book as my lap top .Does anyone know a system that works with this Thanks Dave
  12. Hi thanks for all the info and the pic ,my IS has a set of is300 wheels fitted by the 1st owner ,they are 18 in but the intermediate plastic 'chrome' spokes have gone tatty ,I am interested so I will await developments Regards Dave
  13. Hi Jamie good luck with your sale ,your car appears to be a good example . From the way I read the advert you would like to sell the sport wheels with the car to enhance the package .Should you not sell the wheels I am interested in them for my IS 250C . Are they staggered size ? as you say ' new tyres on front wheels' Best Regards Dave
  14. Hi I have been using this system on holidays for years ,and my wife thinks its great ( she has short arms for the paying in box !! ) When you signed up you will have set up a standing order so the annual fee will be paid automatically and you just carry on year on year .You can check on their web site using your account which gives a breakdown of use plus it will indicate the battery state of the unit .As a guide mine lasted 7 years ,changed last September ;the unit is replaced as the battery is not removable ,service is good prompt replacement; you can also buy extra clips to use the unit in different cars which is handy Dave
  15. Hi personally I would just replace the battery; I find Varta a very good make used them for years .Just bought one from Tayna next day delivery great place .If you need a E23 look on E bay the have that ref on offer 4year warranty £67 inc delivery (offer until 31 Jan) Cheers Dave