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  1. Hi good choice with Nigel Lang ;They have a hunter set up ,I have used them before and they are very fussy about the set up being perfect ,they also did my MX5 some time ago and did a very good job.With regard to theTPMS try a reset or it my be a sensor battery problem which has been covered on the forum before Dave
  2. Hi I completely agree that this is unacceptable , all Lexus main dealers are not infallible and all 'technicians' are not equal ,I agree take the car to another dealer ,I'm sure it can be promptly fixed . Dave
  3. Cheers thanks for that good simple idea Dave
  4. That looks a good job ,I want to do mine ,how did you break the tyre 'Bead' seal to get the masking strips in place ? Dave
  5. Hi I agree full 4 wheel alignment will sort the tyre wear and £144 is too expensive .I suggest you go to align my web site put in your post code and you should find a professional outfit who will do a good job.I have used garages on this set up over the years but not in your area Dave
  6. Hi just found the notes on my service sheet. removal tool. Draper 22490. also Laser 4880 Forget my torque figure it should be 18 ft lbs. (Senior moment) Dave
  7. Hi an oil and filter change is straight forward if you follow a few simple rules ;You will need a special 'key' type spanner to fit the oil filter housing .This is well documented on other posts on the site (I can't remember the laser/sealey part number) make sure you get the correct one .The car will need to be as high as you safely can get it .this filter will be tight you will need 3 weetabix and a long bar !! .Do not attempt to remove it with anything but the correct tool.Make sure your old oil collection bowl is large enough for approx 6.4 litres of old oil ,Renew O rings that come with the filter ,I tighten the housing to 35 ft/lbs ,I've done a few without problems but the housing is aluminium so can easily be damaged .If you need any further advice just post on here Dave
  8. Hi I have changed the battery on my IS 200 sport cross when I had it ;just make sure the ignition and everything electrical is turned off ,change the battery, connect the Red terminal + first then negative make sure they are fully on and tight.The ECU will take care of itself but the tick over may be a bit erratic to start with .The immobiliser /alarm will not be affected Dave
  9. HI another vote for the Goodyear ,I have had these on now for 14000 miles and they are really good on all counts except wear as mine are down to 4 m/m now still good grip and will soon need to be changed .They replaced Dunlops, I can't remember which ones which were a lot noisier and when they reached 4 m/m most of the grip disappeared and I could light up the T/C for fun in damp conditions I was glad to see them go !! .Also a fan of khumo but only tried them on lighter cars so don't know about them on IS 250 Dave
  10. Hi, these people sell Textar pads and have them listed for the Lexus. ,listed at £36 with cross ref Toyota part nos I have purchased from them before without problems but not this item ,hope this helps Dave
  11. Thanks for that , I will buy a cheaper one to start with and give it a tentative try .I to live close to the sea but find seagulls a bigger problem than dust Dave
  12. Hi ,a 1st class job which really is a credit to the way you have looked after the car ,just as a matter of interest have you polished it by hand or with a DA polisher ,I ask because my car is now 8 years old ,I can't get that standard but I am considering purchasing a machine Thanks Dave
  13. Hi ;there are 2 threaded 8 m/m holes in the disc body ,if you screw a bolt in each hole then evenly tighten alternately ,the end of the bolts will butt up against the solid flange behind and jack off the disc simples!! .This is a common feature on most braking discs. With regard to the cable ,if you adjust the star adjusters in the drum as previously posted ,your pedal travel should be 7 - 9 clicks max ,if it is more than this then the cable is adjustable at the pedal end Dave
  14. Hi new screen fitted Sunday afternoon , I was pleased as when the fitter arrived he brought a Lexus genuine screen and all the fittings as Autoglass had been unable to source a screen from anyone except a dealer .He was very meticulous and removed and replaced all plastic pop fittings without breaking any .New screen surrounds and clips were neatly fitted and the wiper sweep correctly adjusted.All in all I am very pleased and the finish is like new again Result ! Dave
  15. Hi they have said a full set of fittings and plastic surrounds will come with the screen ,also offered new wipers which I declined as I always have a spare set of Denso which I purchase from ECP when on offer .I will let you know how it goes on Sunday Dave