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  1. Hi thanks for that ,I will try the Bouncers on the wheels and tyres and stick to my fast glass for the windows .In view of the promised good weather next week I plan to do it then Dave
  2. Looks good ! well worth the effort ( ignore the neighbours ) ,I am a fan of Bilt Hamber products but have not come across the Bouncer products you have used ,finish looks good on the wheels and tyres ,have you been using them for long ? the wheels and glass are areas I still need to find better products than the ones I currently use Dave
  3. Hi I feel sure the fusible link is the problem ,with regard to your new battery the picture shows Halfords HCB 005 ; according to the Halford application list it should be HB 030 which is 550 cca 68 amp compared to 510 cca 62 amp of this one .If this was recommended by Halfords then I would challenge them to have it changed because as pointed out by Normski it is too small .The Bosch mentioned ; also used by me is 630cca 70amp hr for the same size battery Dave
  4. Thanks for that info ,it will help me keep my records tidy Dave
  5. Hi ref the maintenance schedule sheet scanned in by Texas Where did it come from ? My service book does not seem to have any pages like that ,just pages to stamp .I would find it handy for my records as I do all my own work. Thanks Dave
  6. Hi ,based on my experience with DAB on my IS250C SEL ,I would not bother with it ,I was very disappointed with reception which is patchy so I don't use it anymore Dave
  7. That will get it off ,it is the one I use ,hope your filter has not been tightened too much ,use the longest bar you have to remove it .do not overtighten when replacing Dave
  8. Hi that is bad news ; as I said I have faith in Varta .I have recently replaced the battery in my IS 250 with a Varta 068 it had got very low after almost 8 years on the original .I purchased mine from batteriesontheweb2011 for £77.50 .They sell every type of battery at a good price ,so you could have a look at their site .I ordered on a Friday lunch time ,on my doorstep sat 11 am included in the price . The car has been stood for a week ,checked the voltage gives 13.6 on the meter so I am pleased with the result Dave
  9. Hi if your reading of 11.98 volts is correct then your battery is at 50% which is no good at all .I would suggest a varta battery which I have used over the years and found to be very good .I have had problems with batteries in the past only lasting 18-24 months so you can get a duff battery .I am aware there are other makes of battery but my experience is based on an industrial environment with small stationary engines driving emergency pumps which are used infrequently .We tried all makes available and varta gave no problems over entended time . Dave
  10. Hi as Texas states that is the type of tool you require , one I use and can recommend is Laser 4880 64.5m/m x 14 flutes ,a good quality tool .Do NOT use any other type of wrench,chain ,stillsons etc or you will cause damage to the housing .The housing will be tight so try to get the car as high as you can to get a good purchase on the bar . This tool is available on E bay for approx. £20 Dave
  11. Yes good idea to look at the manual ,saw a tee shirt the other day ' Real dads don't read instructions ' 😁 Dave
  12. No I do not use lexus ,it seems a good idea but they told me they will not stamp the service book ,which is in my opinion the only reason most people with older cars use the main dealer Dave
  13. Hi I also do not think it will be a cat (I'm not a cat lover as a gardener !! ) it is probably a squirrel they seem to like the oil/plasticiser in plastic ;good luck with getting rid of one of these .Check in the engine compartment they are known to cause problems in there also Dave
  14. Yes the older technology was a lot easier to live with ; the only mention of the auto gearbox on the lexus service sheet is to check transmission oil level every 4 years or 40000 miles .I do not think this is easy for a DIY person as there is not a dipstick and oil temperatures need to be taken.johnatg is correct in saying a manual pump is needed to make the job easier ,it also helps to get the car as high as you safely can as the plugs are on the side of the casting and not the rear which would be easier. With regard to the pristine appearance ,the problem is the extreme pressure between the meshing gears which breaks down the additives in the oil, there is no contamination entering the system as with engine oi Dave
  15. Hi the diff oil change is in the lexus major service ,every 20,000 miles according to the previous completed service sheets that came with my car ; 75/85 viscosity GL5 diff oil is specified . This can be difficult to find ,Lexus sell it in 1 litre bottles but I have used 75/90 mobil .You will need just over 1 litre so need to buy 2. As previously stated leave the auto box alone ' if it aint broke don't fix it' In my experience oil and filter changes every 5-6000 miles will prevent any timing chain or tensioner problems . dave