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  1. Hi, these people sell Textar pads and have them listed for the Lexus. ,listed at £36 with cross ref Toyota part nos I have purchased from them before without problems but not this item ,hope this helps Dave
  2. Thanks for that , I will buy a cheaper one to start with and give it a tentative try .I to live close to the sea but find seagulls a bigger problem than dust Dave
  3. Hi ,a 1st class job which really is a credit to the way you have looked after the car ,just as a matter of interest have you polished it by hand or with a DA polisher ,I ask because my car is now 8 years old ,I can't get that standard but I am considering purchasing a machine Thanks Dave
  4. Hi ;there are 2 threaded 8 m/m holes in the disc body ,if you screw a bolt in each hole then evenly tighten alternately ,the end of the bolts will butt up against the solid flange behind and jack off the disc simples!! .This is a common feature on most braking discs. With regard to the cable ,if you adjust the star adjusters in the drum as previously posted ,your pedal travel should be 7 - 9 clicks max ,if it is more than this then the cable is adjustable at the pedal end Dave
  5. Hi new screen fitted Sunday afternoon , I was pleased as when the fitter arrived he brought a Lexus genuine screen and all the fittings as Autoglass had been unable to source a screen from anyone except a dealer .He was very meticulous and removed and replaced all plastic pop fittings without breaking any .New screen surrounds and clips were neatly fitted and the wiper sweep correctly adjusted.All in all I am very pleased and the finish is like new again Result ! Dave
  6. Hi they have said a full set of fittings and plastic surrounds will come with the screen ,also offered new wipers which I declined as I always have a spare set of Denso which I purchase from ECP when on offer .I will let you know how it goes on Sunday Dave
  7. Thanks for the info,I have sent them an E mail especially about the auto wipers,I did not realise there was a re set to do, and the tabs Dave
  8. Hi bad start to the day ,in the outside lane of the M6 ,large stone flies over from the opposite carriageway BANG ,I expected it to have come through the screen but it has just put a large bullseye close to the edge .My insurer recommends Autoglass,I have contacted them and they will get a new screen for Sunday as I have described the features on the SEL .Its years since I had this happen ,are there any special problems I should be aware of before the fitter arrives ? thanks in advance Dave
  9. Hi ,glad you easily got it sorted ,its always a worry at the back of my mind as the car gets older ,but the roof is usually reliable with problems restricted to one of the many micro switches involved .I read somewhere that the Lexus test schedule for this roof involved testing over 20,000 operations!! Dave
  10. Hi some good pointers regarding brake checks ,this is a common problem with these cars ,If your MPG is from the computer ,I have found this to be practically 7% optimistic so it could be worse than you think .With my car which I have had for 4 years ,I average 28-29 around town ( I do not drive in cities normally and don't do many short runs) and 38-40 on long runs and holidays I let the auto do the changing and find cruise control makes a big difference on motorway trips.I would not think manual would make a great deal of difference unless you are the revs go over 2000 when accelerating from a stop The lazy v6 has plenty of torque Dave
  11. Hi , I have the mark Levinson system with the hard drive on my 2011 .I was quoted £185 for the update when I had the air bag recall done Aug last year at Bolton; I declined and bought a tom tom I can use in both cars for the same money Dave
  12. Hi ,yes ,we too enjoy trips to Scotland We did the 500 in march last year but because of the roads took the MX5 in preference to the Lexus ,great fun ,the point of my post is that in my experience the standard of motor home driving is very poor in holiday areas because a lot of these vehicles are hired for a couple of weeks by drivers who have not got a clue how to handle large motor homes as they normally drive a small run about ,I saw 2 that had left the road on our last trip Dave
  13. Hi the Denso blades sold by ECP are a direct replacement for the originals and fit perfectly The part numbers on the box are. 1 off DUR -050R 500 m/m. and 1 off DUR -055R. 550m/m Hybrid Blade Dave
  14. Hi just to add my experience to this post , I have the asymmetric 3 fitted to my IS250C and agree with the comments on grip and quiet running especially compared with the Dunlops that were fitted before, The only surprise Have is after 14000 miles the rears are down to 3 m/m and I will soon have to change them ,the fronts will last a little longer as they are at 5 m/m .This is a fast wearing tyre in my opinion which is the trade off I suppose for the good grip .As a pensioner I think I am a steady driver😎 and the wheel alignment is O K .I mostly use the car for long journeys so do you think this is reasonable ? Dave
  15. Hi thanks for that ,I will try the Bouncers on the wheels and tyres and stick to my fast glass for the windows .In view of the promised good weather next week I plan to do it then Dave