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  1. Hi ,as previously stated ,this is likely to be wear ,I ran my previous sportcross to nearly 100 000 miles and the shoes and linings were fine ;I would give the shoes and linings a good clean out with brake cleaner as excess dust tends to cause problems.If you are concerned about DIY ,it will not be expensive ,in among the receipts when I bought my IS 250 was a handbrake adjustment at £50 .On my SEL ,if I have a senior moment and try to drive off with the brake engaged I get a loud alarm !! Dave
  2. Hi The hunter machine is an excellent machine if the guy using it knows what he is doing !! I am surprised if you can get a full alignment check for £40 I usually pay £80 including adjustments .At my Lexus dealer visit last week ,they quoted £85 for 4 wheel alignment Dave
  3. Hi petergordon4 funny you should mention the main dealer ,last week ,for the first time in my life ,I visited a Lexus main dealer in Bolton for the air bag recall .I belive the wheels were fitted by Lexus Belfast very early in the cars life,I have the service sheet copies from them which show the tyre tread depths but no mention of the wheels .The 'health 'report and video last week noted ;- wrong wheels fitted, puncture kit out of date ,wipers smear but not split .I was also advised that due to the age of the car the air con should be checked and the wheel alignment also as there is no record of this being carried out .Don't get me wrong this was obviously a very through check and everyone was very professional but it was obviously done with a view of obtaining more work (£59 for wipers ? ) .I have no issue with the wheels ,Insurance is informed ,I have an alterative puncture kit plus breakdown cover and I replaced the wipers when I got home with a spare set ,although I did not think they were too bad ..The air bag recall was carried out ,no problems , I was given a courtesy car ,coffee biscuits and petrol plus a £50 voucher off a basic service which I declined .All in all top marks to Bolton ,They did not suggest what to do about the wheels ,and I will continue to get dirt under my fingernails as I have done for the last 60 years Dave
  4. Hi brilliant write up which will help anyone who is capable and has the tools but just needs a guide to boost their confidence. I did the same job on mine a few months ago using Brembo parts which I bought on special offer ,I was also quite shocked the way the front discs had worn so quickly but it is a heavy car and as my first auto I notice the lack of engine braking on downhill runs .I was not as through on the pre painting as you , and because of problems I had encountered with my previous sportcross I used a dial gauge to ensure disc runout was minimal Dave
  5. Hi the Brembo pads seem fine ; I fitted as set to the front and rear about 7000 miles ago excellent performance with no squeal . I bought mine on offer from ECP ,keep an eye out ,they regularly have discount offers Dave
  6. true blue

    Convince me

    Hi Mike ,have you considered the IS 250 convertible ? A couple of years ago I looked long and hard at the SC ,I was impressed but ended up with a 250 convertible , It does not have the V8 but has a little more space for occasional use in the rear. I am pleased with the car ,it is a great cruiser and we have enjoyed 2 continental touring holidays in the last 2 years .You also know your way around the IS250 and I think running costs may be a bit less Dave
  7. true blue


    Hi Alan ,yes I just cut the hockey puck across the diameter with a groove similar to the rubber attachment in the top diagram from Colin ,never had any problems Dave
  8. true blue


    Hi ,pinch welds on the sills are always a problem when positioning axle stands,My solution which has worked for many years is to buy a couple of adult ice hockey pucks ,and cut a groove all along one side to fit the flange of the sill with a hacksaw .When the car is safely jacked up the axle stand can be positioned with this 'buffer' between the sill and the top of the axle stand before lowering .One of these can even be used on the jack platform to lift 1 side of the car to reposition an axle stand .These pucks are made from very hard vulcanised rubber and are quite cheap off the net . I have been using these since I was a part time mobile mechanic 40 years ago ,so although it may sound strange to some it does work Dave
  9. true blue

    is200 Condensation in the car!

    Hi another problem with the IS 200 worth checking is the windscreen ,is it original or has it been replaced ? I along with many others have had problems with windscreen replacement allowing water leaks .Check all round the bottom edge inside the car .If left it can affect electrics ,especially internal fuseboxes , silica gel is a good idea . I notice you say it has covered 60000 miles ,this is important with regard to the cam belt ,does it have a record of a cambelt change Dave
  10. Hi ,continuing on the dealership theme ,I have finally got the OK for the air bag recall , for all the years I have had Lexus cars I have never even been inside a main dealers, my nearest dealers appear to be Bolton ,Stockport or Chester and I will of course have to entrust the work to one of these , any advice gratefully received Dave
  11. Interesting topic , I have been driving for a long long time , the worst car for me easy, Ford Zodiac Mk 4 ( google a picture if you are too young to know what it looks like ) .Good looking car with dreadful brakes handling and reliability .I had a V6 ,bought for family transport in the days before MPV s ,low miles ,1 old lady owner (yes really ) broke down every other week .The really annoying fault was in hot weather with the carb being between the V of the cylinders ,vapour lock would prevent the car restarting if you stopped the engine so you went for a walk while it cooled down a bit!!. Gave up in the end and gave it to a couple of scrap guys who were touting for junk .They drove it away thinking I had gone mad. Best car ;difficult as they are all good when you purchase them, but I have had lexus for the last 12 years and mazda MX5 for the last 15 ,running 2 totally different cars side by side , at the end of the day the IS250 wins ,not by a big margin but it is a great allrounder for us. Dave
  12. true blue

    Fake DENSO spark plugs from e-bay

    Good posting with all the relevant information; as suggested ,use official outlets ,there have been cases of people fitting these plugs ,Denso and NGK in the MX 5 owners club ( other car ) where the electrode has become detached and caused a lot of engine damage Dave
  13. true blue

    New Member, WildeRover

    Congratulations on your choice ,the SC is a great car, I looked long and hard a couple of years ago but finally chose the convertible IS 250 ,rear seats for grandchildren ! .I think you will enjoy it ,especially the V8 .Spring is just around the corner Dave
  14. Hi Alec,I have serviced my own cars for many years including my previous sport cross; I can assure you that your Lexus is a straight forward car to maintain ,find a small independent garage with a ' hands on' owner and you should have no problems . Lexus parts are of course good and dependable quality ,but I can also recommend Gates brand for timing and ancillary belts ,they are used as original equipment on some makes and are a bit cheaper Dave
  15. true blue

    IS250 SE-L Newbie

    Hi and welcome to this excellent forum ,looks a good car ,I,m sure you will enjoy driving it ; There are quite a lot of wheel refurbishers and I,m sure you will find a good local one if you ask around for recommendations .£80 a corner should get a good result ,I would only use a guy who takes the tyres off ;strips the paint and does a proper job , these cheaper refurbish options where the tyre bead is broken and the wheel quickly ' blown over ' the the tyre re inflated will not last long . It would appear from the last MOT there is an advisory on the rear callipers starting to seize, This is a common and easily fixed problem with plenty of advice on here for you to read . I would advise doing it promptly as if you leave it to seize up on the pivot pin it will become a much bigger problem . Regards Dave