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  1. true blue

    Lexus Essential Care servicing

    No I do not use lexus ,it seems a good idea but they told me they will not stamp the service book ,which is in my opinion the only reason most people with older cars use the main dealer Dave
  2. true blue

    I can't believe its happened again!

    Hi I also do not think it will be a cat (I'm not a cat lover as a gardener !! ) it is probably a squirrel they seem to like the oil/plasticiser in plastic ;good luck with getting rid of one of these .Check in the engine compartment they are known to cause problems in there also Dave
  3. Yes the older technology was a lot easier to live with ; the only mention of the auto gearbox on the lexus service sheet is to check transmission oil level every 4 years or 40000 miles .I do not think this is easy for a DIY person as there is not a dipstick and oil temperatures need to be taken.johnatg is correct in saying a manual pump is needed to make the job easier ,it also helps to get the car as high as you safely can as the plugs are on the side of the casting and not the rear which would be easier. With regard to the pristine appearance ,the problem is the extreme pressure between the meshing gears which breaks down the additives in the oil, there is no contamination entering the system as with engine oi Dave
  4. Hi the diff oil change is in the lexus major service ,every 20,000 miles according to the previous completed service sheets that came with my car ; 75/85 viscosity GL5 diff oil is specified . This can be difficult to find ,Lexus sell it in 1 litre bottles but I have used 75/90 mobil .You will need just over 1 litre so need to buy 2. As previously stated leave the auto box alone ' if it aint broke don't fix it' In my experience oil and filter changes every 5-6000 miles will prevent any timing chain or tensioner problems . dave
  5. Hi as Normski says ,I enquired when I took mine in for the air bag recall recently and was quoted £175 ,I declined at the time as I have a tom tom which I need for the Mazda so I use that most of the time Dave
  6. true blue

    Jeff Ricketts

    Hi Jeff ,{'m sure you will be fine with the kumho PS71 I have been a fan of kumho on my MX5's for years. These are the latest sport tyres from kumho and have been recommended by my local tyre fitter ; I will puchase these next time round on the Lexus ..Black circles are very competitive ,I have used them also but my local man will match their prices Dave
  7. Hi ,that is really bad luck ,I have had it happen but on the Mazda not the lexus .I'm supprised a tyre guy used the emergency method ,they usually like to take the tyre off to check the inside walls as they do not know how long the tyre has been run deflated. Both my cars ,the lexus and the MX5 have the gunk and a compressor ;in my experience it only works for a straight forward hole in the main tread area ,even then most repairers will not wash out the sealer so that a patch can be vulcanised and demand you buy a new tyre.On both cars I carry an emergency kit which is a tool which pushes a rubber plug with a mushroom at 1 end through the hole which will seal on re inflation .I have used these on motorcycles for years and they are fine in an emergency . As a sure fire bet I carry a full size spare in the Lexus when we tour on the continent,this is OK for us as there are only the 2 of us in the car Dave
  8. true blue

    Jeff Ricketts

    Hi ,there are many opinions on tyres !!! I ran an IS 200 for 5 years, tried a few makes but I found Uniroyal Rainsport suited the car and where the best all rounders for me ,they are available at a reasonable price Dave
  9. The 50% wiper offer is on again from Euro car parts as a flash sale on their site .I have ordered the Denso 1@ 20ins and 1@ 22ins same as OE wipers at a bargain price Other makes are available Dave
  10. true blue


    Hi, there is currently a topic regarding an owners manual for the IS 250 on the main forum Colin Barber has down loaded the information on dropbox ,you will find all the fuse locations on there Dave
  11. true blue

    Bad experience with Pagid

    Hi as no one seems to want to reply I will try ,starting with a few questions ;Did you purchase and fit these yourself ? if so they should have a warrenty from the seller and replacement is their responsibility. Were there fluid marks on the caliper around the pistons when fitted as I have not seen this before on recon calipers ;but as all seem the same it may be a case of excess fluid when seals fitted not cleaned.Have you had to top up the reservoir during use ,in which case the seals may be leaking ,How long have they been fitted ? Do the brakes work correctly ? A lot of questions I know ,but brakes are important and you need to be confident there is not a problem . Dave
  12. true blue

    Front pads

    Hi when I had my IS200 ,I used a couple of sets of Brembo pads without problems ,and have continued with this brand on my current IS 250 Carparts4less currently have them for your car at £28 Dave
  13. Hi your car seems to be the same spec as mine ; in the black wallet should be 3 manuals the owners manual ;a quick guide manual 85 pages covers easy explanation of every day use and the Navigation system owners manual 391 pages which as well as the sat nav covers telephone hands free; audio/video system ;air conditioning ; park assist and vehicle settings.The part number on the book is 01999 53A29 publication no OM53A29E you may find one on E bay or from a dealer Regards Dave
  14. Hi I have both cars ,and have been driving them side by side for 3 years (not at the same time !) The MX 5 has a much smaller cabin and the engine coolant capacity is much less so the cabin is easy to keep hot; also there is no filter in the air con system to obstruct the air flow .I find the heated seats in the lexus fine ,but the heater is not as hot and in the winter takes a long time to really warm up ,although I do drive the lexus in mid winter with the hood down.The music system in the Mazda is not a match for the M L and I have had a few MX5,s over the years and I do not think the Bose is an improvement on the Mazda cheap and cheerful system . Apart from the fantastic road holding on the Mazda I think their fold away hard top is brilliant no re-arranging in the boot like the lexus . The cabin in the Lexus is less turbulent than the Mazda in my opinion Dave
  15. Hi ,good move on the wheel alignment ,apart from road holding ,prevents uneven wear;I run 36/38 on my is250c 18 in wheels on Goodyear F1asymmetric 3 ,suits me but my wheels are not staggered they are all 225 originally from 300 series .The 2 settings for the TPMS are to switch to another set of wheels and keep original presets for changing back .The warning light illuminates if there is a low pressure but does not show pressures Dave