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  1. Hi I'm afraid I have to agree with Mike ;I am fortunate that as an old school engineer I have been servicing my own and family members cars for longer than I care to remember ,but ,if you are not in this position my advice would be to take a 2014 car to an independent garage where the owner is supervising ,you will get paperwork you can produce when you sell the vehicle and my small experience with main dealer fitters with Technician on their overalls is not good .Case in point ,the first Lexus I bought years ago was an 1 owner 200 Sportcross 7 years old 35000 miles full Lexus service every year. It was not immaculate ,bit tatty round the edges but a good buy passed on to a local garage by the main dealer as he did not put it in his stock ,so for a good deal less than main dealer stock I bought this car all the preparation that was done was it had a bucket of water thrown over it prior to sale . It ran a bit roughly on the 200+ mile journey home but no worries .When I serviced it became obvious services had not been carried out to my satisfaction ,the main problem was I believe the air cleaner had never been touched I filled an Asda plastic bag with debris and junk from the filter and trunking ,the pollen filter wasn't much better.I contacted the Lexus dealer to check the book with stamps was genuine and matched their records I was told it was and had it pointed out to me I did not know what I was doing -if I did I would know the service interval to change the filter is 40000 miles all this in a car which takes 35 seconds to remove and check the air filter Forgive the long post Stay safe Dave
  2. I think you have covered most things ,the servicing is straight forward ;the only special tool you need is the one to remove the oil filter housing as it is not a cartridge filter ,it is a replaceable paper type element ,this is well covered on the forum Dave
  3. Hi looks O K as you say , I would check - service history no mention in advert especially as it has passed 60,000 miles which is a `big` Lexus number for service as it includes plugs .check all electrics work properly ,check airbag recall has been carried out and ideally 2 keys as replacements are very expensive . Has a new MOT so in theory no problems there good luck the test drive will reveal any further problems Dave
  4. Hi my take on this topic ,I have been servicing my car for a few years now ,used brembo pads on the last 2 sets ,no problems at all but I find them dusty ,this time I have gone for Textar as I have seen good reports but not done many miles on these yet due to the current fiasco ;Textar available front £30 rear £26 Ebay ; Tyres ,as they say you pays your money ,takes your choice ! I currently run Asymmetric 3 all round good tyre very quiet (you notice this more with the hood down ) for me much better than either the Dunlops or Bridgestones used previously Dave
  5. Yes I like that ;my ambition is to find some IT computer wizz kids ,broken down at the side of the road ,I can fix this get out; close doors; wait open doors get in car ;close doors turn on Result😀 Dave
  6. Hi I think that was a real result ; I do all my own servicing but I have reservations about the folding roof ;I think it would be a real problem to diagnose ,problems are usually based around limit switches I have not heard of a reset before .The price for 3 services and the MOT s is excellent value I would consider that myself ,you say older Lexus ,did they say what the cut off point was my 250C is 10 years old in march Dave
  7. Hi it should come off without too much of a problem ,make sure you save all the fittings to make sale easier.I was also looking at fitting one for a bike rack but even fitting it myself it was an expensive option .It would be cheaper sourcing one second hand so if you do go down this route post info on here and I will have a punt Cheers Dave
  8. HI as stated mechanically the convertible is the same as the saloon.The 250c was only available from 2009 and in SEL trim with all the bells and whistles .Make sure all these work as there are a lot of electrics on this car, check the roof functions correctly and take a good test drive to check for rattles etc .To make life easier you really need 2 keys and a full manual/book pack to help you sort navigation and CD player etc.I would think this time of the year is a good time as the prices usually dip when the sun stops shining. I have had mine for over 5 years and it is a brilliant car ,the only practical downsize is the rear seats are not really suitable for 2 adults over a long distance ,doesn't bother us as we are retired and in normal times the grandchildren love it in the back with the hood down .Good luck with your search and let us know how you get on .Any questions I will help if I can Dave
  9. Hi I think you have bought the Wong one, this is the one for Prius and ct200 I think .The correct good quality item is either SEALEY VS7112 or LASER4880. try 0pie oils for the laser where I got mine when I got my filter or Amazon for the sealey Dave
  10. Hi ,always good advice on here, I have owned my IS 250 for 5 years and I think they are an excellent buy at the present time . I really look after mine and all I have done is routine maintenance ,a very reliable car .Some points I would suggest , the MOT history looks good but it is short so see if you can factor this in ,you really need 2 keys if only 1 is available factor in £300 reduction check the maintainance record ,spark plugs should have been changed at 60,000 miles this is an expensive job if you need to use a dealer .An airbag recall should have been carried out .Everything should work ,carry out a full check on finance outstanding etc and carry out a test drive for a reasonable distance .I,m sure you will enjoy an IS 250 good luck Dave
  11. Hi I also have this problem it annoyed me for ages and I can't find an answer so similar to Steves solution I removed the bulb and said the fuse had blown due to excessive use ,that was over 2 years ago so long forgotten😃
  12. You have done well Steve ;the wheels look good .They are originally from an IS 250C which had an 18 in staggered set up .I have been looking for a set of these without success for a long time ,as my is250 C has a set of GS wheels fitted by the previous owner .Where did you locate them ? Dave
  13. Hi my first port of call would be to get the front wheels balanced ;as that can cause similar problems .The front tyres and wheel alignment can also contribute ,hopefully any wear in linkages will be picked up by a full alignment .I would recommend using a knowledgeable independent with a Hunter machine to set up the alignment ;web site Align my car will have details of feedback and recommendations.There are a lot of tyre places out there with ' all the gear and no idea' so its worth taking time to research Dave
  14. Wow I to am impressed ;as an old timer I only play radio or CD on the system ,I have been playing CD s for the last 5 years and never seen a play list Dave
  15. Hi Gary and welcome to the club ;I'm sure you will enjoy your 250C especially when the sun is shining .I have owned mine for almost 5 years and it is a great car especially for continental holidays ( to be continued when the present fiasco has subsided ) I am afraid I can't be much help to you as I carry out all my own service work ,the only time I visited a dealer was for the airbag recall.It might be worth you checking this has been carried out ,it may have been missed if the car has been away from the main dealer system. With regard to the roof I have not had that problem, the only company I have had recommended is Cayman Autos in Redhill ,I don't know how far you are from them ,they have a good web site worth looking at if you have queries Regards Dave