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  1. true blue

    Bad experience with Pagid

    Hi as no one seems to want to reply I will try ,starting with a few questions ;Did you purchase and fit these yourself ? if so they should have a warrenty from the seller and replacement is their responsibility. Were there fluid marks on the caliper around the pistons when fitted as I have not seen this before on recon calipers ;but as all seem the same it may be a case of excess fluid when seals fitted not cleaned.Have you had to top up the reservoir during use ,in which case the seals may be leaking ,How long have they been fitted ? Do the brakes work correctly ? A lot of questions I know ,but brakes are important and you need to be confident there is not a problem . Dave
  2. true blue

    Front pads

    Hi when I had my IS200 ,I used a couple of sets of Brembo pads without problems ,and have continued with this brand on my current IS 250 Carparts4less currently have them for your car at £28 Dave
  3. Hi your car seems to be the same spec as mine ; in the black wallet should be 3 manuals the owners manual ;a quick guide manual 85 pages covers easy explanation of every day use and the Navigation system owners manual 391 pages which as well as the sat nav covers telephone hands free; audio/video system ;air conditioning ; park assist and vehicle settings.The part number on the book is 01999 53A29 publication no OM53A29E you may find one on E bay or from a dealer Regards Dave
  4. Hi I have both cars ,and have been driving them side by side for 3 years (not at the same time !) The MX 5 has a much smaller cabin and the engine coolant capacity is much less so the cabin is easy to keep hot; also there is no filter in the air con system to obstruct the air flow .I find the heated seats in the lexus fine ,but the heater is not as hot and in the winter takes a long time to really warm up ,although I do drive the lexus in mid winter with the hood down.The music system in the Mazda is not a match for the M L and I have had a few MX5,s over the years and I do not think the Bose is an improvement on the Mazda cheap and cheerful system . Apart from the fantastic road holding on the Mazda I think their fold away hard top is brilliant no re-arranging in the boot like the lexus . The cabin in the Lexus is less turbulent than the Mazda in my opinion Dave
  5. Hi ,good move on the wheel alignment ,apart from road holding ,prevents uneven wear;I run 36/38 on my is250c 18 in wheels on Goodyear F1asymmetric 3 ,suits me but my wheels are not staggered they are all 225 originally from 300 series .The 2 settings for the TPMS are to switch to another set of wheels and keep original presets for changing back .The warning light illuminates if there is a low pressure but does not show pressures Dave
  6. Well done ,glad you found what you are looking for ,These are great cars,we have recently returned from a 4 week holiday touring in France , brilliant car for this.Get out and enjoy the car with the roof off as often as you can while we still have this dream summer Dave
  7. Hi worn pully bearing is not un known but should not result in a burning smell .If you feel confident you can remove the serpentine belt and run the engine for a couple of mins when all should be quiet . It is then easy to check for play and /or noise when rotating each pulley .The pulley is self tensioning an can be slackened using a spanner and levering to release tension .In order to avoid confusion when refitting you may find it easier to use a phone camera or draw on paper the route of the run of the belt .Don't forget the alternator bearings noise/play Dave
  8. Hi the car you are looking at is top of the range as is the link from Ben ,these tend to be a high price ,even higher if you go down the main Lexus route . At 40,000 miles I would not expect any major work as long as the brakes have been regularly checked ,the plugs and serpentine belt will go to 60,000 as Lexus service schedule so OK for now .The prices will go down when the sun stops shining but who knows by how much .I purchased mine 3 years ago this December coming same spec ,last of the SEL 2011 20,000 miles and perfect £15,500 from a Merc dealer who thought it was too good for auction taken in part X .It has now reached 40,000 and runs like a swiss watch I do all my own servicing and have replaced discs pads and tyres apart from yearly service .You may be able to negotiate £11500 which is probably more realistic or go for a car with more than 60,000 miles which should be sub £10,000 .Good luck, let us know how you get on Dave
  9. A thank you also from me for the guide ,I have not had to do this yet as low mileage car ,but I will use this guide .I think we should stick to the mileage figure and not time as a spark plug will not deteriorate any quicker with lower mileage I have removed these types of plugs from other vehicles at 60-65000 miles and they have looked in excellent condition .With regard to concern on if work has been carried out , as my REME trained grandad told me many years ago if you want a job doing properly do it yourself Dave
  10. Hi great to read the feedback on this car, my 'other car' is a MX5 retractable top ( my second) but I to am not a fan of the new model and I am looking at the Toyota as a replacement .I would miss the fresh air but my IS250 is a convertible so I appreciate your comments Dave
  11. Hi I agree with the Laser tool version , the housing can be difficult to remove ,it helps if the car is raised and use the longest bar you have { but not when re tightening ) as 18 ft/lb is the value as stated previously Dave
  12. Hi with regard to mileage over 60000 , I do all my own servicing and these cars are quite straightforward ,there is no reason why a good local independent guy cant change plugs,change the waterpump and maintain the brake slider/calipers. These are the common jobs at these sort of mileages and the receipts can be kept for later ,if selling .As the car gets older there is no sense in paying main dealer prices . Keep looking ,your car is out there ,In my opinion the SE L is worth searching for good luck Dave
  13. Hi ,as previously stated ,this is likely to be wear ,I ran my previous sportcross to nearly 100 000 miles and the shoes and linings were fine ;I would give the shoes and linings a good clean out with brake cleaner as excess dust tends to cause problems.If you are concerned about DIY ,it will not be expensive ,in among the receipts when I bought my IS 250 was a handbrake adjustment at £50 .On my SEL ,if I have a senior moment and try to drive off with the brake engaged I get a loud alarm !! Dave
  14. Hi The hunter machine is an excellent machine if the guy using it knows what he is doing !! I am surprised if you can get a full alignment check for £40 I usually pay £80 including adjustments .At my Lexus dealer visit last week ,they quoted £85 for 4 wheel alignment Dave
  15. Hi petergordon4 funny you should mention the main dealer ,last week ,for the first time in my life ,I visited a Lexus main dealer in Bolton for the air bag recall .I belive the wheels were fitted by Lexus Belfast very early in the cars life,I have the service sheet copies from them which show the tyre tread depths but no mention of the wheels .The 'health 'report and video last week noted ;- wrong wheels fitted, puncture kit out of date ,wipers smear but not split .I was also advised that due to the age of the car the air con should be checked and the wheel alignment also as there is no record of this being carried out .Don't get me wrong this was obviously a very through check and everyone was very professional but it was obviously done with a view of obtaining more work (£59 for wipers ? ) .I have no issue with the wheels ,Insurance is informed ,I have an alterative puncture kit plus breakdown cover and I replaced the wipers when I got home with a spare set ,although I did not think they were too bad ..The air bag recall was carried out ,no problems , I was given a courtesy car ,coffee biscuits and petrol plus a £50 voucher off a basic service which I declined .All in all top marks to Bolton ,They did not suggest what to do about the wheels ,and I will continue to get dirt under my fingernails as I have done for the last 60 years Dave