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  1. A good used 2010 LS600H (post upgrade with RSR and 3 rear seats) for about 15k with 6 years warranty on hybrid components would, in my opinion, represent great value
  2. That's a scary story. Reminds me of the time when I had a problem with steering rack sensor on my LS460 and got quoted £10k by Lexus for the repair as required the entire steering rack to be replaced....but as Tulpen said these are high end cars and often not much goes wrong but when it does can be painful
  3. Just wondering is the battery in the LS any different from a prius? If not I wouldn't be hugely worried about it packing up as I personally know of a few prius hybrids well north of 300,000 miles without any issues with the hybrid battery
  4. Ive never had an LS600h (hopefully will be the next one) but have had an LS400, 2 LS430s and and 2 LS460s. Although the LS460 is technologically still more advanced than some very new cars, it was the LS430 that still felt the most solid car to me. In terms of build it felt absolutely like a tank. I am on a Lexus hiatus at the moment with a Jaguar XJ8 2005 model and there is just no comparison with the luxury feel of the LS430. Also the features in the LS430 are more than enough for somebody who loves their technology (massaging seats in the back...that's just the cherry on top) I loved the LS460 but there was perhaps just a perceived 5% drop in build quality (still pretty awesome). All very subjective I know
  5. Hi For the 1st time in 8 years I find myself without an LS in some shape and form so was back thinking about what the next car would be. Have been reading a lot about the Toyota Century which is occasionally available as an import in the UK. There are 2 available on ebay at the moment. Would have thought its the sort of car that LS fans would immediately take a shine to. Was wondering if anyone has any experience of sitting, driving or owning one and if they had any information to share. I suppose Toyota would be happy to service the car and there would be the obvious issue of importing parts. would be good to hear from anyone with any info
  6. Hi Aido. I'm glad to hear its all up and running again. Did the service center cover the cost of the badge replacement in the end? It did seem they were at fault at causing the problem
  7. personally I love the new LS500h interior and exterior. I feel all the new luxury barges find it difficult to differentiate themselves from each other as they are all supremely technologically advanced. Historically they were always the cars where new technology for the brand was showcased. Now, one feels, they introduce certain technologies just for the sake of it as they don't necessarily impact on the way the car drives. They are all super smooth to drive, with luxurious seats and have top notch materials. In that sense, with the interior of the LS500, I think Lexus have just done something really different from the other brands which helps it stand out a bit from German competition
  8. in all honesty I though Sir Robert Mcalpine was the name of the owner as that was what was written on the log book 🤪 it wasnt till I got home and researched it that realised it was the name of a company (Doh) Anyway I was actually about to buy the car but the original seller (not TH Boler) was a bit off handish with me, not returning phone calls or replying to emails as if though he did'nt want to sell it to me so I just backed off
  9. Looks like the same car. Its still available on the original vendors website for under 20k https://www.tradedirectcarsessex.co.uk/used-cars/lexus-ls-600h-5-0-l-premier-e-cvt-4wd-4dr-rear-seat-relaxation-epping-201806057198292
  10. went to see this today as looking to upgrade my LS460. It is no doubt great value but service history was not unfortunately complete. The car was owned by Sir Robert McAlpine and the seller seems like a really genuine guy with some really nice cars for sale which all seem to be one owner. However in 130000 there was only evidence of 3 or 4 services at Lexus. It may very well be likely it has been serviced more but unfortunately he did not have any paperwork for it. The last service at lexus was at around the 100k mark so has done 30k miles since. I have to say the car exterior was spotless and the drive was absolutely amazingly smooth. The rear ottoman looked well used though! If someone is willing to look past the patchy service history it is an absolute steal at that price. Bit more service history and I would have definitely bought it as it's probably never likely to break down On a separate note he had some nice bentley flying spurs for sale for a similar price. I've always fancied that car but not sure could risk the repair bills as they are probably very likely to break down as they get older
  11. I saw a premier model parked up at lexus Reading. Some people have mentioned they don't like the new grill but I thought in the flesh it looked absolutely awesome. It has this extremely athletic look. It is very different from the usual LS, bit like the new Jaguar XJ was from the older version. However it has a real presence and the inside just looks sublime. It is very different from all the other renowned luxury barges out there and i'd be surprised it if doesn't sell well. Little while to go before it depreciates enough for me to buy one, lol
  12. did'nt know that about the autotrader post code thing. thanks for that otherwise makes the car an interesting one. Obviously quite cheaper than the fully updated ones
  13. bit confused when I saw this http://www4.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201611250073724?sort=price-asc&advertising-location=at_cars&model=LS 600H&postcode=sw1a1aa&radius=1501&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&make=LEXUS&page=1 has the interior of the older LS460/600h at the front but a floor mounted DVD player at the back. The exterior shape looks like the new LS600h premier model. I thought the floor mounted DVD player came in in 2012 with the upgraded front interior (with the lexus clock and mouse control etc). Also the gear lever does not look like one for a hybrid car