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  1. are these still for sale, if so I may have a buyer
  2. Is200 Insurance

    Almost identicle to my situation and cost :)
  3. Tte Rear Skirt

    would you take £70 delivered?
  4. Yeah but its the spring assembly and bracket that are the problem! If you could knock one up that'd work, I'd gladly paypal you over some cash for it?
  5. Tte Rear Skirt

    No worries mate!! Also, I know this is an odd request, but do you have a spare is200 rear bumper I can 'borrow' for a week or so? Need to take mine to be sprayed, but it's my daily so need a bumper to run around with till it's done, not fussed about colour etc, as long as it stops me getting stopped by the plod. Will happily leave deposit for it etc. Let me know :)
  6. Tte Rear Skirt

    You might want to read the post directly above yours, that says payment will have to be by debit or credit card... This is probably because it's an item directly from Andy's dealership than an item being sold by Andy himself... Whooooops! Missed that, cheers dude :) I can pay via bank transfer or card over the phone :)
  7. Tte Rear Skirt

    Hello mate, I'll have one of these off you!! Pm me paypal details and I can trasnfer payment immediatley! :D
  8. Is200 Headlight New Black Lense

    If you got hold of the driver's side one, I'd gladly swap you my silver ones...
  9. Well I received the invoice, and for 2 cables, with the spring assembly, and the bracket for throttle body & shipping it came to £225. I've been trying to source some from Belgium and Toyota Motorsport, so will let you know if I find it cheaper somewhere. Needless to say I'll only be ordering 1, at that price!
  10. Supercharger Bypass Cable

    I've contacted Bemani, and yes I am able to get hold of this cable, but I've been quoted £225 for two cables and two brackets!!! To the guy from Belgium: would you be willing to purchase two bypass cables and brackets from the Lexus/Toyota dealer that you got yours from and send them over to me? I will of course pay all shipping costs, and include a small fee for your trouble :) Please let me know if this is possible.
  11. I've not recieved my invoice yet, but I dont really care lol as long as I get them. I'll post up pictures and a price as and when I get them :)
  12. After weeks of phonecalls and trauling through the internet I finally managed to order my bypass cable :) You will need to call a Swiss company called Bemani (who i tried before but with no luck!) on 0041 62771 0755. Part No: AM 27958 - Compressor bypass cable for Lexus IS200 They will ask you to email with your address and contact info. Then Bemani will invoice you, process your payment, and send out your cable! Hope that helps some people out and saves them from all the aggro I went through :D
  13. Supercharger Bypass Cable

    Which dealer did you order this from mate, spoken to 6 dealers down here and not a single one has a clue about ordering from there, and they all refused to call the number for Toyota Motorsport and order it :( I'll just order from the same dealer you did and get them to courier it to me :)
  14. Is200 Sport (2000) Suspension

    Hi mate, I have a full set of stock suspension off my w reg is200 sport, all in good nic. Make me an offer? You'd have to collect, or I'd have to put them on a pallet to scotland though as im just outside London, England.
  15. Supercharger Bypass Cable

    AWESOME! thanks dude....that'll make life alot easier! Out of interest, how much did you pay?