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  1. I have changed my battery and disconnected it on several occasions. It does not cause any significant issues. Reset your power windows/moon roof if applicable instructions in car manual. Then if you wish to do so perform ISC learning to maximise fuel efficiency. Lexus service team do not need to be involved unless you wish them to be. Cheers
  2. AFS flashing only. Replaced levelling sensor,no issues since.
  3. Vredestrein Quatrac 5 on mine,very happy.....
  4. Do not have link to replacement O ring. I just used silicone sealant to improve the water seal when repairing the AFS sensor switch. I repaired the it 2 or 3 times before installing a replacement sensor switch. I think it was this one I purchased but just check it fits your car before purchasing if you do so. The Dorman is not built to the same quality as the Lexus replacement but you can pick them up at a very reasonable price.
  5. Rattle,banging or other noise from rear of car when in motion,may be related to exhaust heat reflector. Mine was!!! Check that exhaust reflector is secure and not dropping onto top of exhaust
  6. Modern cars can take high miles if serviced correctly. When I had to work,(no more,yes!!) I took my last car (Rover 75) to 220k with no serious issues. My RX400 now has 90k on. Some people in the states take them to serious mileage +400k. 24k a year should not be a problem. Might suggest getting a fully serviced +100k model.(Make sure cam belt is changed) They can be picked up at good prices. many people do not like to purchase high milers.
  7. Nice photos Chris. My sensor switch was in much better condition than that shown in your photos and was still showing a fault. I wonder how many easily repairable switches are thrown away each year by Lexus dealers!!!! John
  8. Hi Thought I would add a note to this old thread. My AFS light started flashing recently. Inspection showed that the linkage on the rear sensor switch was in place ,so I removed the switch stripped it and all looked to be in good condition. It is easy to remove 5 mins. I replaced the switch,the AFS light was still flashing. I then started to think that maybe it was another part of the AFS system,which was causing the fault to occur. I took my car in for a essential care service(another story behind this!!!!) and asked them to quote me for repair of the AFS system. I was told that 99% of the time the rear height sensor switch is the cause of the AFS light flashing. It was also the same in my case. I was quoted £560 for the supply and installation of a new rear height sensor switch. Now knowing that it was definitely the rear height sensor which was the cause of the issue. I again removed the switch opened it by removing the 4 screws. Again all looked in good condition. It was very clean with minimal signs of wear or contamination.(80K miles). The electrical contact inside the switch is performed by 3 independent coil springs. I tested the resistance(avo) between the individual springs and the plug connections. I found that although the springs and spring base were in good clean condition. The electrical connection was intermittent. Basically what was happening is that wear must have taken place around the outer circumference of the copper base where the coil spring sits.This was causing an intermittent electrical connection. To cure this I bent the last wire of the coil spring so that it went across the middle of the coil spring. Doing so made a good electrical connection between the coil spring and the base of the copper pin connection. Did this on all 3 springs,replaced cover and 4 screws. Refitted to car (RX 400) and no more flashing AFS light. The whole job took me approx 30 mins. You can access and remove the switch without jacking up the car. But be careful. Handbrake,Keys not in ignition and ideally chock your wheels. So £560 saved to spend elsewhere. Hope this may help others. John
  9. I also have one of the rear plastic covers missing from the roofbars on my RX400. I have tried in the past to buy one from various sellers on ebay,but all the ones I contacted would only sell the plastic cover complete with the roof bars,which I obviously do not need. No local scrappers have had a RX in when I have looked. When my car was in the local Lexus dealer for a service,I asked for a price for a replacement cover. Seem to remember that they quoted me £50 to 60 for the 1 replacement cover !!!!!! If anybody knows where to get a replacement at a reasonable price,I would also be interested. Cheers
  10. When they do decide to have a major upgrade,I bet it will be called the RX500!!!!
  11. I use the pure highway dab. Just sits in the central hideaway with a power supply from the 12v supply and a good quality aerial on the roof. Work well.
  12. I did a little bit of research on the US sites. They always seem to get more information than the UK sites It appears that Toyota are saying that this recall for an Inverter fault is slightly different from the recall a couple of years ago. That was caused by sub standard manufacturing process. Solder failure on a batch of PCBs. This sounds more like design of the PCB. Below is from the NYT website. Toyota says the new hybrid recall is necessary because transistors in the hybrid system could be damaged by heat “due to variations in characteristics of the transistors’ parallel circuits.” The condition could cause the vehicle to lose power, although a “limp-home mode” could make it possible for motorists to exit the road. But the problem could also cause the vehicle to lose power completely. Heat affecting the transistors was also the cause of the 2011 recall, according to the automaker’s report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That recall affected 82,000 Toyota Highlander hybrids and Lexus 400h hybrids from 2006-7. Toyota sees the new recalls as different because the 2011 recall involved a soldering defect, while the new recalls involves heat damage because of the variations in the parallel circuits, Cindy Knight, a Toyota spokeswoman, wrote in an e-mail. Ms. Knight also said that Toyota was not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the two new recalls. In a recall report it sent to N.H.T.S.A. on Wednesday, Toyota said heat could cause “solder to degrade and eventually cause heat damage.” I think it is about 150,000 Hybrid vehicles worldwide to be recalled by Toyota/Lexus,so it is a big one. Will be interesting to see what the repair method is. If new PCBs are to be installed in all 150k vehicles,then somebody somewhere is going to be busy making new PCBs!!!!!!!!!!! Only speculation on my account though.
  13. Just been talking to Lexus Hull,who are my local dealer. They only found out about the recall yesterday and are awaiting full information on what is required, both time and component wise. Excellent service response again from Lexus Hull,they helped me with a missing service book when I had the car last serviced by them. Quality. We decided together after discussion to book a date in early October to have the repair carried out. Thought it best to get a date in the diary. They said that the service dept was very busy,also by then would expect them to have completed a couple of the recall jobs and have fine tuned the technique Probably get to get an extended test drive of a CT200H again or maybe a RX450,whilst waiting for the repair to be completed. Might be interesting to compare the ride on the 400 vs the 450. cheers
  14. Neil. You just need to enter the number and letters displayed into the small box below the numbers and letters. It is purposely made difficult to read,to minimize risk of fraudulent activity. Kalpesh,it is your call. Personally I see this as a good thing. It is taking a possible known failure risk out of the equation. If you are otherwise happy with the car,then I would keep it.
  15. This looks like possibly good news!!!!! I wonder if this is related to the occasional failures of the Inverter unit,which you see posted on the Lexus forums and which are very expensive to repair if you do not have a Lexus warranty package in place. Was always a small concern,as I do not have the Lexus extended warranty. I checked my Reg no on the link provided and it says that my car is to be recalled,so will wait for Lexus UK to contact me. Thanks to OP for posting.