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  1. Oh wow they have dropped in price, last time I looked in LPD they were close to £600, I've seen a few used one on eBay for £250ish. But for another £200 you get 1 year warranty. Thanks for pointing out on LPD @cadman2k 👍😁
  2. Same sticking with lexus until warranty expires then continue hybrid check for another 5 years.
  3. I think I have found the source of the condensation This reflector is cracked/split compared to passenger side one. In my view this explains why condensation always shows on top front corner everything before spreading. Time for a new headlight, but there hard to come by at the scrappy!
  4. Does anyone know what the numbers and letters at the bottom of a Lexus service stamp mean? Example: BSQH3411152 They seems to change each year for that dealer.
  5. @bmaarc I will try to answer your questions: - In 7k km i should do my service and i want to know what is replaceable on services? I assume it will be the equivalent of 50k miles service which is just the basic oil and oil filter changed and cabin filter if required. You can refer to: Maintenance Schedules - All Models | Lexus Drivers - I have tyre pressure sensors but i can’t see the actual pressure on my screen. Is there Any problem? I think only the 2017+ models came with the TPMS pressure display. For 2015+ models you can buy the TPMS display module which is what i have done. Its a plug&play kit. Have a look on eBay/AliExpress. - I have the 15MM Navi. When i try to open navigation it says “Can’t read data. Please contact the dealership”. I mention that the SD slot is empty. Is enough to put and SD card there with the Maps so it can work? You are missing the microSD map card, you will need to obtain this for either lexus or 3rd party Toyota/Lexus map sellers online, but they usually sell updates which assumes you have the maps to start with. Best to speak to Lexus and see what they say. - When i try to connect to a wi-fi hotspot (from iPhone) i can’t type password. It opens the keyboard but i can’t type (pressing characters does nothing) Cannot comment on this i have never tried. - I checked the car before buying on and the report says the km are 100% real. How can i be sure? There is Any change by going to le us dealership to confirm that? If the car had a blocker on it you will never know. Its possible that if you have access to the TechStream software you could look at several ECU to see if mileage is stored in more than one place. But it will be difficult to prove. - Is it there Any chance to still have battery warranity? Assuming you mean the Hybrid Battery? If you have the Hybrid Health Check carried out by Lexus every year they will cover you upto 15 years on hybrid components, battieries are classed as consumables not covered under warranty unless its horrible failing in which case the hybrid health check would inform you.
  6. So googled the science part lol I'm beginning to wonder if the o-ring around the indicator bulb isn't quite sealing properly when closed as this can only be accessed from the wheel arch and condensation is always toward the corner closest to indicator bulb.
  7. So my battle with this is still ongoing... Now im hoping someone can explain the science behind what is happening. When i was car, no condensation. After long drive i start to get a bit of condensation happening around the highlighted area But if i leave the car inside the garage for a few days it goes away. Now the weird part when there is no condensation and its a hot day outside sometime i leave the car in the driveway in the blazing sun but towards the evening when it starts to cool down condensation begins to form in the highlighted area above. Again if i leave the car in the garage for a day or 2 it disappears.... Can someone explain to me what is going on and what is causing the condensation to form??? 🤔
  8. Mines was £10 in January this year but its gone up to £20 going forward and my emission is only 107 g/km
  9. The MPG gains are massively better on the IS300h vs 250. And i find myself filling up far less often too. i do about 4500 miles per year. I like both 250 and IS300h but often wondered the IS200t would be like. I had no problems transition to the CVT transmission alot of people hate it but i see no issues. Another advantage in the UK for the IS300h is the annual VED (road [money grabbing scheme] tax) cost which is only £20 a year but on the IS250 it had creeped toward £340 a year. The IS200t is pretty high too i think its £280 a year. Best is to try both IS300h and IS200t and see what suits you best 👍
  10. And the insurance company wrote that off?? 😮Pretty minor damage... Good job on the repair 👍
  11. Do you have any pics of "before" i always like to see the before an after.
  12. While I have no negotiation skills can't help with that but what I can suggest is have a look at Auto trader valuation. They have a page that will tell you what to expect to pay for private/dealer prices. This will give you an idea on whether the price is to high or not. Good luck 👍
  13. It allows you to drain oil from the oil filter canister before actually removing the oil filter canister itself. But it probably doesn't apply to your car.
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