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  1. sheri1

    USB Music

    Hi Colin. Yes I do mean music on a memory stick. The NX must have different software to both the CT and IS that I had previously, because the music played in both cars from the same USB stick as I would expect. I take your point though in terms of numbering each track. This may fix the issue and I will give it a go. Thanks for your help.
  2. sheri1

    USB Music

    Having got to grips with most of the controls and gadgets at my disposal in my NX, I have tried to find out why my albums that I play from USB are playing in the wrong order. I can see that the system is playing them in alphabetical order, whereas I would like them played in the order that they appear on the album. Does anybody know how to fix this? I have tried (and failed) using the manual to find the answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. sheri1

    Absolutely love my new NX

    Thanks Daniel. I have received hard copies of both manuals in the post now direct from an email to Lexus customer services, so I am happy. I am getting to grips with the many functions of the car, and have even (almost) mastered the touchpad.
  4. sheri1

    Door pillar airbag cover

    Thanks for the info.. however, i have just been out again to try to push the cable down the gap using a credit card, and hey presto, job done.
  5. Having just hard wired my dash cam in my NX, I managed to hide the cables behind various trims etc, apart from the short run between the windscreen and the passenger door. There is not enough of a gap to allow the cable to pass between the bottom of the airbag cover on the door pillar and the dashboard. Does anybody know how to remove the door pillar air bag cover on the passenger side to allow me to get rid of the unsightly cable? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. sheri1

    Absolutely love my new NX

    Hi Ed. I totally agree reference Lexus dereliction of duty in blaming environmental issues for not supplying hard copies of manuals. However, I have received a response and they have promised to send them out to me, but they are by order only, so may take a while.
  7. sheri1

    Absolutely love my new NX

    The only reason I bought this car from Newcastle is because they had in the exact model and colour I was looking for at a great price. Other than that I will stick with Lexus Teesside. I have arranged a service plan with Teesside as I cannot fault the service from them at all. No complaints from Newcastle though, other than they forgot to top up the washer bottle and the low level light came on during my journey home. Minor issue that shouldn't have happened. In terms of the manuals, I have emailed Lexus customer service and await their reply. I agree though that a luxury car should come with a bit more than a basic instruction manual.
  8. sheri1

    Absolutely love my new NX

    I had the IS (Executive edition) from new and it was a lovely car. I had no issues whatsoever with it. Lovely to drive and really quick for a hybrid. Fuel consumption was very good for a 2.5 engine. I got 45 - 55 on average with normal driving. It was fully serviced by Lexus Teesside from new when I bought it. I am getting ready for retirement and wanted something that would offer me more flexibility and was easier to get in and out of (the IS is quite low but is very comfortable to drive). The NX fits the bill perfectly for me. The IS is currently advertised on Lexus Newcastle website (NX66XVZ) for £19995. A bargain in my view and somebody will get a very nice car. Definitely worth a look.
  9. Having just moved from an IS300H to an NX Luxury, I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with the car. It does everything I need so well and I have even begun to master the touch pad. It is very different to the IS and I still have few things to master, which reminds me of a question: When I picked up the car from Lexus Newcastle, I received just a quite basic combined manual for the car, which does not contain enough detail of either the car or the premium nav system. My IS had two comprehensive manuals, one each for the car and navigation system. Is this normal, or should I have received two manuals as I did with the IS. Looking forward to many happy years of motoring in this lovely car.
  10. sheri1

    Late christmas present

    Hi. I am looking forward to picking up my own NX Luxury (incidentally in the same colour as yours) tomorrow from Lexus Newcastle. I have traded in my 2016 IS for this model as, although the IS is a lovely car and has been excellent to own from new, it's a little bit low so getting in and out is playing on my fragile back!! The NX is a 6 month old demonstrator with 5k on the clock, but otherwise is as new, but with almost £7k off the list price, so seems like a bargain.
  11. Hi Bluenose. You are correct. I am wondering if it is possible to have the system programmed so that the mirrors fold when the ignition is turned off and the opposite when ignition on?
  12. Is it possible to have the door mirrors fold in automatically when the ignition is turned off on my 2016 IS300H Executive model? If so, can I do it myself or is it a dealer only fix?
  13. sheri1

    Hoping to buy an is250

    Have a look here. I fitted one of these to an IS220 I had a number of years ago. Doddle to fit and excellent in use. It tricks the system into thinking you have a multi disc changer fitted and works through your existing stereo via the steering wheel controls. Highly recommended and a reasonable price.
  14. Yes this is very similar to mine. Yours do look a lot better after your treatment. What type of paint did you use? Not the sort of thing I would expect to see on a premium car that is just over 18 months old. Mine is still under warranty, so I may well pay my dealer a visit and see what they say.