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  1. Transfer it all on to a USB stick. Much simpler and no charging or cables required.
  2. Finally got round to carrying out the update yesterday, and all went fine. Took about an hour as suggested earlier, but relatively simple process. I had confirmation from Lexus customer service that I have free map updates for 3 years, so all good. This was not made clear to me by Lexus Newcastle when I bought the car, so a little disappointing on their part. Anyway, thanks for the original post Phil. Very useful.
  3. Thanks Phil (and Tony). I will give it a go.
  4. Do these updates have to be paid for? My NX is a 2018 Luxury model?
  5. Hi Malcolm. Have you tried They are offering Cross climates for an NX at £141.12 fully fitted, with an extra 10% off this week as you can see below. I have used them before and they are very good. Most Lexus dealers will price match too, so well worth giving them a try.
  6. I too love the sequential indicators and I believe that they actually are more visible than other cars on the road. I like the fact that the daytime running lights go out and change to the orange indicator. On lots of other cars, it is very difficult to see the indicator when they are close to the very bright daytime running lights, so this a no brainer in my view.
  7. Whilst I can connect my car to my home Wi-Fi without any issues and have managed to download some routes that I planned on my laptop through Wi-Fi to the car, I cannot connect to the eStore, or get access to online services at all. Every time I start the car, I get a message saying unable to login to ***** (my username on the portal) which I have to clear from the screen using the back button. I have a hot spot switched on with my iPhone 8 and the car can connect to this no problem. I have tried reading the manual, but it is not very clear what I am doing wrong. I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction before I need to make a trek to my local dealer to get help from them,.
  8. Thanks Ilari72. I tried your 'fix' but unfortunately it made no difference. I think the only thing that will fix it is to change the file names so that the number 1 track is prefixed with an A, the number 2 prefixed with a B, as the tracks are all being played in alphabetical rather than numeric order. This is fine for most music I play, but on certain albums (War of the Worlds for example) the tracks need to be played in the correct order. I am going to give this a go and will report back how I get on.
  9. Hi Colin. Yes I do mean music on a memory stick. The NX must have different software to both the CT and IS that I had previously, because the music played in both cars from the same USB stick as I would expect. I take your point though in terms of numbering each track. This may fix the issue and I will give it a go. Thanks for your help.
  10. Having got to grips with most of the controls and gadgets at my disposal in my NX, I have tried to find out why my albums that I play from USB are playing in the wrong order. I can see that the system is playing them in alphabetical order, whereas I would like them played in the order that they appear on the album. Does anybody know how to fix this? I have tried (and failed) using the manual to find the answer. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Thanks Daniel. I have received hard copies of both manuals in the post now direct from an email to Lexus customer services, so I am happy. I am getting to grips with the many functions of the car, and have even (almost) mastered the touchpad.
  12. Thanks for the info.. however, i have just been out again to try to push the cable down the gap using a credit card, and hey presto, job done.
  13. Having just hard wired my dash cam in my NX, I managed to hide the cables behind various trims etc, apart from the short run between the windscreen and the passenger door. There is not enough of a gap to allow the cable to pass between the bottom of the airbag cover on the door pillar and the dashboard. Does anybody know how to remove the door pillar air bag cover on the passenger side to allow me to get rid of the unsightly cable? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hi Ed. I totally agree reference Lexus dereliction of duty in blaming environmental issues for not supplying hard copies of manuals. However, I have received a response and they have promised to send them out to me, but they are by order only, so may take a while.
  15. The only reason I bought this car from Newcastle is because they had in the exact model and colour I was looking for at a great price. Other than that I will stick with Lexus Teesside. I have arranged a service plan with Teesside as I cannot fault the service from them at all. No complaints from Newcastle though, other than they forgot to top up the washer bottle and the low level light came on during my journey home. Minor issue that shouldn't have happened. In terms of the manuals, I have emailed Lexus customer service and await their reply. I agree though that a luxury car should come with a bit more than a basic instruction manual.