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  1. Well I am very pleased to say that Autoglass did a first class job with my replacement windscreen. They have fitted a genuine Lexus screen and the camera alignment etc was all carried out and tested without any issues. All my worries were happily, unfounded.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I spoke with my local Lexus dealership today and he has reassured me that they have not had any issues with past replacements carried out by autoglass, so i feel a lot more comfortable with this and all of your comments. Booked in for tomorrow so I will give it a go.
  3. Unfortunately I need to have a new windscreen fitted to my car following a stray stone causing a crack that Autoglass could not fix. I am booked in to have a replacement screen fitted by Autoglass in Darlington on Friday. They tell me that they can do all of the alignment for the camera etc, but does anybody have experience of Autoglass doing this in the past? If so what experience did they have, and were there any issues following the replacement? Unfortunately my insurer will only cover the first £50 if I use an unauthorised repairer (eg Lexus Teesside), but cover the whole amount if going to Autoglass.
  4. Lexus customer services have just advised me that it should be available in September, and I also believe the cost to be around £80.
  5. Have you considered a service plan with your local Lexus dealer? They provide them interest free and spread the cost over the term of the agreement. I pay around £30 a month for three years, and this includes all service and parts costs plus my first MOT, which will be due next year as mine is 2 years old. I've had these for each of the four Lexus I have owned and would highly recommend.
  6. sheri1


    Lexus will supply printed manuals on request. I had the same when I bought my NX and on contacting customer services, I received the hard copies through the post.
  7. Interesting to know, but not something I would want to happen to me!
  8. Well my charger arrived from Amazon yesterday and I am happy to say it does exactly what I expected it to. It fits snugly onto the tray inside the centre console and my phone sits happily on top whilst being charged wirelessly from the unit. The unit comes with a short cable that I will keep plugged into the USB port, so no need for messing with fiddly cables moving forward. I do intend to upgrade to apple car play once it is available to us, so even if this is a wireless system, I will still not have to plug cables into my phone each time I want to use it. Very happy at £29.99 and delivered free
  9. Having scoured the market, I have just ordered this: Hoping it will do the job for me and if so, a very cheap fix! It offer wireless charging for a very reasonable £29.99. I will let you know how I get on.
  10. I am thinking of this, but I don't want cables all over the dash, and cannot find one that suits fitting into the central storage box where the genuine Lexus unit sits. Failing this, I will probably just stick with the cable charger.
  11. Does anybody know if it possible to retrofit the wireless charger within the armrest of my 2018 NX Luxury?
  12. Thanks everybody for the replies. Just to be clear, I only ever use Duracell or equivalent batteries and my Lexus dealer fitted new ones to both remotes during the last week in January and already the system is telling me the battery level is low. I have never experienced this with any other car including all four Lexus models I have owned, and have never had to 'turn off the remote' at the end of each day. My car is and has always been parked in the garage, so I have not changed anything other than my car! Seems like I will need to follow your lead and get in the habit of switching off at night 😞
  13. I seem to be having to change the batteries on my remote far too frequently. In the past in each of my previous cars, I would expect to have to change the batteries around once every couple of years or so. My NX remote needs new batteries approximately every 2 months! I am doing nothing different with this car than any other I have owned. Any suggestions?
  14. A simple Google search brought this up: I would expect any local fitter could sort this for you?
  15. I took advice from GruffaloRider and ordered some Gyeon Q2view from Amazon. I will see how this goes.