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  1. Andy G

    Stop Curbing Alloys?

    where the bugger that got yours, got his!
  2. Andy G

    Is200 Mpg

    :winky: I'd go along with the 420 to 450 per full tank on UK spec 200 SE once 15k+ on the Odometer. Long fast motorway/constant speed seems to return best MPG, around town is pretty much on a par with a chieftan tank! If you are ambling around town at sub 30 MPH ( as we all should be :P ) then try sticking the SNOW button on. Kills the performance but big improvement in MPG if you believe the economy dial. Never tested this out properly tho' have resorted to such measures when needle is on empty and miles to next fuel stop and it seems to work. Dunno' what it's doing to the cats mind you. Any comments
  3. Check The Wheels and Tyres category or use the link fo further debate on this
  4. Andy G

    Front Tyres

    very intresting who told you this........... lexus owes me 4 tyres..the b******s...from my previous cars!!!! At last 20k service I complained about the wear. Previous to leaving in to Lexus dealer I had alignment checked: Spot on. Lexus also did a full alignment check and everything was ' in the green' or in tolerance as per car's spec. Outfit who did the alignment are a Contractor to Lexus and a number of other Dealers for all things wheels. Alignment jockey said that the inside wear was a IS200/300 problem and they were advised to inflate repalcement tyres to the upper end of pressure profile when customer complained. Lexus woud not replace fronts but said that if I bought a new set from them and the inside started showing excessive wear after 5k they would replace them FOC. To be fair I had 20k on the fronts and the above offer is ( too!) generous. Lexus Service Manager did acknowledge that this was an under inflation problem. I've always used the low end of the profile but kept pressures in spec. I now keep them at the high end of the profile:48psi
  5. Andy G

    Front Tyres

    Just a follow up Forget wheels being 'knocked out' of alignmnet causing wear on the inside front edge. Nothing to do with it. It's a stock problem common to the 200 and 300 with 17" alloys. You can alleviate the problem by putting 48Psi (17") in the fronts but it makes for a very hard ride on anything but motorway surfaces. Best deal I can get is Lexus Northern Ireland offering to replace any new tyres I may wish to purchase from them if signs of uneven wear evident after 10k from new. Not too bad of a compromise but nothing doing on my current fronts after 20k even if there's about 7k left on the rubber, except for the inside edge. Still not a happy bunny
  6. Andy G


    Yep would agree with the BMW/ Autobahn theory....'cept it didn't seem to work too well. Just completed 3 weeks touring through Germany/ Switzerland and Italy and you could have counted the Lexus models on the fingers of one thumb. Still it was nice to feel just that little bit more exclusive :winky:
  7. Andy G


    ;) Doh!! Yep that would explain it. Forgot about the FBW and how it works. Still wonder why the performance characteristics are set for a such a high top end when better mid range and acceleration would be better
  8. Andy G


    UK standard spec IS 200 SE red lines in 6th at 139 MPH ( GPS true) yet pedal has got a way to go before the floor. So yeah I can agree with those who might want to change the engine mapping. Makes me think that the Toyata engine jockeys were more concerned with beating the on paper specs of the BMW 318i SE at the time. Andy G ps Speed Trials courtesy of German Autobahn. GPS courtesy of Navman
  9. Andy G

    Front Tyres

    :winky: My IS200's due a 20k service on Thurs 12th June and I will be making a fuss about the inside edge front tyre wear. ( plus the alloys, plus the paint flaking off the front grille, plus the creaky wiper crank....Doesn't mean I'm a bad person 'tho) Just to be sneaky I had a full alignment check done today by a specialist. Guess what ....100% on the money. No mis-tracking. Intereseting to hear what Lexus Dealer has to say but let's give 'em a chance shall we? On second thoughts...maybe I am a bad person!!! More on Friday
  10. Andy G

    Front Tyres

    : Can it be that there are so many IS200/300's out there that are mis-tracking? 20k on mine and inside edge fronts look smoother than a cue ball. Plenty left on rest of tread 'tho. No knocks and all smooth road stuff so I don't accept all the BS about alignment being 'knocked out'. If so come it's exactly the same wear pattern on both tyres. Symmetrical 'knocking out' perhaps !!? More likely is Castor Angle on IS range is + a few degrees as standard. Dunn'o why. Could be inherent handling problem or something unique to UK/Europe suspension set ups. Love to read the Lexus internal memos on this topic. Bet'cha they're almost as good as the ones on corrosion on the Alloys!!! Only solution is to rotate for those who can 21545zr17 Potenzas should be around £115 inc. on the wheel Andy G