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  1. Happy Birthday Faz-Faz!

  2. Ace the first ones look heavyy.. I've seen a few IS around my area with the BBS 19inch gotta say they do look nice if you paint the alloys the same colour as the car.. I've got some of these sport wheels and since i had them the car has been pulling to one side,
  3. they didnt even check with the other dealer, so i could have made up any price which is reasonable and they would have agreed.. dealer sounded desperate..
  4. i was quoted by lexus manchester - £560 full service 100k Birmingham - £530 Bradford - £460 Bolton - £430 Manchester lexus then rang me back saying we can price match, I said ive been quoted £380 and they agreed staight away, from £560 to £380 abit strange, So I dont know what to do...
  5. do you drive mainly on town roads?
  6. That looks really nice. I put the 18's on aswell but im not sure about lowering it. still looking for a good deal on a SR kit.
  7. Ace8800 How much is it going to cost you becuase i am intrested in doing the converion
  8. When i bought my lexus it was on around 85,000. this was owned by a Dr who drove it mainly on the motorway. now it is at 95000 and no problems.. the only thing that was wrong with it was that it had stonechips on the bonnet and the front bumber other than that car looked brandnew.. So it depends if the cars you are looking at are mainly driven on the motorway or not. Sorry if i was no help but thats just my case..
  9. I was thinking the same thing as Kenfoxy. The new model is going to come out soon.. the value is going to drop even more.. But then again i would rather keep the is220d than get the new is200d.
  10. think you have to take the bumper off..but not entirly sure myself.
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