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  1. But will they fit a GS tho??? I don't wanna buy them only to find out they don't fit any help with that ?? Thankd
  2. Wow I didn't expect them to be that much , that's just blown my dreams of having those alloys on my GS :(
  3. Could anybody tell me the specs of the 19" Black OEM alloys you get with isf?? 08 model)? I was wondering if those alloys would fit on a gs450h??
  4. I have a gs 450h with the standard 18" hybrid bit of chrome alloys , my question is will the ISF 2008 model with the 19" black scissor alloys fit on the GS? I have tried phoning Lexus at liverpool / Manchester and Bradford but none have got back to me or they have told me they havnt A clue , I am hoping someone can help me here and if anyone has done this already if you pics I would love to see them to see how they will look hopefully. Thanks in advance pals from other gals
  5. It's going to get me into a lot of trouble if I'm not very careful. The 250 is can be quick enough, but on acceleration there's just no comparison, and when the second intake opens up the sound can be addictive. I use the 250 for fairly short journeys as it's a lot more economical than the 'F', and to be honest I prefer its looks as modified over the 'F' so still enjoy driving it. For any longer journeys and/or where a motorway may be involved the 250 stays in the garage . AMAZING brother AMAZING!!! thats one of the cars that i would love to drive. am made up for you
  6. get it slightly tintnted at the front because otherwise the rear windows will be black and the front will look green! just get it done verylightly
  7. TBH I don't like your choice of alloys, but it's whether you like them that's important. Coilovers are expensive compared to lowering springs and on the 250 they don't really have real benefit unless you're going to be adjusting the height on a regular basis. The European Eibach Pro Springset for the 250 will drop the car 30mm all round which isn't too extreme, and you will not encounter any of the problems referred to by fjcfarrar. I don't know why people associate tints with drug dealers (perhaps it's just fjcfarrar as he made similar comment on my 250 ). I've certainly found tints a benefit in this hot weather in keeping the interior cooler, and it also stops the interior trim fading from UVL exposure. I'm still driving both my tinted 250 SE-L and untinted IS-F, and from the experience in recent weather I'll be tinting the 'F'. What's with the references to a IS350 badge? I thought from the pics it has the standard IS250 badge? you have the IS-F???? whats that like? must be amazing to drive shhhiiii i wish i could drive one of them , whats it like jumping from the 250 to the F , performance wise , what does the engine sound like??? am a wierdo who enjoys the sound of engines ha. my V6 sounds amazing but am imagining the F to be incredible!
  8. the wheels are not 19" there 18" , not sure on the tyre size tbh i will have to check them and post it. coilovers seem like something am not gonna go for because the 18" have not affected the ride comfort that much and the coilovers seem like they will i prefer comfort over apperance. tints are not just for drug dealers lol , there good for when you pull up next to someone at the lights and you know there looking at you, i get all nervous and shh when it happens so thats why i got them lol. i suppose i wont be debadging it and puttin a 350 badge on it, but i noticed that all the IS 220D have only one exaust whereas the 250/350 has 2 exausts!!! :)
  9. you should get the spoiler , i was going to get the one from lexus but they wanted far too much for it. and they wanted me to buy a new center brake light which further increased the cost!!! this one was cheap and easy to install i did it myself with the help of my brother. all i need to do now is debadge it and tell people its an IS350????? what do you think? ha
  10. whats are coilovers???? and which ones would you reccommend? thanks ... av never heard of coilovers to be honest. ha
  11. the from grade .. am not too sure about the percentage but i asked the tint man to do it one grade darker than what is legal if that makes sense. i think its 35% tbh. i got the sme shade all around the car. its just that the light coming in from the front windscreen makes the rear appear darker than the front when in fact they are all the same, and i havent been pulled by the police yet ... which is always good ha. thanks for your comments really appreciate it.
  12. hello this is my first post so i thought i would star by puttin some pics of my IS to get my post count up ha ha. the specs are as usual SE-L , Mark levinsion, Adaptive cruise control (slows down and speeds up itself very useful on the motorway :) ), multimedia, Leather ect ect... what do you think? too much? does it spoil the style of the car?? or maybe you like it??? let me know any feedback would be nice . thanks. 1st pic is what it looked like before alloys and spoiler. 2nd pic is before i got the spoiler on it, 3rd & 4th pic is with the spoiler on