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  1. and the link as worked all back to normal many thanks
  2. my previous mk4 has suddenly locked the display screen to secuirity mode asking for a code .no radio sat nav or heater controls available any ideas
  3. does anyone know if the ls430 door speakers will fit the sc430 asking for a friend one of his has gone
  4. spotted this coming up for auction next week at enfield bca done 28000 warranted miles obviously bonnet needs painting .last service was 12 month ago
  6. unfortunaley they seemed to have it a wall they dont seem be selling
  7. those any good shirish
  8. very nice car that .welcome to the club ,look forward to your future posts
  9. it was badged as an ls400 and on log book but if i remember the guy that bought it from mentioned it was possibly an import
  10. sadly no phil it was badged as a 400 but it had the rear radio controls which ive never seen on standard 400
  11. i bought this in 2011 off a wedding hire firm lovely car
  12. theres a 98 400 with dhp pack in knutsford .its been modded a bit ie exhaust interior lights few scratches and bumps short mot its on that facebook site 1500 oh and he states it needs a battery as well
  13. ive thought about the xj series jag or daimler sovereign as maybe a choice if the lexus market dried up
  14. try it with the air filter box partly open could need a new air filter or maf sensor
  15. i think there was a throttle body issue on the early ones if i remember my old mk11 used to stall after a long run then come up a slip road it would cut out ,i used to switch the air con on to bring the revs up not a fix but it solved my stalling issues