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  1. Hi mate why dont you have a look on ebay under 250654795866.
  2. Hi guys, Anyone got any thoughts on this auction im watching 250654795866
  3. Glad you got this sorted, if it does fall through for any reason give me a shout i have a list of companies that will cover imports
  4. Well enjoy your drive & let of some steam, I agree computers do as they are told but companies cant rectify problems if they dont know the error. In relation to them wanting to know the ins & outs of a ducks backside for this stuff i totally agree with you, its completly inapropiate but unfortunantly this comes down to the requirements they have to meet as issued by the FSA, if they fail t o follow what is set it would be game over. I do understand your point and i would more than likly feel the same, i hope they deal with it in a proffesional & correct way.
  5. Im not sure on the vehicle in question but i might be able to help, is it an import ? Kindest Regards
  6. Steve, With all due respect i think you may have gone a little OTT with this, i agree it isnt a nice thing to happen but there are various reasons why this could have occured. Maybe the system auto generates a letter when a complaint is raised on there system? - Again i agree a better system should be in place. Maybe it was a new staff member who forgot the reason for the complaint? - Again more training is required Maybe it was just down to human error - these things do happen. I think lodging a complaint would be satisfactory but i think taking this to the M.P or the FSA is a little overboard, i very highly doubt that the company did this on purpose & they should be given the chance to review & respond to your complaint, remeber a company and a person can only get better by learning from there mistakes, If you were to complain to the FSA about this the company would be hit with a £300 bill just for the FSA fee, and in the long run its the public who will pay for this with higher insurance cost's. Again this wasnt meant in a way to P*** you off, just giving my thoughts.
  7. Hey guys, sorry aint been on for a while been switching jobs etc, im now with a new commercial broker based in doncaster & im able to offer some discount for LOC members on business insurance, If i can be assistance give me a shout, Cheers
  8. Hey, Has anyone paid for theres yet??? hope i havnt been forgoten :( not been on for a week or so
  9. Hey, Sorry to hear about your car:( where are the bolts located on the vehicle exactly??? for £9 might as wells get this done
  10. Hey guys, i know this probly is a bit off on the lexus forum but i need to change some rear pads on my dads avensis and i need a tool to retract the caliper (turn & Push) can anyone point me in the right direction for a cheapish one????
  11. Hey asi, thanks for the tip ended up getting them from lexus in the end only a couple of quid each but had to wait for delivery::(((
  12. Hey guys, as above i need to 2 bolt thats hold the caliper together, anyone got any of these spare?? Thanks in advance
  13. Hey chaps, i work doin commercial insurance, didnt see this thread before but a good read.
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