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  1. I haven't fitted my winter tyres yet - but will be fitting them this weekend.. I've had them stored nicely in the garage waiting for the temps to be consistently below 10 (read somewhere they perform best below 10, and wear too quickly above it).. Also been waiting for the regular morning frost to know for sure its time to fit them.. Anyway, had them on last year, and got caught a couple of times in some heavy snowfall on the daily commute.. while other rear wheel drive cars were struggling with spinning tyres etc I had no such issues.. I will say that I found the best strategy to be to have both traction control and snow mode on, then pull off in second slowly feeding in the power.. First gear seems to put down too much torque and causes an initial wheel spin which would cause a little fishtail.. I cannot recommend the Nokian range highly enough.. Absolutely Fantastic tyres..
  2. I hate starting new threads unnecessarily, but my question on the "correct" thread seems to have gone by unnoticed.. Does anyone have a copy of Geoffers Remote Folding Mirror circuit/guide.. The old links to his blueyonder site no longer work, and I can't find the pdf anywhere... I would really like to add this to my IS200.. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry to bump this thread - but does anyone have a copy of the PDF guide from Geoffers ? The link in all the posts I have found does not seem to work anymore.. Really want to add full closure to my IS..
  4. My front brakes on my IS200 are giving me a few issues and I want to get all my calipers refurbished (and painted while at it) .. I have emailed Bigg Red for a quote on their caliper refurb + paint service... The quote was £189 for fronts, and £169 for rears, turn around 4-5days.. I've read on the forums here that the front refurb kit from Lexus is about £70 - and ~£40 for new slide pins etc... So it seems for ~£110 I can get all the bits needed to refurb myself, before painting. My question is, has anyone else used Bigg Red and does their quote seem fair overall? Is the quality of their work good? Is there any benefit in the compression tests that Bigg Red state they do ( Bigg Red Process Description ) Or is it all abit OTT? Ormi has said in several threads that refurbing is easy enough to do, but being brakes - I want to be sure the it is done properly. I know there used to be a pictorial guide for refurbing calipers on the forums, but I cannot find it anymore now :( Would you recommend I just do it myself for what will land up being a little less £, but more of my time or is Bigg Red the better option?
  5. Does anyone have any info on how to disconnect/reconnect the Passenger seatbelt warning system? I bought an IS recently and the passenger seatbelt indicator in the centre console doesn't seem to be working... My immediate reaction is that maybe its simply been disconnected by the previous owner - and was hoping to look into that before starting down the more intensive troubleshooting that could involve taking apart the centre console unit to find out why the light is not illuminating.. Thanks in advance.
  6. OEM housings crop up on ebay fairly often these days and generally are the cheapest option - watch out for scratches and dents though - some people do not take as much care as you may when removing said parts.. Otherwise, there is a word document floating around that details all the part numbers needed, as well as instructions on how to put one together yourself - all the NON electrical bits are fairly cheap - but the controller board and solenoid are very expensive in comparison IMO.. I picked up a housing with the board + solenoid on ebay for a good price - but having picked it all apart, I would say that with some basic electronic know how you can do away with the board and motor and find a *MUCH* cheaper alternative to motorise the unit - I'm working on an entire ICE setup centred around the housing, and am working on circuits to not only replace the OEM bits and functionality, but to implement other functions I want for my setup.. As for the grom - I have fitted one in my IS and use it with my new itouch all the time with no issue.. I know its not an iphone - but I've been assured by others that if the itouch works with a device, the iphone will too..
  7. Do you know where I can get the plug that connects to the factory circuit board? Also do you know where I can get the FULL pinout for the factory plug? I have the datasheet for the factory screen and it shows lines for speed, reverse and parking brake which I may need depending on how far I go initially...
  8. I'm working on a custom satnav / ICE project for my IS and want it to look and function (where possible) as close to factory as possible when complete so need a bit of info from others: 1 - The Open/Close & Tilt buttons on the factory satnav unit have LEDs within them - when exactly do these buttons illuminate? I assume it is only when the headlights are on? Are they controlled at all by the HUD brightness dial or are they simply on/off dependant on Headlights status? 2 - The Illumination feed wire - is this a variable line dependant on the HUD brightness dial position - or is it a fixed logic style signal ie on/off? 3 - The Tilt button - what exactly happens when this is pressed vs held.. Are there predetermined tilt positions? If so, how many positions can the screen tilt to? What happens when you reach the limit of tilt in one direction? - Does the screen revert to a fully open position and reset the tilt motions, or does it simply start to tilt in the reverse direction - for example, assume Tilt positions 1 2 & 3... 1 is the same as fully open and 2 is slightly angled, and 3 is angled more than 2...Lets assume that 1 is the starting point.. a single press takes you to position 2, and a second press takes you to 3... where would the next press take you? 4 - Engine Start / Stop - does the screen return to the same tilt position when the ignition is reset or does it return to fully open? 5 - Wiring Diagrams - does anyone have a complete downloadable version of the wiring diagrams for the IS 200 - the online version at bahamut doesn't work on my pc (but does on a friends pc) - so would be good to get another version I can access at any time.. I'm sure I'll have more questions as the project progresses, but for now I am still in the R&D phase so no pics to post (YET!)
  9. Lexus Brighton really do sound like an awesome dealer.. while some of the other dealers sound not so good.. Does anyone have any experience with Lexus TunBridge Wells / Lexus Sidcup? I recently bought an IS which is getting close to needing a service, and I want to keep it with a full Lexus Service History if entirely possible...
  10. Been averaging about 300 miles to 3/4 of a tank (approx 50litres) of vpower.. Haven't taken it till the fuel light comes on yet.. My journey to/from work is approx 30miles 1 way, with about 20miles of that being motorway.. I don't sit around either, but don't go like a bat out of hell.. Just sit at a nice comfy cruising speed... I'm happy with the consumption, but after looking around I was expecting worse ;-)
  11. Hey All, Been an avid reader of the forums for a while now, and recently got my first lexus.. I've wanted an IS since forever, so its almost like a dream come true to actually have one now.. lol.. Managed to pick up a 99 IS200Sport for a very good price which is in fantastic condition... I don't have many projects planned other than an after market navigation install while retaining original radio.. Anyway, thanks for the great forums.. its a vault of usefull info, and if you want to have a look at my car, I uploaded some pics into the members gallery on saturday, after I washed, polished and waxed my IS for the first time.. Cheers Ray
  12. Anyone tried Michelin Pilots? I know they're more expensive.. but have only read positive reviews on them.. kinda worried they will be quite soft like the Goodyears and not last long as a result...
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