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  1. Got this ages ago from EPRacing for 175. as i have sold my IS already, just want to sell this to clear the garage. asking for £100 + Delivery Pics:
  2. Is200 Brand New Trd Style Side Skirt

    sorry for the late reply, £150 is for both sides any interest?
  3. New Car Pics

    but they look really good tbh :)
  4. New Car Pics

    mate, u got any spacer on the car?
  5. Help! I Cant Lock My Car

    got it fixed mate :) cheers
  6. Claybar Amazing!

    got it, thx :) will do this in the next few days
  7. Claybar Amazing!

    im abit confused about the use of claybar, will it remove small scratches on the bodywork?
  8. Help! I Cant Lock My Car

    mate, can u tell me which fuse it is? my frd got a same problem similar as you.
  9. Is200 Bootlid Spoiler

    sorry for hijacking :P anyone know where i can get this from the UK or US? dont want to bring it all the way from Hongkong http://ebodykit.com/index_eproduct_img.php?imagename=member/17984/products/2490_TOY-031_IS200_C1_Spoiler.jpg
  10. Window Visors/deflectors

    think they stick to the frame of the window i am planning to get one soon :) ** dont buy the one with clip, they will scratch the window
  11. Rear Lights

    PM sent
  12. Is200 Induction Kit

    Induction kit now sold to: ernest22 Thank you for the interest
  13. Is200 Induction Kit

    £135 including delivery within UK
  14. Wanted - Platinum Ice Boot/trunk

    haha sounds good, you got wt u looking for and i got a little extra :) ya, i think i have got everything we need for removing the boot and putting it back on lets say this saturday morning?
  15. Is200 Induction Kit

    shipping cost to manchester and london will be the same which is £18GBP (including insurance for up to £100)