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  1. Hi Forum I was wondering if anyone had any experience of Chip tuning adding, i have recently got an IS220d and even though i like the cars internals (only have it a week) the fuel economy does not seem to be that great ( i previously had a 320d for a while and it had better economy) , anyway i came across some of these websites advertising chip tuning adding so i was wondering if anyone had any experience of this ? Do they do what they say on the tin or is it just all smoking mirrors , would appreciate any advice here ? Mike.
  2. Hi normski2 Thanks for reply ..I had feared that to be honest it is a bit of a pain this cannot be done I would have thought some aftermarket people might have done this but apparently not ... Anyway worth asking I guess ..
  3. Hi Forum Just purchased an IS220D 2009 model and was wondering if anyone on here knew if it is possible to get UK speed camera alerts for the sat nav ? Regards Mike.
  4. Hi there Yeah have had experience of one of the Chinese makes and would not go there again it was total crap .. I might just go for non sat nav version or might just hang back until one comes on the secondhand market ... Missed out on a really nice 2008 model recently ..gone the day before I called ..grrr. Anyway I also see an option for a holder that slots onto the CD /DVD outlet to hole phone/sat nav so that is another option .. Appreciate reply thanks ...
  5. I did see one by some Korean guys but no link to the aftermarket satnav. Do you have a link to the one you seen ?
  6. Hi Ahmedali44 Thanks for your reply much appreciated , i would like to think what you have suggested will work but i have seen nothing up to now to prove that it seems most guys say that the wiring loom will not fit which is a shame as i love the car, can i ask if you have had experience of swapping one in or heard of anyone who has done this on the 2009 model ?
  7. Yeah been looking seems a lot of hassle , might like yourself just go for it without satnav , still nice car :)
  8. Yep i noticed that there was a cracking sat nav in the car alright , not sure which way to go now will wait and see what turn up maybe ... Amazing there are no aftermarket models available lexus must have made it too difficult to get the modules to match the steering control etc. Have seen some youtube vids on people replacing them but they all seem to be US and the 250model so not sure if that allows a straight swap or not.
  9. Yeah sucks, i like the car inside in it but shame about satnav, might just hold off and see if i can get a sat nav model. Are you just using a dash mount one now ?
  10. Hi Madasahatter Ok thanks for reply i was worried about that , sucks they do not just install it with original install just in case someone wanted to upgrade. The dash does not seem to be the best for mounting a hands free one either ...
  11. Hi Forum I am wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice in respect to Satnav on the IS220d, i am thinking of upgrading to a 2009 model 220D but it does not have the satnav upgrade so i am wondering if i purchased this model is it possible to buy the satnav unit and just fit it or does this require a wiring loom on this model as well ? It is a really lovely car but i would really love to have a sat nav unit as well. Would appreciate any advice from anyone who has been there or maybe done this themselves Regards Mike.
  12. mfennell

    High Emissions On Idle

    Hi Lance Yes i am kind of seeing that cropping up quite a bit , strange though that it never happened for the last two MOT's , then again the last two were in the afternoon maybe it was just because it was morning when i got it done the Cat was just cold. The MOT guy said he had never seen it on any car before and found it very strange ..... Thanks for your thoughts anyway .. Regards Mike.
  13. Hi Forum I am wondering if anyone has experienced the following. I have just got my IS200 MOTd and the engineer said that the car worked perfectly emissions wise until he left it idle and then it started to come down in reading but then all of a sudden shot up real high ... Anyone else experience this or anyone any suggestions or ideas what might be causing this ? Mike.
  14. Hi there Forum Was wondering if anyone knew the location or had the housing for the IS200 sat nav, i dont need the full system just the dash housing with maybe the electric motor if there is one on it ??. I was going to just fit it and insert my own satnav into it. Any info would be appreciated. Regards Mike.