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  1. Dont spose you have a sound clip of it do you???
  2. is it any one on here. Keep seeing a blue is200 round plymouth. Splitter kit, rear led lights, and high spoiler. Also has black wheel with silver lip. Was behind up round milehouse yestoday in mine and driven past you afew times in my old car, Gary
  3. Could anyone tell me please at what point vvti kicks in??? Gary
  4. Thats good to know. I think they look well with his car as it`s not over modified. Well they certainly look better than the standard lex alloys.I`m just more into the drift look alloys. B) Thats what im looking for deep dish, split rim stagger fitment drift style wheels lol Slowly getting there, Just jumped on rx8oc and read about wheels and it seams that rx7 (Gen 3) wheels are the same fitment.
  5. do all rx8 wheels fit?? As i have just looked at a fitment chart for wheels i like and it says that the wheels will fit rx but nt a is
  6. Very nice. Can you get a sound clip of the exhaust please, aslo what are the rims you have???
  7. The diffrence between te and le are- The le have flat spokes where as the te spokes go out then back in
  8. How do you attatch the filter to the piping?? Jubalie clips??
  9. i love this is200 and if mine is half an nice as this when finished i will be happy
  10. So does anyone know how to disconnect the beep
  11. Want size pipe is best to run?? Also what is needed if i make my own??
  12. Seen it on ebay and thought you was miles away. I am be tempted now i realice you only in salsbury. Dont spose you have pics of the scratchs do you. Also have you got any sound clips of the exhaust??
  13. i dont know if id agree with that gary-i used barely legal road tyres in the snow as wasnt prepared to change over to chunky tyres on wheels sitting in back garden unless i got stuck-we get bad snow around here and a lot of new 4x4s werent gettin up my hill and i had to tow one a bit - with 4x4 ing i think a lot of it is experience tbh - knowing your limits and thinking about what you are doing before you get in trouble rather then trying to get out of trouble - the snow was up past the bottom of my doors in our hill and i went out whenever i wanted-and took many neighbours shopping when the village was all but cut off and the local shops were out of milk and bread etc-ie coming back with five adults and the boot piled to the roof with shopping - no problem yes i do agree with what you say there slightly. What i ment is thow, you would not race round a wet race track on dry weather slicks with no experience, so why do people think that spending 30k+ on a ne wland rover and go (try going) anywhere and everywhere. But yes it is also lot down to experience But i think never important thing is tires