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  1. I'm about 2 year late to this post, my 55plate is250 had been smoking recently (probably about 2 weeks) even after long drives. My intention was to get it checked at my now due mot as it has never done this in the 7 years i have owned it but this morning the cause of the smoke became clear when the driver side back box connection snapped off. Just wear and tear but a pain none the less. Just incase anyone else has similar issues could be worth having a look. I never had any engine lights come on either to say there was a fault.
  2. For the front ones I put in both ends then bent the middle so that it fitted in, I was bricking it incase they snapped but seemed to work ok. First time I was trying to bend it at bottom of window beside the mirror but there was no chance of it fitting that way.
  3. I don't know about anyone else but for myself it was cosmetic to give my car a different look. Not everyone's cup of tea but I like it 👍🏻
  4. After seeing this post i decided to pick up a set too. They look great.
  5. Quick update, I forgot to update the fix for my vsc issue, it was a hole in the exhaust which was welded for a quick fix but gave way shortly after resulting in having to buy a new exhaust system. £850 lighter but i have since had no problem.
  6. Hi all, I drive a 55 plate is250, it has been bombproof since i got it 4 years ago all i have done is mot and service the car and do the things required etc brakes tyres those sort of things. Before my last service however, the engine management light came on followed by a warning triangle saying check vsc then the traction control light. I intended to to get it checked at the service but all lights went off. About a week after they all came back on again so i booked it into lexus but by the time i waited to take it to lexus they were off again. This happened a third time but on this occasion i told lexus to run my car until the lights came on again so they could run the diagnostic, which they did and found the fault code and fixed the problem. Shortly afterwards the lights came on again and this time i was told it was because my exhaust system was leaking gas where the downpipes meet the cat and the flanges would need replaced. I found a dealer who did this for me and since then everything has been fine (about 2 months). When i was out yesterday however i was doing about 35 in a 40 zone just cruising when all the lights came on again. I have no idea what is causing it but i drove the car all day yesterday with the lights on, everything works perfectly well. I got up this morning turned car on and all the lights were out. I am clueless as to what the problem is. Sorry for the long rant, just wanted thoughts as so many have the same issue with the lights but different fixes. P.s i had low tyre pressure on front right which i thought might have been the reason but when i put the tyre to the correct pressure the lights remained on.
  7. has to be said the is250 is total baws in the snow, snow mode is just a button that does nowt and you cant tickle the accelerator without the traction control kicking in. I had a dabble with the snow tried my best to see best way to drive the car in the snow but it was all over the place. If you accelerate on a bit of slush the wheels will spin. My citreon dispatch van kicks its *****.
  8. brian

    some light modifications to my is250