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  1. I can see now what is missing thanks for the pic Tom 👍🏻
  2. Thanks for the reply just had a google search with the part No and it does show up with Toyota spring.but all are showing in America.just had a quick look on eBay/amazon and nothing,so a trip to the dealers Now I know what is must have snapped coz it was all ok when I fill up last time.thanks again Colin
  3. Just gone to fill the car up with fuel and the fuel door didn’t open.manged to get it open with the emergency pull cord in the boot.just looked outside the house now the release button is working but it’s the actual door is not springing open.i have taken a photo of the door open not sure if the spring is missing or broke or slipped of can anybody help
  4. Going back to your post glider pilot I did put techstream on are RX back a while ago and checked the battery and got a screen shot of it.
  5. It's mostly the wife that drives the only goes short distances few miles a day that's what I'm thinking it is well that's what I'm hoping it is
  6. And also a top of the range RX400 SE-L will still have more extras/toys than a newer top of the range Nissan also when Looking just check the the timing belt has been changed should have been changed at 100.000 miles or 10 years.just do it take the plunge and buy a rx400 you knows you want to. or we could all take a vote on it to help you decide 😂😂😂😂😂 ALL THOSE IN FAVOR RAISE A HAND 🤚 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Hi rr8178r Me and the wife where in a similar boat as you back in November.but we had a 2011 Lexus ct200 to part ex and had quite a few various Lexus's for many years previous anyway.i to was thinking on the lines of something more new like a juke and we test drove a diesel Qashqui.But the wife wanted to stay with lexus so we bought a 57 plate Rx400 with 89000miles are eyes the Rx400 drives much better than a all depends on what you are going to use it for as well.the wife uses the car the most and does the school run and using it back and for to work,always short journeys.its not going to be as economical as a juke/Qashqui we get around 260 miles to a tank but it's a different league to them as well,comfort/driving so fuel economy doesn't bother us.and like I said previously we may be slightly biased as we have had lexus before and they have always been 100% reliable but hope this helps
  8. Now this is a very interesting topic.we have had are 400h since November and the wife asked me why it does this with the brakes as she noticed it (she drives it majority of the time).i have experienced it a few times myself and it is a very odd feeling.i have passed it of as just a RX issue as are CT never done this
  9. So had techstream on are laptop which I bought a while ago.decided to connect it to are Rx400.can any body give advice on checking hybrid battery health on techstream.i know lexus only charge £60 for a heath check.i read elsewhere about a procedure to do to find out about the any of you lovely people know if by looking at the figures you can tell of the battery health.on the plus side I didn’t find any real nasty DTCs in the car.i have uploaded a pic of some of the figures that where shown.
  10. So can just the bushes be replaced or has the whole arm got to be looking at the prices that’s being quoted on here.think I will sell the car before replacing them 😂😂😂😅😅
  11. Lower suspension arm ??? I recently picked up a rx400 and checked back through the mot history.and the 2 advisorys on the last mot where near side and offside front lower suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement am I looking at the same sort of bill on my next mot
  12. Will try and find a video on you tube.i don’t mind a bit of spanner work.especially if it’s going to save me be ££££££😂😂