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  1. Had my front discs, pads and rear pads done today. Lexus dealer in Sidcup had some empathy as I only bought it in January and have only done 5000 miles since purchase. Gave me a very competitive price for the lot. Lexus Edgware Road carried out the work as is part of the Jemca group. The intermittent squealing I had on braking and driving was a result of a lipped disc. Car once again feels like a luxury item 🙂
  2. Hi Have a couple of very minor dents in the rear bumper. May have a go at pushing them out with the aid of a hairdryer. I notice there's a dark grey piece of plastic below the bumper which if removed may allow me to push from behind without actually taking the bumper off. Its the piece of plastic surround that the exhausts poke through. Can this easily be removed?? Not really sure I want to be taking the whole bumper off. Thanks