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  1. Annoyingly, on my regular dog walk, a guy has a V reg LS400 which means I get to covet it on most days. I think I've also mentioned in the past that another local person has an X reg 400, he said he bought it from new and it has never gone wrong! Whatever anyone may say, apart from possibly the earlier VW beetle, there really isn't a more reliable car out there, and just as importantly, it's still silent luxury! Apart from a 69 Chevy, the only cars I've ever stupidly regretted selling have been Lexus.
  2. I've found in the past that it really can pay to take the car to a place that specialises in diagnostic work. We have one locally and they have code readers that cost many thousands. DIY ones are helpful but nothing beats a top notch machine matched with someone who knows how to use it, might be worth a try?
  3. I remember an LS430 owner having a similar issue with the steering, it didn't turn out to be a cheap repair. I'd stay well away from a dealer selling a complex Lexus with faults, it speaks volumes.
  4. Makes no sense to me, but then car insurance never does. I once found that insuring an LS430 was cheaper than a previous Vauxhall, the insurer said "because the LS is a safer car" Anyway, a friend has an IS250C and it's brilliant, then again owners of IS250's say the same! Personally I doubt the 250C would be a target for thieves.
  5. A virtually impossible task I would think, unless the name on your bank account is Musk! I agree though, driving a left hand drive is something you don't really consider when you get used to it, I've had a couple in the past.
  6. In my experience air suspension has a shorter life than conventional, and as has been said, it can fail leaving you immobile. It isn't always the air system that fails, the air struts have oil and the seals can fail causing knocks and a bouncy ride. I'm with Malc on this, having had three I would never touch air again. The exception would be to buy one with failed/failing air with the intention of converting it to springs which is a very easy and basic operation, and very cost effective.
  7. In one of my previous cars it turned out to be where the air hose clips in to the strut, it would loose height overnight. Have you tried soapy water to check for leaks?
  8. I think that's what he's saying, you're getting a compliment!
  9. The obvious solution to all of this is to get the answer from an 18 year old Scandinavian, after all, teenagers always know everything. By that age they know the complete workings of industry, manufacturing, politics in every country, the difficulties of bringing up large families, earning enough money to eat and heat your home etc. I wonder if she would say to the Taliban "how dare you" some might say I wish she would!
  10. We've arrived in the far west of Cornwall, still over 200 miles of fuel after covering 300, although I did notice the Jamaica Inn on Bodmin moor has 4 electric charging points, so good for them, so I could have made it in an EV....unless it was during half term! Unfortunately the traffic going the other way, due to the end of the aforementioned half term was at a standstill in many places, and the service areas with their EV points were overwhelmed. The CR-V performed well, but the last trip here in the Celsior was very hushed!
  11. I'm guessing the answer to your original question may not even be the whole truth, even if you do get an answer, which is unlikely. I was reading an article this week about the new EV's for 2022, none, except the most expensive would get me to my destination of Land End next week without the need for a charging stop. Even so, the self catering cottage doesn't have a charging point, neither does the closest town, there's a loooong way to go yet, and at my age I don't need range anxiety to add to life's list!
  12. My guess is that whatever you do it will never be good enough for climate activists, it never is. I find it quite astonishing that we're not being encouraged to make the change to hybrids as a positive step in the "right direction"
  13. For a start you need one of these if you're serious about it!
  14. No, no, the smell of food is fine, I'm salivating at the thought! And I concede that Sherlock Holmes without a pipe is simply wrong! I'm concerned that Piers will get over stimulated when he discovers cigars rolled on the thighs of beautiful Cuban girls....or is that just a myth!
  15. If you want your breath to stink 2 or 3 times a year go for it! Sir Walter Raleigh would commend you for it, but the recipients of the aforementioned breath won't. And don't forget the smoking jacket and cravat, plus you may need a drawing room!
  16. I don't have a Lexus any more but my Honda CR-V has paddles which I thought were only useful in performance cars, I was wrong, and I use them often for overtaking etc, it's so much better than using kickdown. All very different with CVT of course.
  17. Is the Aldi backdrop really a befitting departure, shouldn't it have at least been Waitrose?
  18. I bet you feel even more smug than Greta Thunberg, and unlike her, for all the right reasons!
  19. I would say you have a leak in one or more struts. Sometimes the air will hold in a high position but will give a hard ride. Not a good sign I'm afraid.
  20. A fine product, my wife swears by it after a three course bloater!!!🤢
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