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  1. Another member had a really badly cracked wheel recently, I've not heard of it being a common thing though. I don't know why the car would sag after being jacked up but the sir struts are complex beasts, it may well be because the height sensors have been raised so high. Glad you got that disc off at last, did you dance on its grave?!
  2. Surely a non OEM belt will do until you can get a genuine one.
  3. As we're on to domestic appliances, we've had our Bosch washing machine for about 15 years and still going strong, our Miele vacuum for 6 so far. The best of all is my Rexel stapler, I remember it in our house as a kid and now I have it and it's perfect. My wife on the other hand gets through them at work on a regular basis because they just don't make them like that anymore. Oh yes, our Creda tumble dryer is at least 20 years old.
  4. I know told you in the past about my old Volvo ownership, and as I've now got time to do the jobs I've been putting off I was in my garage last week and hanging on the wall, covered in cobwebs, was the timing belt removed from my 740GLE all those years ago! Although I've no idea why I kept it. A shame all timing belts aren't as easy to replace.
  5. At least there aren't restrictions on car fettling if we have space to do it away from people.
  6. Wow, I've never seen one so firmly stuck. I guess you tried some heat?
  7. He's fine and dandy thank you, as is his friend who also had it. Both back to normal, both fully recovered within a week.
  8. I guess lots of us will have a chance to get things done that we've been putting off. For me it's laying new lawn and (if) I can get sand and cement some repointing!
  9. Yes, my brother but got over it within a week. Nothing too bad, a fever with sweating for 2-3 days and feeling fine 7 days later.
  10. Much obliged Mark (and the other Phil) Having it all in Japanese makes me nervous in case I press "seat eject" Talking of imports, I went to a glass cutters today, just before they closed for the foreseeable, and the guy had a Nissan Skyline import, what a tasty car!
  11. Good point on the rear requirement. If you don't get any info here you could maybe make an "essential" journey to an MOT garage and ask, from 2 metres of course!
  12. I have, yes, with no problem. I did it all by the book so I wasn't expecting a problem. I can't help thinking you may face problems MOT wise if you do that with your fogs. I may be wrong.
  13. I've had it on the 6 various LS's I've owned over the years but it's easy peasy to rectify it, assuming it's the discs and not something else.
  14. Well I'm not going to work tomorrow but I am taking supplies to someone 12 miles away!
  15. I'm trying to remember but age has beaten me, can anyone remember if there's a reset for this warning? I'm sure I did it when I had my manual in English rather than Japanese.
  16. Someone told me it costs more than new discs to have them skimmed but he does speak much nonsense so it may not be true! I've just started to get it as well but I'm guessing most LS owners do at some point.
  17. I fitted them to my Celsior, I bought the lights online and the electrical fitting kit from ECP. A very simple job with one wire to earth and the other to the side light live. So now they come on with the ignition and go out when other lights are switched on. They've been working fine now for several months.
  18. As it happens I'm on the Rioja now, can't afford brandy, I've spent all my money on stockpiling toilet roll and soap and dog poo bags.
  19. I think I may need another beer before I go over that again! Actually I like the idea of no money and everything being free, if that could work, I'll take that new LS500 please.
  20. Just bad luck probably, I've just got home from my amazing week in the wilds of Cornwall and all the fuel stations were open, fully stocked and just normal, or slightly less amount of customers. In Salisbury, which seems to be awash with fuel stations it was business as usual. Sadly, being peckish, I did buy a thing called a "potato dog" from the garage, that may have been a mistake!