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  1. Happy Birthday dw1921!

  2. Should I?

    cheers again lads, got another cra here that i use so not in as big a rush now, god dam crap companied that go bust :tsktsk:
  3. really nice mod there mate but as for the stickers covering that mess, shamefull why cant sellers just be honest with you instead of covering things up? good luck at the bodyshop mate
  4. Should I?

    well i took some advice from you guyes and held off from the lex i was looking at, the more i looked the more i couldnt justify paying over the odds, i really love the is200 but im willing to hold off until the cash is there for one rather than pay alot more than i should be, again cheers guys
  5. Swedish Is200 Sport

    i must say this is a lovely is the fact he has made an attempt at almost all of it is pretty awsome too keep up the good work mate
  6. Should I?

    cheers for that phil il take that on board, i knew garages are a bit more expensive. i might just hold off then
  7. Mpguino Anyone?

    i look forward to seeing how this turns out
  8. Should I?

    cheers for the hints guys, i had a good poke about again today just waiting to get hold of the garage owner to get things sorted, gonna do a hpi check but dono how to so how do i go about it? deckie if i had the cash id probably be interested theres been a few on here that have caught my eye but sadly waiting on the guvernment getting there fingers out to get my redundancy means im having to buy on finance then pay off when i eventualy get money derek
  9. Should I?

    hey all iv been looking for a is 200 whilst waiting on redundancy coming to me however not been having much luck, i did however come across one near by on friday here is a little advert from it: 4 Doors, Manual, Saloon, Petrol, 65,000 miles, Black, MOT-08-2010. ABS, Half Leather, Air conditioning, Alloy wheels, Cruise control, Electric mirrors, Electric windows, Electric sunroof, Park distance control, Radio/CD, Electrically adjustable seats, Service History. Insurance Group:12 i guess what im asking is do you think its worth it? i havent spoke to the garage owner yet but have spoke with a finance company who will be getting back in touch with me on monday to see if i would be accepted for finance on it. i had a good poke about it today and could only see a few very small stone chips on the bonet and a scratch on the back bumper. it is up for sale for £4295 and its a 51 plate whats your opinions guys? also what should i be asking/ looking outfor when i go back to the garage? Derek
  10. iv always used auto glym super resin polish on my cars
  11. Opinions On Photoshop

    anthracite for me
  12. i think u should take me a drive lol :)
  13. New Shoes

    haha ace, i quite like them but saying that some of my old cars have been a bit odd looking but for some reason i think they look ace with the red stickers on the body.
  14. ormi i must say cars looking spot on there. keep up the good work. :winky:
  15. Lexus Is200 Se Nav

    man i really wish my redundancy would hurry the hell up and id have this off u bud