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  1. The metal ones can corrode onto the valve. Break a pressure sensing valve and it's expensive. Best to use plastic.
  2. Could you have hung around and get the used ticket from the next person to leave? I often wonder if that would work - I expect 'they' would be on to that one - keeping watch?
  3. Read up how to check the level - it may need to be with engine running and having selected all gears before neutral. My Soarer auto box was like that, not sure on yours.
  4. Emulsion on the underside of the oil filler cap is well known on other makes e.g. Vauxhall - caused by too many short trips, not head gasket. Not a good indicator IMHO.
  5. I think the main concern as a seller is if there is a dispute. The arbitrary way ebay will judge in a buyer's favour and take the sale money back out of your account. There are spme bad buyers out there (and sellers), so extra diligence is needed when using the site. Try some of the specific ebay subject forums for some horror stories!
  6. Had mine main dealer serviced last month. Checked the service book on picking it up - not stamped/signed. I went back in for them to stamp it - they did it no problem but said it wouldn't have mattered as all the services are on their database anyway. I've got mixed thoughts on this. Were they covering their embarrassment or is that the real source of info? I wonder if the essentials service is logged on their system for prospective buyers to check out.
  7. The few modern FM transmitters that I've tried have inferior sound quality. I have a big old one that sounds much better. My cassette adaptor from Comet sounds very good.
  8. 1/ If your new wheels are aftermarket, is the hub located snugly in the wheel centre hole? If not you need spigot rings to centralise the wheels. 2/ Could be tyres 3/ Could be a poor balancing job - it does happen - get them rebalanced
  9. !On qeueing at traffic lights I then noticed the temperature gauge getting high. It wasn't in the red but it was getting close. On finally getting to work there was a small amount of steam coming from the engine." You need to get this sorted before you use the car again, or you risk an expensive engine failure. At this stage it could be an inexpensive fix, but running at high temp can damage a lot more.
  10. Written on the tyre wall should be the max pressure. Anything below this when hot is safe. Tyres run cooler when pumped up harder, and last longer provided the wear is still distributed across the full tread. Pressure dictates comfort, handling, wear pattern, grip. Handbook pressure is usually a sensible compromise.
  11. Ive bought parts from cheaptoyotaparts mail order. Prices for OEM are about as good as I've found.
  12. "The resistor is on the positive indicator wire and the negative wire" - is this how they should be installed? I would have thought they should be in series with the lamps
  13. My 430 V8 averaged 30mpg Newcastle to Swindon 5 up with luggage. Mostly on cruise at 80ish. I'm surprised the hybrid isn't much better - perhaps it's shorter journeys it has the advantage.
  14. I think the disabled bays should stay close to the shop, but the kids bays should be furthest away. Give the little ones and mums a bit of exercise. Anyway, why should they get wider bays than the likes of us? Basic problem is too many people, too little space.
  15. Try a ground loop isolator
  16. I've had a DAB radio in another car and it was perfect. You just need a good external aerial.
  17. I know exactly what you mean. Untill recently I also had a BMW Z3 2.8 and although it was very fast, I always had the urge to floor it. When driving the Ls, my brain is set to cruise-mode :) Jekyll and Hyde, I'm afraid. I waft around some of the time, particularly commuting and with passengers. Still put the boot in quite a lot though. It's great to have a car that is both silent comfortable cruiser and nutter incentive.
  18. What sort of motors are they? I wonder if they are steppers or servos, to include the positioning ability? In which case 12v on them would'nt move them
  19. I found they are all roughly the same price if genuine. Got mine from cheaptoyotaparts, I recommend them.
  20. A simple tracking check should centre your steering wheel OK, and may well be all you need. I would rather pay the extra and go for full geometry check and adjust, as you dont really know what's been done to it in an earlier life. Worth trying to get personal recommendation for a good place, as a poor mechanic can negate the good equipment
  21. The load rating is fairly important to get the best out of a tyre. You see specs like XL, or 97Y which are for heavier cars. See tyre manufacturers' sites for availablity listings for each type and size. Tha handbook should specify what you need. Some tyres are available in standard and XL. Some are only available in one or the other. I don't know how the insurance stands on this but I don't think it's dangerous to have the wrong load rating.
  22. For a squealing belt use chalk. Instant remedy. Mind your fingers if you do it live, you may lose some.
  23. That doesn't look like an aged belt, more like it has run off centre and been worn. Obviously look for reasons when it's apart.
  24. I believe it's a dealer programming change needed, for timed instead of auto. My partner's Vauxhalls have very good auto wipers, better setup than the GS.
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