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  1. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    K-Fal, my car is running fine although I have been off work so have not used it a great deal.MPG seems to be pretty normal ie 35 around town and 45 when on motorway. The car has to go back to Lexus after 600-800 miles for a check. I have decided to keep the car cause looking at other cars I am struggling to get anything near the same quality and looking at petrol models means I loose a lot of power to get anything like the same economy. I have been spoiled with the Lexus and will get a set of tyres and service before the winter sets in. I will post after the check up in a couple of weeks probably and let you know if there are any problems. Cheers
  2. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hi, Enda my car did not have a full Lexus service history as I use a local garage owned by a friend but as long as the service record is up to date then there should be no issue. Good to hear that others are getting the same service from Lexus and having the fault repaired at no cost. Have hardly used the car since I got it back so cannot report on fuel consumption but if any improvement I will post and let you know. Still haven't decided wether to get rid or keep the car, it needs tyres and serviced so that may be a consideration. Cheers for all replies.
  3. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hello, got my car back from Lexus today with all the work carried out and I wasn't charged a single penny.....hooray!! The work done included new pistons with modified curved head, new ERG valve,modified head gasket and modified catalytic converter. According to Lexus the work would have cost in excess of £4800 and will cure this problem for good,they also said that doing low mileage local type driving without getting above 40-50 mph was the main cause and as I mainly do motorway/A road driving the damage may have been done before I bought the car. Got to say thanks to Lexus and Lexus Glasgow as have read of other car makers/dealerships whose engines suffer from similar issues and they will not repair outside the warranty. Anyone with similar issues should get the same service so don't pay for this issue to be sorted. Have to run the car in for 600-800 miles and take it back for a check up but am now considering what to do next,keep the car or do I get rid whilst it is sorted......will find it hard to move from Lexus as have been spoiled with the quality and also the dealership service. Cheers for the replies
  4. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hi, dropped the car off at Lexus Glasgow yesterday morning and got a call later that afternoon confirming that Lexus had approved the car falls into the criteria to have this work carried out at their expense. Good news and a wee bit happier but being a bit pessimistic I will not believe it till I get the car back in a weeks time and have not had to pay for anything. Lexus are updating me every day as to the progress so if anything else comes up I will post an update and will let you know when I get the car back next week. Cheers for the replies and fingers are still crossed.
  5. Eml Light - P2002

    Spannerman, I have just posted regarding this fault code and am waiting to see if Lexus will foot the £5000 bill for the repair as this seems to be a common problem. Hopefully will find out on Friday and will keep you posted on the result. Good luck mate.
  6. Hello, I have never posted on this forum before but have used it frequently and got good info since buying my 07 IS220d 3 years ago which now has 39000 miles on it. I now have a wee tale of horror concerning my car as two days ago the dreaded 'CHECKS VSC' warning light appeared on my dash and the car went into limp home mode. I contacted LEXUS GLASGOW who I bought the car from and they wanted £72 to run a diagnostic check before letting me know what the problem was. I went to my own garage who has looked after my cars for years and with a free diagnostic done confirmed that the code P2002 was showing an EGR fault. Got back onto Lexus and told them the code which they replied was a common issue and would require a weeks work on the engine to fix the problem.They also said that they had been succesful in the past getting Lexus to carry out this work outside the warranty but would not confirm this until they had diagnosed it themselves and checked the service history was in order. The garage said they has another car the same age in their workshop getting the same repair carried out and Lexus were paying for that one. I asked how much it would be if Lexus declined to pay for the work and was told about £5000.............. I nearly fainted, panicked that my service history wasn't up to date and booked the car in for this Thursday. Checked my service book and it appears ok so am now looking forward to Thursday although I am fully expecting a fight to get Lexus to pay but will see how I get on. I would appreciate feed back from anyone who has had similar experience and what the outcome was and if Lexus stumped up for the repair and I will let you know how I get on. Also can I say that I love my Lexus to drive and have found it to be a dream to own to date, hope this remains the same after this week, fingers crossed!