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  1. Thanks! yes i was going to ask regarding the blink count process. Once the pins are shorted would i then have to count like this? Is there a guide someone can direct me to?
  2. i'm trying to advise the mechanics who are currently investigating the fault,but haven't actually taken it apart to look into. I'm hoping its just dirt/rust on the sensor itself as it seems that this VSC light can be caused by a whole variety of issues. It used to make the whining noise when applying the brake at slow speeds,one day this stopped altogether and now the VSC light stays on,the VSC button which used to turn it off or on,doesn't do anything now.
  3. Am struggling to locate some rear wheel sensors for the 1999 GS300 Does anyone know of any,have trawled the usual ,ebay etc and cant seem to find any that are suitable?
  4. Parking Sensors Faulty>?

    Hello,wondering if anyone had any info re: a how to guide for replacing sensors?
  5. Parking Sensors Faulty>?

    Hi,thanks for the info. i had a look around,and assume i will need to take the bumper off to access the sensors as i couldn't see how else to do so Is there a guide to doing this on the GS300? also will i need to be mindful of any airbag deployment sensors around that way?
  6. Parking Sensors Faulty>?

    ill have a look tonight and let you know but from memory,i don't recall seeing any icons anywhere on my dash.
  7. Parking Sensors Faulty>?

    Not can I check or test this..?
  8. Parking Sensors Faulty>?

    Quite the opposite no not recently.
  9. My parking sensors have recently started to stay on the continuous tone,as if you are close to something,as soon as i put it in Reverse. I checked to see if anything was covering or blocking them and wiped them down,but it still seems to do it. Is this likely to be a sensor fault,if so how can i got about identifying the issue? Thanks
  10. so an update to this as i haven't had a chance to investigate for while! i discovered a screw hidden under the Nokia logo,which i undid. Then had i removed ash tray and the wooden bit around the gear stick,the whole thing came away nicely. I traced the wire from the nokia dock and it seemed to go in 2 directions? one forward towards the centre console and one back under the big arm rest. im guessing to see where that goes i need to remove the arm rest,can anyone advise on how that's done,i couldn't see anything obvious. Also can someone advise where the wire going forward maybe i couldn't find anything to figure what each connector on the rear of the stereo is for?
  11. if the cable has snapped and there is any left,will it feed it out as well,or can i get access to it another way? Sounds pretty straightforward tho,so will get this one off ebay and give it a shot! always good to know someone else has tried the same one and had no dramas! :D :D
  12. Hello, So the aerial has developed a problem where when turned on will open a bit and then starts making a grinding noise. When turned off the aerial retracts fully.Tried some lube etc but this allowed it to extend fully but not retract properly. :eerrrmm: I'm thinking its time to replace it with this: But how do i feed the white cable part in....couldn't find any tutorial that shows me how
  13. to remove the old cradle,seems there is a screw under the Nokia logo. I may try to remove this and see what's underneath. Im thinking to re-install the old cup holder and connect up one of these and set it into the cup holder space. Question is,if i remove the old cradle,any ideas what kind of connectors i am likely to find? Apparently this is compatible but if i connect this do i lose the CD player?
  14. Hello Everyone, I have a very old Nokia phone cradle as in the pictures. And i want to see what my options are to either remove it and put what ever was there before back in(i think it was a ash tray or something) or if there is a modern phone connecting thing i can install here does anyone have any suggestions please and if so how i can go about doing so. Thanks