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  1. In general I think is220d owners for the most part were disappointed with the fuel efficiency. As a result, some were driven too gently. This in turn created issues around carbon build up as temperatures were never consistently high enough to burn it off. This then caused DPF issues and back pressures. Also, I am an advocate for the car. But it needs care. Enjoy it!
  2. From memory, it all drains from the stop ***** on the radiator. Just open the cap on the reservoir and it'll drain very quickly. Good luck with it!
  3. You need to drain the reservoir at least as that has to come out
  4. @Coolissimo I know the coolant is a pain but it's easy and you can reuse it. That's the least of your worries. Also, I didn't torque anything. Just take it handy on the common rail. Very exact advice I know, but it has stood well for me for over a year at least.
  5. I could be wrong but I think the sponge is just held in by the EGR. Honestly can't remember but definitely not anything to worry about. I bought it on a disk on ebay. No link unfortunately. Only about a fiver. Well worth it.
  6. This might help...
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm a bit old school and still have an iPod which unfortunately has no bluetooth option!
  8. Thanks Shahpor, I'll keep you posted on how it goes! Hopefully I'll sell it to someone local so I can see how it ages!!!
  9. Definitely not an impulse purchase - a long, long time saving for it Yeah, really looking forward to it. A nice six hour drive to the ferry when I pick it up will get me well accustomed!
  10. Hi Lee, Ha, a tricky question! I had been so impressed with my previous Lexus that it was an easy decision to stay with the brand. Also, my regular drive on a daily basis has swung a bit more urban than it had been so a hybrid seemed like a great option for me. Other factors such as car tax (in Ireland on the IS220D is about €1,100 versus about €300 on the GS450H) and fuel consumption (at the moment for me is about 30mpg diesel so if I got anywhere close to 40mpg in petrol, I would be savings about €1,500 per annum) really help with the finances! I had a GS450H for a weekend about two years ago and enjoyed every minute of it. I also had a short drive (20 mins) in a IS330H around the same time and it just fell a bit short for me. Really well finished and comfortable but the extra pull from the GS drew me in. I did think about a third gen GS (lovely looking car) but I have a history of holding on to cars for a long time so it made sense to buy a newer model.
  11. Hi All, After 8 years on the IS forum, I have finally moved on to a 2014 GS450H. Picking up next Tuesday week - no photos yet unfortunately and the ad has been taken down already. I will put some up when I get the car. As with every car I've ever owned, it's black on black. Very exciting, I know! It ticks most of the boxes for me. It's an F Sport but missing the front fogs and doesn't have the larger screen unfortunately. Has a sunroof which is a nice addition. Anyway, just looking for some general thoughts or advice. Will be looking to add the fog light kit and would love to do something about the hybrid badges beside the rear wheel arches (for some reason they look addly placed to me!). I have an iPod that goes everywhere with me. It's quite large in size (240GB) and not sure if it will work with the GS. Has anyone tried? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi All, After 8 years, 130k miles and a few headaches, I am moving on from my IS220D. Heading over from Ireland to pick up a 2014 GS450H F Sport on Tuesday week! Thank you to all for the excellent help and advice I received over the years. Genuinely kept my car going at times! I know that the car gets a lot of flack but it has served me very well and also fed my interest in DIY car repairs (not everyone's cup of tea!). Honestly, I will miss it. (Alloys upgraded since photo!)
  13. Hi @Coolissimo! You are right to ask. It is a while since I did this but I know you have to remove the reservoir tank so at least that much of the system will need to be drained. I think I replaced the coolant at the same time hence the full drain. But, simple answer, just empty the reservoir and you should be fine!
  14. Yes, you have to drive it. Once the engine temp reaches the mid range the exhaust temps tend to be close to about 500C and the regen cycle will start. Just drive it normally, no need to rev hard or anything like that from my experience. I know there must be a way to do a stationary regen but I have yet to discover how to do it.