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  1. Thanks! Can't work out which wire on the plug is negative, positive and ground? Help!!
  2. Hi Thnaks, but link won't open with info.
  3. Hi All Anyone have a wiring diagram for the seat heater switch plug harness?
  4. Hi All Just retroffited a 6" nav into a motorised nav housing. Thanks to these forums, I have eveything working (opens, closes and tilts) but cannot get the open close and tilt button to illuminate when the lamps are on at night. Anyone know which wires to tap into the radio cd or seat heaters harness?
  5. Just completed my project by fitting a 6" satnav touch screen with av-in etc in a 7" housing - looks good. Pics shortly...
  6. Hi Mine was intermittent creaking. Was diagnosed as lower ball joint so replaced both lowers. Cheers
  7. Touch wood, the only probs I've had on my 120K IS200 are: - cd deck died; - ball joints; - bonnet hood rod recepticle snapped; - fuel release flap release tensioner snapped; and Other than that, very reliable!