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  1. Happy Birthday jonnyk!

  2. Thanks for your opinion!But my question was can the coils be swapped between cylinders?
  3. The engine management light is lit on my IS200! Looking at old posts it seems the general consensus is that its most probably a coil!So rather than pay to be told this I was gonna get a coil and see if it works!My question is are coils interchangeable from cylinder or would i need to buy all to be sure! Seen some for sale at 35euro each so just thought it would be worth a try if I only need 1!!!
  4. I think they were Bosch from memory! Thunk ill go back to the Denso!
  5. Now i know the IS200 isnt exactly easy on juice at the best of times but I changed the plugs in January and it seems a lot harder on juice since! Ithink it had Denso plugs before and couldnt get them at the time handily! Anyone know the best plugs for her?
  6. Just ordered a set of m6 replicas!Black with polished face wrapped in falken rubber!!! Keeping it 17s.Will have them : friday hopefully! B)
  7. Dont want the hassle of getting wheels refurbed when i can get wheels and tyres package for E650 ish!Gonna get my own refurbed at some stage when i get new ones
  8. Right lads and lasses im looking for suggestions for alloys for my IS.Going to go for after market!Any suggestions or pictures greatly received!Shes navy blue and originals are ******!
  9. Thanks for the help lads the third brake light is gone!!! Much appreciated!
  10. Well lads the handbrake light on my 2000 is 200 is staying on!Anyone experienced this before?would it be the handbrake light switch sticking or something more serious?Any help would be greatly received!
  11. i had the same problem when i got my car. id say you have a siezed caliper! check the wheels after driving if 1 is over hot thats the 1 that needs changing. i got 1 in a breakers for e50.easy fix dont let it put you off the car mine hasnt missed a beat in 2 years!!!!
  12. scrap it lad their a piece of crap! i asked a guy breaking jap cars and he wouldnt sell me 1 cause they always come back! i had the same problem as yourself!!
  13. does anyone know if i could order a key from the uk and have it sent to the roi. my car was originally a uk car before i bought it also how much would a key cost in the uk. i priced them here and was told it would be e250. is this cheap or expensive. im presuming its expensive seeing as everything else this side of the pond normally is double what it is in the uk!!!!!!
  14. it seems to be a common enough problem on is 200s. ihave fitted new calipers new discs and new pads due to the same problem and no change and a mate of mine has the same problem with an altessa. im at a loss too