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  1. I'm at the point where I need to start looking around again. The IS200 was superb but the IS250 was just a tad too large and thirsty for my needs. The CT looks to be the perfect size. However, it seems that it has a few shortcomings, depending on model: No spare and a costly and messy exercise to have one in a concealed position. No power mirrors on lower spec ? No proper handbrake Ride considered harsh by some I really wan't to come back to Lexus but they are making it so difficult.
  2. Having waited a while for the real owner reviews to appear they just confirm the journalists reviews. Suspension too firm/hard Too expensive Engine whines under CVT control under moderate acceleration. Not being able to get electric folding mirrors on anything but the very very expensive variant is the killer for me though. I insist on parking in my garage and with the mirrors out it wouldn't fit through the garage door. Not for me thanks. (If only they had brought the IS200 into the 21st century with all the toys then that would have seen me back in a Lexus)
  3. From what I can tell, if you want/need the folding mirrors then you need the £30K model = pass. Shame really as I was looking forward to coming back.
  4. Nope that P if we're talking about the same button (on the left of centre console) is how you put the car into "Park". If you look carefully at the full dash pic you can just about see the foot brake pedal above the footrest. That's me out then, can't use anything on the left
  5. Do I detect an electronic parking brake? I noticed on one of the photos a button with a P surrounded by a square symbol. As long as they have dumped the foot operated job ala IS250 Auto and latest Prius then I'm likely back in a Lexus.
  6. Just out of interest.......... If Lexus brought back the IS200/300, updated to this decade with better MPG and all the latest toys, would you buy one in preference to existing models ? I certainly would.
  7. If the footprint is similar to the IS200, it has a proper 'hand operated' handbrake and the MPG is not too sloppy then it's on my list for 2012/13. That interior does look good and hopefully that SatNav has TMC on it (and the ability to add custom POI's would be nice).
  8. This new model could very well see me back in a Lexus :)
  9. Hi I haven't really looked too far at the the moment. The Civ is only 2 years old but the suspension is driving me nuts. The best description I can give it (from someone else) is like a 'cork on the ocean'. I will definately be changing next Jan or March but I need something IS200 sized, no smaller, and with the toys the Civic has (SatNav with Traffic, Bluetooth, MP3, etc). So far, the best match is a fully specced Golf SE which would return me back to IRS instead of my current torsion beam. Shame Lexus never followed through with the rumoured BS :(
  10. Hi Shame really. A nice small Lexus would suit me a treat.
  11. Yes I know it's been 2 years - but........ There was rumours about Lexus producing a 'BS' to compete with the 1 series and A3's Having had the Civic for 2 years it's just not in the same league quality wise and the current IS is just that bit too large for my needs.
  12. Thanks :) I calculated: 40k Service £450 (enquired at last service) Tyres £600 (£148 a corner for the Dunlop 9000's) Respray - £800 (already quoted) Pads £200 ? Battery £80 ? It soon adds up.............. I'll contact Tony in the summer and get my geo checked being as he did such a good job on IS, with the original tyres lasting 33K+ (last service at 30K they still reckoned I had 3mm on the fronts and 5mm on the rears).
  13. Morning The IS200 has been p/x'd for a 07 Civic EX i-shift (fully loaded). Difficult decision but it was over 3 years old and the next service with additional work would have set me back £2k: 40K service 4 Tyres (on since new) Disc pads (on since new) Front respray (pebbledashed) Battery (4 years old, may have been wise to replace?)
  14. Wonder if they have speed humps nearby ? :)
  15. From memory it's a 3 position switch ? Permanently On Permanently Off Door activated
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