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  2. Someone else mentioned that as a possibility. what would the solution to this be?
  3. hi, no it happens anytime without rain. I wasnt aware there was a boot ligh ton a 2000 is200? and if the boot light was on it would mean that the boot would have to be open therefore the door open indicator would come on.?
  4. HI guys, Im needing help with a battery drain problem. It dies after not using it for more than 24 hours. I get a clicking noise from the relay box as i have noticed others have had similar problems.I have replaced the battery then tested that one(leaving it unconnected for more then 24 hours to see if it keeps it charge) which is fine. Once jump started it i can see the battery charges up so the alternator is definitely working. I am also getting the clock back light problem that others seem to have,where it's always on. I have an aftermarket CD player ( bought with the car) so assumed it may be that. I have then removed the center console and completely removed the cables to the CD player AND the clockunit/AC unit and still the battery goes dead!! There was an open cable coming from the battery which i removed which was an AMP fuse lead so im assuming there was once an aftermarket AMP installed aswell. Could there be anything to do with an amp that is draining it??
  5. i am having the same problem. im not too clear on your wire info, is there anywhere i can get wiring diagrams for the back of the connectors to the clock/A.C and the stereo?
  6. I have the same problem with my battery draining after 24 hours. have checked lights, stereo etc and all seems fine. I also get the clicking noise from the relays.I replaced my battery but still the same problem. Once you charged your battery did you solve this?
  7. i was quoted £340 for part and labour from toyota aberdeen!, so just paid for the diagnostics and left.will get the part and fit it myself.
  8. sorry its a 2000 reg is200 sport. Thanks for the replies. yeah i seen the different sizes,seen them at £127 and the other one is about £170 so thought there is maybe more to it than just the length. will go have a look on ebay.
  9. Hey guys, i have a engine warnign light up for a lambda sensor. Its bank 1 sensor 2, was wandering if anyone could tell me the part number and price as there are two different ones.
  10. hey guys... i have an alarm when in reverse,i have no parking sensors and its not an automatic. does anyone know how to turn it off or where the fuse to it might be. hope the fuse for it isnt for anything else too thou? Some people ive spoke to who also had an is200 said they didnt have a reversing alarm. Does anybody else have this problem.
  11. Cheers mate ur a legend! Thats exactly what i need. I will look around for a second hand one first. Will have to get some picks up.
  12. Hi guys, im new to LOC and also new to forums an not very good with them, i bought a nice gunmetal grey is200 se about a year ago.(not got any pics up yet). I unfortunatly hit a block of snow/ice in the middle of the road earlier in the year but havnt had money to fix it. I need a new front bumper,splitter and headlamp washer. I can't seem to find a new splitter anywhere,can anyone help me?? is it standard to this car and the lexus garage might have one.also is this wat u's call a tte splitter?? its just a small extra lip on the front.thanks mark
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