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  1. Did you search the LOC forums? The photo links are still there. I still have a unit never used wrapped up in a box in my loft, but you'll need a sat nav unit to connect to it which has video composite output (yellow phono) and someone to wire it. .
  2. I let Fargo (Paul) know so he can come on and answer, as I have his number Just texted Paul, he said he'll come on LOC and answer...
  3. I let Fargo (Paul) know so he can come on and answer, as I have his number
  4. Hi Gavin, Following this thread is great. I am sure you've seen these links below, but add your thread to this and it makes a very very interesting read for those who are keen and interested in these engine mods. I can't wait to see your car up and running again with new photos. Blinding...
  5. Try
  6. Follow the OEm cable routing and tie the new cable along side it, the Oem seats have cables in them on both sides for the seat belt tensioner (SRS) just follow and tie alongside that loom, it will allow your seat the same movement without disturbing your existing or new cables.
  7. You can always shut yourself inside the boot, have a friend outside (key ready off course) run water from a hose pipe around the boot lid and rear screen (upper) region and see where the water is getting in from, also pour buckets of water as sometimes the leak needs pressure (i.e. travelling on rainy day on motorway and water is pushed into the seams with force) I had a simular thing going on many many years back on a peugeot 406, and found it was the seal. just removed it, and put it back on, solved the problem, seems to have sunk too low, well worn in fact. it was an old car so never thought of replaceing any thing on it.
  8. Take it to a friendly mech, and see if it can be soldered/welded, obviously would need the pipe off first. But Tigerfish idea should normally work, bear in mind it is a high pressure pipe. I remember the one on my 530d had a loose end bold (after changing the engine and forgetting to torque up), liquid leaked completely in no time at all!!
  9. Sounds like you need a replacement battery...especially if never been changed. you could test it first or re-charge it and see if it holds the float before you spend.
  10. Glad you got it sorted, you should dip the ballast the other way round when mounting them so water will not enter the cable section.
  11. Mr Aido., must i remind you what I used to do. Could have given u one for free b4 i left the Uk that is for a car and works on the move. If it the model in the photo, it sould work from car battery right, as it looks like a car model the antenna looks like it is only designed to work whilst stationary though....... Steve
  12. I can do you a 30AMP or 50 AMP or 80A or even a monster 250A one, email me
  13. If you are to get 1, ensure it's the clifford one, Intellistart model.. This will also work on Manual gear cars. Also the chip in the key will eed to be bypassed as said above. All other brands of remote start are not worth the effort, I promise you.
  14. Sorry... a bit off, But there's no need for de-icing where I am .. tee hee
  15. i brought a SONY HDR-CX7EK. Brilliant... bt got it from HK. all EU spec.
  16. Hi everyone. I am leaving the UK for good next month and moving to Hong Kong with my wife and my new daughter. It has been great to be part of these forums and to meet everyone I did. I will still come on the forums now and again. But meanwhile I like to send my best wishes to you all. If there is anything I can help with, being in Hong Kong don't hesitate to ask... I'll see what I can do from that end. Regards Steve
  17. IMHO, if there is a problem with something or someone with a specific company, surely it can be sorted amoungst those involved on a more personal level rather then public. We all have to remember that TDI is a business and if it were my business I would protect it too, whether I needed to or not. Yes, people have problems, but yet people always have good experiences. For instance, we always would curse our ENGLAND goal keeper for not saving goals, but never praise him for saving the many he did. I have had good experiences with TDI and think mark is very knowledgeable when it comes to car tuning. You have to remember that where there is a will there is a way with TDi. Take for example all the 1st installs they have ever done and off course some need tweaking like all things new. we need to appreciate this. I think we should sit back, relax and be thankfull of companies so helpfull to lexus members and offering all these tuning solutions to lexus owners, before I joined LOC, I never even knew how to get Lexus tuning parts untill I saw and found the TDI link. I have been happy with things I brought from there............ :)
  18. I bought the car from a finance company as seen so I am not concerned about the previous owner turning up. Plus it was bought as seen so no room for negotiation unfortunately. It looks like I am stuck with cost. Thanks for the comments Hi. Moving on. I now have a replacement fob (e-bay) but unfortunately Lexus tried but now say they can only reprog. 'virgin' keyfobs. Has anyone had used a smartfob reprogrammed or know how to clear one? It looks like bite the bullet time and buy a new one!! The AA should be starting their new key assist shortly ,saving members having to pay out car dealer pricing for key replacements and chips/programing etc. This new venture from the AA will have approx a fleet of 26+ key assist vans around the country which have full on board key cutting, chips, PC,s programmers on board. fully trained technicians... ;) don't ask how I know... I just do.
  19. Be carefull of the US stuff as the tuners are different bandwidth.
  20. I only have 1 of these knocking about. Still have source for the monitor and could possibly do a walk through on how to do it and what parts are required.. :)
  21. I got this still knocking about in my garage if anyone is interested, PM me. I know I am not suppose to sell but someone could be the owner of this as its just collecting dust.
  22. I went for a volvo V50 2.0D auto brand new. Service from Volvo isn't the best in the world either for me . Would never buy another Volvo because of it. Paid nearly £21,000 for mine
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