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  1. Hi all Does anyone know part number of oxygen sensor bank 2 sensor 1 for RX300 54 plate. Mine seems to have gone looking at the diagnostic code P0051. If you have an eBay link that will be great 🙂 thanks
  2. Thanks all I think I'll take this option and keep the RX. I did look at LPG a awhile ago but I think it's too risky at this time and I don't do crazy miles still. I love the car. As Herbie said there is big difference in comfort etc but the 300 is still quite good. I have had a later model IS220d and IS250 before and toys wise the RX is at par. It's only missing the keyless entry which I did like a lot. Also missing the sporty driving of the IS but then do really need the boot space and one can't have it all.
  3. thanks for you comments. As for maps I hardly use the onboard satnav. I have google maps on my phone on and that works so well. I like the screen though for trip info and general over view of where I am on a map
  4. Hi guys I have a 54 plate RX300 SE just hit 130k. I have no complaints other than fuel economy. When I bought it I was doing just 11 miles a day. That changed a year ago and my average mileage went to about 25 a day mostly motorway. So the fuel bill hurts. In town it's doing about 17mpg in winters. On motorway it's doing about 24mpg. I have been looking to moving to one of the later hybrids 450h but from pictures they don't look any different. I am guessing motorway mpg will not be much different? Yeah outside is different but inside seats, boot, satnav etc all look same. Considering they cost nearly 4 times as much to what I paid for the 300 a couple of years ago I am confused if upgrading is any benefit or should I just keep using the 300 and if it dies buy another one of same age? I really don't mind how it looks. For me important bits are boot size and comfort. Any one who has made the upgrade can enlighten me how they found the difference between them?
  5. Hi all A product I have been involved in since day one just launched on Kickstarter. Please do have a look in your spare time. If you like it, I'll appreciate if you share or tweet it. Thanks! Also if it is against forum rules to share products I'll remove it straight away. Thanks
  6. yes, I thought about it. They do look aftermarket as they are not colour coded. Just black in colour. But some indication is that they are same as Toyota fits to Camry. I would have tried to take one out but they are the type that get pushed in from the out side and then they sort of clip in. To get to the clips you have to take the bumper off or get your hand behind the bumper and between the sold protector foam and bumper. I would not have been able to take the old one out without taking bumper off if was not shattered already.
  7. Hi all A few days ago I reversed into a pole. The pole and bumper are fine but as I had somehow aimed the pole in the middle of the reverse parking sensor I have a broken sensor now. Since then and up until today when I put car in reverse, the car would make a beeping sound like there is an error. Today I have been able to pull the sensor out from behind the bumper but I have dropped its shell inside the bumper somewhere and the plastic shell is supposed to have the part number on it. Can some one help with the part number. It's the sensor that is left of the middle of the car. I have seen these part numbers on ebay 188200-3600 188300-9060 188200-3582 but I don't know which one will fit my car. Can someone help? I couldn't find these on Thanks
  8. Here is printout for RX300 from Lexus. Leaking pipe on my RX300 marked in black pen. £130 for it.
  9. Thanks so much for your effort! This clears up a lot of things for me. I just need to confirm exactly what is leaking and then get it ordered. Seems like a lot is shared between RX300 and RX330 in states and even Toyota Camry.
  10. Hi I called Lexus Leeds today and they said its £115. That felt quite reasonable. I asked them part number and they said its 44426...(sorry forgot the rest, I have it written down at work). Is there a way to see if this is the right part I am looking for. @sorcerer does your software show this? It is supposed to be the main pipe from reservoir to pump. Cheers
  11. Seems like it's the expensive bit. Garage said its £300 odd from the dealership. They are looking for replacement parts from Japanese specialist breakers.
  12. Quick update. Garage say its a bust power steering pipe/hose. They will give me part number today. They are pretty sure the pump has survived though, saying that it wasn't getting oil so should not be damaged.
  13. Thanks @sorcerer The number you provided matches with the Toyota Harrier. Seems like I can buy a compatible one from Hong Kong for £100 or Toyota one for around £500. Haven't heard back from garage yet.
  14. Question: Does anyone know part number for the pump? I just want to search online to see what option for new, oem, used etc are there. I am guess the RX 1999-2003 pump will not fit the 2004 RX.