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  1. Hi all I have an RX300 2004 that I bought 4 years ago to use it until the engine or transmission dies. However both are working fine but the rear suspension on both sides has packed in i,e I have been told all 6 bushes (3 each side) are gone. Good garage tell me that the whole arm or hub will need replacing and will cost £550+vat+ 4 hours labour each side, plus some other work needed on the front they are recommending to drive till MOT date then scrap it as repair cost exceeds cars cost. Back street garage is saying they can fit 2nd hand hubs or replace bushes if I can source the parts but will not buy the parts for me. Labour will be cheap. Unfortunately Lexus don't sell the bushes by themselves . I have seen them being sold on eBay but no idea if I am buying the right ones or not. Can someone who knows what they are talking about guide me to buy the replacements (either full arm/hub assembly or bushes) of ebay or give me part numbers to tally. Sorry I am clueless when it comes to these things but also cannot afford replacement car at this time. Thanks
  2. Hi all Does anyone have a link to front set of Denso Wipers for the RX300 (2004)? I have looked on ECP and they don't seem to have any online. Thanks
  3. Sorry if it's been shared before. Saw it for the first time. Didn't know Toyota had a funny side.
  4. I was in the same boat. I have RX300 and was thinking if I should update it to 450h or not. I have decided against it and the RX300 is running fine for now. Have decided to go with a saloon car like LS600h or the GS250 when it is time to change.
  5. I have owned IS220d, IS250 and now on RX300(2006). All driven to at least 130K miles and bought it 70k, 105k, 105k. IS22d had good fuel economy but the dodgy EGR/DPF setup meant 1, I had to clean the EGR every 10k miles 2, I hated to leave cyclists in a mist of while un-burnt diesel smoke from time to time and hated to look back in the rear view mirror of all the environment damage it was causing. I believe the problem was fix in the IS200d Moved over to the IS250, loved it a lot, however as bullet proof as they are they are not unbreakable , especially if you buy one with a dodgy service history. I ended up with a seized engine and had to get that fixed and sold it on. But when it was working it was really good. Bad on fuel economy and did not have the kick of the 220d turbo but was still better somehow. I moved over to owning a tiny little auto Honda Jazz for a bit due to financial troubles. Great fuel economy and space for a little car but zero gadgets and comfort. Also had a sightly slipping CVT auto which is known fault. Wanted to get back into Lexus fold so got rid of the Jazz (which was bought by an exporter who exported it to Cyprus, seems like its a big thing there) and bought the RX. Main thing about RX300 which I have had for a couple of years now is that it is super comfy, cheap to buy and insure and had huge boot space for those ikea trips and trips to the airport. Its quite heavy on fuel (17 - 23mpg), tyres and brakes. If you do a lot of mile then I would not recommend it but if you do say 3 to 5K miles a year like I have stared doing now a days then I would say its over all great because its cheap to buy and run at that level of miles. I bought mine for 4K and got the cam belt done by Lexus Leeds for another £500. So cost me about 4.5K two years ago at 104K miles now its at 135k miles, but since I am traveling a lot I am not driving it much anymore. I am also looking for another car now as wife has gone and bought a Q3 and I cannot justify two SUVs at home anymore. Thinking of getting back to saloon/sedan shape. So , currently thinking about a change over towards middle of 2020 for either the LS600h or the GS450h or even the GS250 (Same as the IS250 engine but all else is new and new predator grill). I also travel a lot in taxis and it might be just me but I like the CT200h comfort over the Prius-es that I have been in.
  6. I'll be interested in this as well. @Planner did you manage to install a BT kit?
  7. I cannot see the UK up its infrastructure that rapidly to support fast charging that will be required if all cities started banning ICE cars. And we can forget about the fast charging coming to home within next 10 years or so as the infrastructure change requirement is even bigger (I am told). I think Toyota/Honda are onto something with the Hydrogen FC technology and just waiting for the current experiment to fail completely before they start to licence this technology to other car manufacturers. By the way, the new Mirai for 2020 looks decent.
  8. Hi all Does anyone know part number of oxygen sensor bank 2 sensor 1 for RX300 54 plate. Mine seems to have gone looking at the diagnostic code P0051. If you have an eBay link that will be great 🙂 thanks
  9. Thanks all I think I'll take this option and keep the RX. I did look at LPG a awhile ago but I think it's too risky at this time and I don't do crazy miles still. I love the car. As Herbie said there is big difference in comfort etc but the 300 is still quite good. I have had a later model IS220d and IS250 before and toys wise the RX is at par. It's only missing the keyless entry which I did like a lot. Also missing the sporty driving of the IS but then do really need the boot space and one can't have it all.
  10. thanks for you comments. As for maps I hardly use the onboard satnav. I have google maps on my phone on and that works so well. I like the screen though for trip info and general over view of where I am on a map
  11. Hi guys I have a 54 plate RX300 SE just hit 130k. I have no complaints other than fuel economy. When I bought it I was doing just 11 miles a day. That changed a year ago and my average mileage went to about 25 a day mostly motorway. So the fuel bill hurts. In town it's doing about 17mpg in winters. On motorway it's doing about 24mpg. I have been looking to moving to one of the later hybrids 450h but from pictures they don't look any different. I am guessing motorway mpg will not be much different? Yeah outside is different but inside seats, boot, satnav etc all look same. Considering they cost nearly 4 times as much to what I paid for the 300 a couple of years ago I am confused if upgrading is any benefit or should I just keep using the 300 and if it dies buy another one of same age? I really don't mind how it looks. For me important bits are boot size and comfort. Any one who has made the upgrade can enlighten me how they found the difference between them?
  12. Hi all A product I have been involved in since day one just launched on Kickstarter. Please do have a look in your spare time. If you like it, I'll appreciate if you share or tweet it. Thanks! Also if it is against forum rules to share products I'll remove it straight away. Thanks
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