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  1. Happy Birthday spurty!

  2. Romas If you can live without DAB then get a GROM unit, simple to fit, i done ours took about half hour to fit, placed unit discretely in the glovebox too http://gromaudio.co.uk/
  3. Depends on your budget and what spec you want? spend lots of time on autotrader doing your homework, go look at the Lexus dealers but leave your wallet at home till you make the decision!
  4. You pretty much got it sussed, make a note of which connector goes where for the dvd screens, all the cables are under the seats and a bugger to get to. The scuff plates and kick panels are clipped into place, get a 'plastic flat thing' to slide underneath that way you wont break or damage anything. the carpet has some huge staples under the scuff plates these need 'persuading' or removing completely! The only other advise i can offer is take your time and remember where every little clip/connector comes from!!
  5. Officially you are supposed to disconnect battery for 20 minutes, but you can just disconnect them no problems
  6. Wiper arm corrosion is common problem, seen it on a few, very easy to remove an paint just a little bit of time and sunshine! Cant beat genuine mats but expensive i'm afraid Front seats are only held on by 4 bolts and lots of wiring! just note what wires/connectors go where
  7. Personally the genuine Lexus Touch up paint, shouldn't cost you more than £12.00
  8. spurty

    Rear Seat Screens

    Gazm You can get the remote from any Toyota/Lexus dealer not sure if there is a compatible 'cheap' alternative. There is a handy trouble shooting guide for the system which i have attached, might help you Also see this thread http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/82005-rx400h-se-l-ice-system/ the owners manual for the ICE is not available to download on Lexus-tech only the newer version where the screen is not in the headrest, but you can still buy the owners manual part number PZ420-E8370-64 T_022e7d1.pdf
  9. Paul I would want to see the invoice and see what has actually been replaced and/or repaired, before you take the vehicle back Are Lexus saying to you that you have to pay the full bill then there is a possibility Lexus will reimburse you some money? That's not the way it works, unless Lexus do it different?
  10. Dewy, whittle are top notch most tow bars out there are made by them highly recommend. Tow bar electrics are not standard, so you already have that installed saving lots of time.
  11. Lexus only or a breakers i would of said, steve got you the part number from toyodiy give your Lexus dealer a call with that see what they say?
  12. Welcome to the club One of the first things i bought for our RX was a grom unit, as we always use our phones for music via bluetooth. can highly recommend them http://gromaudio.co.uk/
  13. Good stuff Vic, mine has now been treated to a proper wash for the first time in ages and is now sparkling lets hope this post helps other out that get the same problem, though they probably wont know till next time it rains for ages!! I'm hoping Paul Marsden has some better news soon?!?
  14. No joy then Paul? Any update? Bit late but i was recommended this sealant at work last week, (had a old yaris that was leaking like a sieve, this stuff sorted it and it cures fast too) Teroson Teromix 6700, you can get from Eurocar parts and i would advise getting a gun as its a double tube that mixes http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/car-maintenance-accessories/car-adhesives-tapes-sealants/sealant/?554772950&0&cc5_142
  15. Vic Take a close look at the seam under the bumper once you remove it, you wont miss it. It only takes a pin prick hole for water to find its way in. i spent a lot of time pouring water over certain areas to treble check, being methodical and working from bottom to top. As you can see by the pics i used tape to go over the holes etc to eliminate them, also rather than a hose, fill a watering can or bottle and pour this seemed more effective in locating the leak. Good luck and hope you find something, please let us know